Fairy Tales Do Come True!

As a wedding coordinator I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many wonderful people. I met Tiffany almost 2 years ago; she booked us to coordinate her wedding Oct 2010. After much planning we received the call…. Tiffany told me the wedding had been called off. Tiffany was crying and upset I told her “Tiffany it doesn’t feel like it now, but your Prince Charming will come along, I promise” I stayed in touch with Tiffany over the next couple of years; I was so impressed with how she held her head high through the whole thing.
I am thrilled as I write this Blog…Tiffany is engaged! And we are going to be her Fairy Godmother. She told me all about Dustin, how they met, their friendship formed quickly, their love of sports, family and the beach and most of all each other. I am so happy for Tiffany and Dustin! I have to admit I was like a big sister when I first met Dustin, protective and cautious. Within a few minutes I could completely tell why Tiffany fell in love with Dustin, he is warm, kind and adores her. I can’t wait until May of 2013 when I will indeed get to see Tiffany walk down the aisle towards her “Prince Charming” I am sure there will be very few dry eyes in the crowd, I can guarantee my eyes won’t be dry! So you see dreams do come true