Frequently Asked Questions – Events

What Type of Events Have You Planned?

We have planned a wide range of events. From children’s to adult birthday parties, fundraisers, political parties, anniversary, going away parties, super-bowl, company picnics and corporate parties to name a few.

Are You Completely Accessible During the Planning Process?

Yes, we do not set a maximum amount of calls or in person meetings while we are planning your event. We feel the better our communication with you the better your event will be.

Do You Carry Liability Insurance?

As a professional event planner, yes we do have a large liability insurance policy.

Will You Attend My Event?

Yes, we want to ensure that your event is a huge success. We will not only plan your event we will also be on site the day of the event along with our assistant.

When Things Do Not Go as Planned, How Do You Fix Them?

Murphy’s Law is inevitable. As an experienced planner we handle any situation that may arise with ease, calmness and without you or your guests. We understand the importance of having Plan B and Plan C if needed.

Can You Explain the Legal Language on My Vendor’s Contracts?

Yes,we have a lot of experience reading through various contracts, and understand the legal language that is used. This is especially important to discover if there are any hidden charges (i.e. cake cutting fees). We have a Rolodex of professional, reputable vendors that we constantly work with, and know what to expect from their services.

Do You Charge a Flat Fee or a Percentage of My Budget?

We charge a flat fee, as we feel this gives the client piece of mind that you have already paid us for our services, and do not have to be concerned about an increase in service price.

Why Do I Need an Event Planner?

An experienced event planner can eliminate the hard work that goes into planning an event. For example, there are many choices in vendors and prices to consider. As your planner we have already done our homework, and will save you time and money by providing you with vendors that we know are a great fit for your event, eliminating your research and consultation time. We offer you value because of our knowledge and expertise to assist you with logistics at your venue, travel arrangements for your guests, the minor details that make your event completely you, and be the point of contact for your vendors while you’re at work. Have you ever tried planning an event during your lunch hour? When do you eat after you’ve spent all your time making so many phone calls?

Will You Stick to My Budget?

Yes, we feel it is important to ensure that we adhere to the budget you give us. You know what you can afford, and don’t need the extra pressure of being convinced to add new party elements like additional centerpieces or a music act to the celebration that you didn’t financially plan for. We will pull off the event you want with the budget you’ve provided.

Which Professional Connections Do You Have?

We have many positive relationships with other professionals that you’ll need to hire to make your party a success. We can give you a list of the caterers, DJs, musicians, florists, and photographers that the we recommend.

Drop us a line and request a free, no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll also send you more information about our services along with some helpful wedding planning tips and advice. Use our convenient online inquiry form at this link or you can call us at (661) 808-7816!