Frequently Asked Questions – Weddings

Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Chances are you have a full-time job, school, family and or social obligations in addition to your upcoming nuptials; just balancing your daily life can be a very overwhelming experience. At Fairy Godmother we know the step-by-step process that takes an event from mayhem to magical.

In addition to working within your budget, and saving you from costly mistakes, a planner will save you time and money. A professional planner, working with you, can handle the details, allowing you the freedom to do what you do best.

Fairy Godmother will provide you with an extensive list of preferred vendors so you will not have any homework to do. We even make all of your appointments and can attend each and every one. No time to make those phone calls? That’s why you hired us! Need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to vent to? Our package is with unlimited email, talk and text. Fairy Godmother is not only a full service planning company, but your friend, your confidant, your spokesperson and your personal assistant.

Can I Afford a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner should be a part of your overall budget, not an extra expense. In fact, we often save you money (sometimes as much or more than we charge) because we can suggest less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding. Many times vendors will offer discounted prices to brides who are working with a wedding planner. We will work with you to develop a realistic budget and help you produce your dream wedding within that budget.
Will a Wedding Planner take away the fun of planning the wedding ourselves?

At Fairy Godmother we are not there to make decisions for you, but to work with you! At our free consultation, we ask that you bring all of your ideas, pictures and to-do lists with you. We become a team and together we plan your magical wedding day.

What Does a Day-Of Coordinator Do?

A Day-Of Coordinator oversees all of the events of your wedding day and rehearsal. We will meet with you approximately 1-2 months before the wedding at the ceremony and reception site to discuss how you want everything set up. We will prepare a wedding-day itinerary for you. We attend the rehearsal and at that time take charge of your place cards, guest book, programs, unity candle, etc. so that they can be in place prior to the wedding. We touch base with all of your vendors prior to the wedding day, and we stay in close contact with them during the day’s events (particularly the caterer, photographer, videographer and DJ or musicians). We handle any emergencies that may arise, and basically take the entire burden off your shoulders for the day so that you, your family and friends can enjoy and savor every moment of your wedding day. We are there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. A Day-Of Coordinator is a must for every bride!

My Site Comes with a Coordinator. Do I Really Need to Hire a Coordinator?

We speak to a lot of brides who find themselves confused about the role of their site coordinator versus their wedding planner. Simply put, the site coordinator can be helpful, but they work for the venue, whereas we work for you. We will always have your best interests at heart and want to see you happy. We work with you prior to your big day to ensure that your vision comes true. Fairy Godmother will also be in contact with each of your vendors to keep everyone on schedule, which is not the job of the site coordinator.

Still Not Sure Hiring a Wedding Planner or Coordinator is Right for You?

Take advantage of our FREE consultation!!! Just visit our contact page and let us know when you would like to meet. Each consultation takes about a 1 hour. This is a great opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions. You are welcome to bring anyone with you to this initial meeting and every meeting thereafter. Don’t have time to meet? Set up a Skype consultation anytime.

Can My Mom/Best Friend Help Me Plan My Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when the people doing it are involved emotionally. And what’s worse, many a times, friends and family take it so personally, they want everything perfect for you, or at least, what they think is perfect instead of what you would like. There are so many examples where best of friends turn worst of enemies because of conflicts while planning a wedding. And last of all, it’s your big day and you want to share and enjoy it with everyone you love. Do you really want your mom or best friend to run around all stressed out instead of basking together in your love and joy?

Why Should I Hire Fairy Godmother?

The name fairy Godmother represents an elevation in excellence and romance. Colleen and her fellow fairies are masters at making sure all of the painstaking details you have put into planning your wedding day is executed seamlessly. Your only job will be to watch the magnificence unfold around you. With our experience in collaboration with vendors, our ability to identify and manage crises before they occur and our special knack for thinking like a bride; fairy Godmother will ensure your wedding day has a true fairy-tale ending.

Drop us a line and request a free, no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll also send you more information about our services along with some helpful wedding planning tips and advice. Use our convenient online inquiry form at this link or you can call us at (661) 808-7816!