Food. . .Important!

When planning the wedding reception you must think always of the guests. Between the ceremony and the reception, pictures will be taken of the bride and groom and the guests will be waiting at the reception hall for the entrance of the newly married couple. The reception is a thank you statement from the couple to those who attended the wedding and are there to help the bride and groom celebrate. Thus, this part of the wedding is for the guests and you want them to be well satisfied and happy when you finally arrive from pictures.

The best way to pass this time is to provide food. Because weddings are at odd times of the day, it is a fact that the guests are always hungry by the time the ceremony is over. In order to keep them in a good mood and enjoying themselves there should be a plentitude of food for them to appease their hunger at least for a little while until you arrive and dinner is served. Hors d’oeuvres are the best way to go. Though most weddings do have a bar available and candy on the tables, these can only go so far when people are hungry.

I was at a wedding once where the only food available was candy corn. There were children at this wedding and they were very hungry, so they stuffed themselves with all the candy they could lay their hands on, not a good idea. The guests had to wait for five hours before the dinner was served, as the caterers had a problem. If there had been hors d’oeuvres, then the wait would not have seemed as long, and the guests would not have been cranky with hunger.

So when planning the reception, make sure you provide food for the guests while you are off taking your pictures of your happy day.