Forever Fairy Godmother – Fairy Godmother Friday

No two weddings are ever the same, and each bride and groom have their own unique interests and hobbies meaning that each wedding is unique and genuine to the couple, just as it should be!

The Fairy Godmother team of “Event Producers” works tirelessly to ensure a magical event for the client, and the fruits of their labor speak far beyond words could describe.

When Fairy Godmother first began over seven years ago, it’s success was purely based on that of “word of mouth” referrals. A foundation of excellence is where the first sprinkle of fairy dust took flight. We could tell you all about the perks to being a Fairy Godmother couple, but we would much rather some of our past brides to do that for us!

“Colleen was our Fairy Godmother for our Wedding 4/30/16 at Hathaway Ranch. She guided us throughout the wedding planning and vendor choosing process, recommending reliable and best value of vendors. Every wedding vendor we reached out to knows Colleen and comments on how great she is. I can’t imagine our wedding day without her and all the fairies that were there, making the day come together and letting us and our bridal party focus on getting ready and enjoying the day. I am a meticulous person and was very pleased with the timeline she created for the day and with the budget document where she kept track of every expense. We had such a wonderful wedding and highly recommend their services for any event! Thank you Fairy Godmother!”

Fairy Godmother with Bride Monica

Fairy Godmother Colleen with bride Monica at the breathtaking Hathaway Ranch! Photo by Valdophye Photography.

“Where do we begin,… There is not enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing Fairy Godmother and Co. is. When my now Husband and I got engaged we met with Colleen, (which by the way is incredibly amazing) we sat down and discussed what we wanted our wedding to be, she developed ideas and made them a reality, contracting all the vendors and setting appointments. She was there from start to finish. We are extremely thankful we hired Colleen and her team of fairies. As we sit here and reminisce how sweet, supportive and awesome Colleen is along with the rest of Fairy Godmothers. Not only was this experience fun but it was well worth it. Colleen just so you know i will recommend everyone to you, and you will always have our business!!! We LOVE you, thank you for making our day go by smooth, it was perfect!!”

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

 “Planning a wedding can be stressful and crazy and exhausting, but with Cassandra by our side the whole way it was exactly the opposite. Cassandra and the other Fairy’s made me feel like I was the only bride in the world from the day we started planning to the day of our wedding. Cassandra took each of my dreams and ideas and turned them into a completely magical day. She was able to create the perfect day that represented both me and my groom seamlessly. It wasn’t just about the wedding for them, it was about helping two people celebrate the most magical day of their lives and begin a marriage. The Fairy Godmothers go above and beyond each step of the way. They make dreams come true.”

Fairy Godmother Cassandra Blake & Teri French Wedding

Fairy Godmother Cassandra with the new Mr. & Mrs. Blake French at the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch! Photo by Shelli Renee Photography.

“Denise and her assistant helped keep everything rolling at my friends wedding. They were in contact with al the vendors and had a time line set up for them and the wedding party that was easy to follow. They were calm and moved people along so that the Bride didn’t have to become “Bridezilla” at her own wedding or at the people in the wedding party:) Highly recommend Denise EARLY she is amazing!!!!!! So many great ideas.”

Fairy Godmother Denise with bride Denee

Fairy Godmother bride Denee with her very own Fairy Godmother Denise!

“Where do I start?! There is way too much to be said about how Denise and Pam of “FG” saved my wedding day from certain disaster. Denise has been with us from the beginning, nudging us along when we needed it and supporting us and helping us where ever and whenever we called on her. They were so flexible with my insane work schedule, and endured listening to every frustration we had along the way (they even dealt with those frustrations head on!). They recommended WONDERFUL vendors for photography, videography and so much more. However….Where they really came through is at the wedding. When everything *no joke* that could go wrong actually went wrong – they handled it with both the force needed to get things done as well as the grace needed to do it in a way that was appropriate for a wedding.

Anyone who knew all that went on behind the “curtains” so to speak of my wedding knows that without them, my now husband and I would have ended up out in the rain lightning and cold with our guests, starving and mistreated. Unfortunately we were still pretty mistreated as we had a nightmare of a vendor for our venue locations and our catering. Calling them “rude” is putting it politely 🙂 Having a destination wedding comes with its own mess of problems – problems and crappy treatment from a vendor is the LAST thing any bride and her family and guests need on top of it. Just as I can’t put into words how amazing Denise and Pam were, I can’t put into words how awful the staff at our wedding/reception locations were (with very FEW exceptions). If you want to know the BIG thing that happened that they helped with, read on…

To start, thunderstorms were predicted as a possibility on my wedding day, and due to this, the management at this resort town..let’s call them “ELEPHANT” 😉 were supposed to have a plan B already prepared. This was not done – and of course it rained gallons! So, FG made sure all of my guests and other traveling vendors made it to the new location safely, and then made sure that the Plan B location was cleaned of all of its rat poop, dead bugs, and cafeteria furniture – other vendors such as the photographers helped out as well! All while Elephant’s staff just stood and watched! Also, they made sure that Plan B even happened in the first place because Elephant did not want to give up an additional location. My ceremony went of without a hitch and guests were then escorted to the reception location. In fact, during all of this, Denise and Pam made it go so smoothly, I had NO idea what had occurred until after the fact! (like the Elephant staff not helping one bit while Denise and Pam busted their butts doing Elephant’s job!)They made sure we stayed on schedule as much as possible, even though the change in location put us back and hour. While there were so many more things that could not have been possible without them, I cannot go on.

I promise that if you decide to use FG for your event or wedding, you will not regret it! You will think “how would we have ever done this without them?!” Because seriously – without exaggeration – I don’t think I would have had a wedding without them.”

Fairy Godmother Denise & Fairy Godmother Pam

Fairy Godmother couple Emily & Jarred with their Fairy Godmothers Denise & Pam in Mammoth! Photo by Misty Dameron Photography.

Fairy Godmother Couple Emily & Jarred

Fairy Godmother Couple Emily & Jarred. Photo by Misty Dameron Photography.

 While we love to tell everyone what we do, and why we do it, people always find comfort in testimonials of past clients. There is comfort knowing that there is someone out there who was feeling just as you are, or going through the same scenario that you may be facing.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you don’t want to spend countless nights trying to plan everything on your own, and that is why we are here to help! Contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical day, we can’t wait to share our fairy dust!