Full-Time Fairy Godmother! – Fairy Godmother Friday

“Hear ye, hear ye!”

For this “Fairy Godmother Friday” we have some very exciting news…

Fairy Godmother Colleen has made a big leap of faith- or should we say “fairy dust?”

A Taste of NV Fairy Godmother

J.Michelle Photography

Let’s back it up a bit…

Back in 2009, a dream became a reality for Colleen.

A really, really, really BIG dream! 

Colleen Bauer by J. Andrew Photography

J. Andrew Photography

Growing up, Colleen was surrounded by parties.

From baby showers, holiday events to birthdays- her mother was ALWAYS planning something.

Colleen will tell you to this day that it’s in her blood, but planning is more than that- it’s a true passion!

Colleen’s mother helping her celebrate her first birthday party!

She was constantly encouraged to do something with her talent, and just like that the seed had been planted in her mind…

It’s no surprise that through her career at the bank she planned countless events, which led her on to become chairwoman of the Bakersfield Women’s Conference where she went on to plan the event for over 1,500 people!

This was ultimately the final push that she needed and off she went!

Colleen and the board of the women's business conference

The 2016 Women’s Business Conference board!

Following the 2009 conference, June through November, Colleen spent any available spare time researching event planning business do’s and don’ts… A co-worker, and friend, at the bank was getting married in January, Colleen asked if she could plan their wedding- free of charge, just to see if she could do it!

Of course she did it! 

First Fairy Couple

Colleen with our very first Fairy Godmother bride, Megan!

First Fairy Couple

Now it was time to take the next step…

After she found comfort in her endeavor she set her heart on a name and logo that she felt fit her and the desired business best! 

“Fairy Godmother” was born!

Fairy Godmother Logo

Many people ask “Why Fairy Godmother?”

Little do they know there is a story behind the business’ name!

Colleen’s niece refers to her Aunt Colleen, or “Coll Coll,” as her very own Fairy Godmother, so it really took no time at all to name this new and exciting business! Topped off with a Fairy logo, dress swish and all- the magic began.

Colleen & Fairy Godmother's namesake


Colleen & Fairy Godmother's namesake

…And now!

The first year of Fairy Godmother brought 24 weddings to Colleen, strictly from word of mouth referrals.

This was the when the company needed to grow, bringing on a team of expert event planners allowed for Colleen to focus on her job at the bank and to run the company that she so meticulously built from the ground up!  

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

Makenzie Photography

Having a little “faith, trust, and fairy dust” in her “Fairy squad” gave Colleen the freedom to conquer all these things!

Fast forward to October 2017…

Fairy Godmother now executes over 100 events annually, everything from birthdays, corporate events, charity mixers, and of course weddings!

The news you have been waiting for…

After over 15 years with Rabobank and just 7 years after making her Fairy Godmother dream a reality, Colleen will now be a FULL-TIME FAIRY GODMOTHER

Fairy Godmother Colleen by Makenzie Photography

Makenzie Photography.

We are completely thrilled to see Colleen immerse herself in this “happy business” even further, and watch our little Fairy grow, grow, grow!!