GhilaDoci Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“You’re the friend everyone wishes they had!”

This week, we are sharing the love we have for our dear “friendor” Courtney of GhilaDoci Bakery!


GhilaDoci Bakery was a dream come true for Courtney after getting her degree in business economics, and after attending Le Cordon Bleu in Southern California. Growing up in an Italian family meant that cooking and baking were in Courtney’s blood! She helped her Mom and Nonna create yummy treats like biscotti and pies, which aided in her great love for food!


Courtney first caught the eye of Fairy Godmother Colleen in 2013 at a wedding she was coordinating. The Fairies have a keene eye for detail, so you know that we thought she was THAT good!



As life goes, time went on and the friendship grew from deep within the frosted sides of a delicious wedding cake. Fairy Godmother Colleen and Courtney became such great friends that Colleen even had the honor of being Courtney’s very own Fairy Godmother!


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

We are so honored to have been Courtney’s wedding planner and oh how fun it was! A gorgeous bride is worth flaunting, so here we are! Courtney and Jack are a splendid Fairy Godmother couple that we hold dear to our hearts, and it only gets better that she is one of our preferred Fairy Godmother “friendors!”


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

On the professional side, Courtney has won the hearts of our Fairy Godmother team. Fairy Godmother Reagan says “Courtney is so sweet and thoughtful of others! She will be doing my wedding cake in March and has answered my 70+ emails with patience! She is a very talented lovely lady.”

Fairy Godmother Marissa has only good things to say about Courtney! “I can truly say that she is always so sincere and professional. She is a busy lady, but oh so talented!”


Our love for GhilaDoci Bakery runs deep, these are just some of the delicious creations that have found their way into Fairy Land.

Fairy Godmother Cassandra ordered a custom creation that leaned a bit more towards the wild side… Who would have thought that deer and oil would come together for such a yummy treat!


Elegance at it’s finest, this 50th anniversary cake had a tale all it’s own! After all, they do say “less is more!” While maintaining a simple theme with a pop of color, this cake was just as delectable as it was beautiful!


It is such an honor to have a “friendor” that prepares all of their treats from scratch! Courtney takes great pride in her reputation that was built on her handmade treats created from the finest of ingredients. On behalf of Fairy Godmother, we thank you for your delicious confections and forever friendship!