“Happy Anniversary T.J. and Amy”

T.J. and Amy  beautiful photo by Kandid KameraHappy Anniversary Amy and T.J.!

We spoke to Amy 6 months before her wedding, we were excited to coordinate her wedding. A few weeks later Amy called to let us know her budget would not allow her to hire a coordinator due to some other vendor changes. I have to admit we were disappointed. There was something special about Amy and we would have loved to be a part of her special day. Then early January, 3 weeks before her wedding we received an email from Amy.
It read and I quote (we still have the email)-sweet!
“Okay, so now I look like a royal jerk, I am sure. Or maybe that is a bit harsh on myself. But I definitely have to step up and admit I was wrong. I hope you remember me. I am getting married 1/22/11 at the Padre. I had a friend who was doing my “day of coordination” and well, as you know, trusting friends can be quite sketch for such an important day.
I am in desperate need of some help. There are a few obstacles that we cannot seem to get around and having to let go and let someone else help with this is where I could desperately use you. If you are already booked I understand, it is my fault for assuming this could be done without you. I have been given some early wedding money I would like to use for your service. Please let me know if you can be of any assistance or if you have any associates who might be available. Once again sorry for not listing in the first place.
Amy Huckabee
Well the rest is history. When I sent her email to our group the entire team agreed to help. We all met at 7 a.m. at the Padre too set-up the reception site at The Padre. We were struck by the beauty of what Amy’s Mom Pam had put together. The attention to detail, all of the design work was beautiful. Pam had a true talent and all of us could see it. When her husband Dale made a quick remark, “You should hire my wife, she loves doing this type of work”. After the wedding we did just that and Pam has been with us ever since. Just this month Pam was promoted to “Lead Designer” She will be in charge of designing all events we are planning. She is very talented and has a real eye for concept and design.
Amazing how things turn out. If Amy did not have the courage to email us, if we were booked, we may have never met Amy (who we adore) and we would have never met Pam (who we adore). Amy is expecting a little baby boy, we are so excited for her and for Pam….hm I wonder who will be planning her baby shower.
Congratulations “Officer” T.J. and Beautiful Amy.