Happy Fairy Godmother Friday! Meet Pam!

Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!
On Friday’s we like to share with everyone about our company and our team. Today’s Blog Post is about Pam Huckabee.

We met Pam when we were asked to coordinate her daughter’s wedding at the Padre. The entire team was involved in the set-up of this wedding. The décor that Pam had designed was amazing! We all began to look at each other that morning as we were setting up; we were all thinking the same thing. We had to have Pam on our Team. We had been looking for a designer that could handle the design aspect of our company and Pam without a doubt fit that role. So casually I said Pam you should come work for us. Well her husband Dale heard me and said “Yes” Pam you should. With his encouragement Pam emailed us and said she would like to work with us. We hired her on the spot and she has been with us ever since. It has been 2 years and Pam has been my personal assistant at almost every wedding we have done. She is sweet, kind, warm and makes everyone feel at ease. I always say Pam can take a cardboard box and make it look beautiful. I knew a year ago Pam was ready to be a Coordinator however Pam didn’t feel ready. When Yessi moved we talked about bringing on another Coordinator and that is when Pam raised her hand! We are thrilled she did. Pam already has 4 weddings on the books and they are lucky lucky brides. I am sad she is leaving as my assistant however thrilled she will be our 5th Wedding Planner/Coordinator. Congrats Pam, we adore you!

From Pam
I love weddings* I’m a do-it-yourselfer and love a challenge* Where there’s a will there’s a way* I love crafting, creating, sketching and painting* My husband is my sweetheart* My children are my heart’s treasures* I adore my cats* My border collie “Buddy” is the best one ever* I love to laugh* I never want to have to act my age* I love Lucy* I’m crazy about jewelry especially pearls* I’ve never seen a flower I didn’t like* I’m always in the mood for ice cream* I am a hugger* I believe words of encouragement for others should be part of our everyday lives.