Invitation to the Ball

When planning a wedding, one wishes to invite all their friends and relatives to share in the happy occasion. However, these days, cost is a big player in how many of those friends and relatives are able to be invited. This compromise between cost and inviting all friends is called the guest list, which is like a special event’s VIP list. This list is comprised of those that are closest to the bride and groom.

When composing this list, make sure you are aware of this cost restriction that will affect how many people can be invited. Start with the family first, because one doesn’t want to burn bridges here. As the old saying goes, “One can choose your friends but not your family.” You want to make sure you don’t fill up your guest list with friends first and leave out room for family. Invite the family first and then the friends. These are not strict guidelines but they do help.

Regardless of who and how you invite family and friends, you need to pick a headcount that you can comfortably accommodate and stick to it. Only exceed the headcount by 10 max. Otherwise you will be low on food, drinks, and room. I am speaking from experience here. This is the crucial lesson to be learned that you pick a headcount and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a large wedding or a small one, headcount matters, so pay attention to that and choose your guests wisely.