It is Fairy Godmother Friday, meet our very FIRST Fairy Godmother Bride!


Today is Fairy Godmother Friday.
Let’s see, if we have shared where our name came from, how the business was started and the development of our logo.
Thought I would share our very fist wedding.
January 2010 Megan was getting married, from the day I met Megan I thought she was a doll. I asked Megan if she would allow me to coordinate her wedding. She said YES! I wanted to see if I enjoyed coordinating and wanted her opinion about my services. It was amazing. I was hooked. I would like to publicly thank Megan for allowing me to be a part of her very special day. Meg you will forever be our FIRST Fairy Godmother Bride and the start to this magical company.

Thank you Holly Carlyle Photography for your beautiful work, I loved working with you that day and continue to love working with you!