It is Fairy Godmother Friday!

It is Fairy Godmother Friday….on FG Friday we like to share with you the history of our company and more about our team.

Today’s post is all about Yessi. Yessi started with us almost two years ago. At the time that we met Yessi, she was an Assistant Manager at David’s Bridal. Working so closely with the brides she had heard about Fairy Godmother many times. When one of our fellow Fairy Godmothers was in David’s bridal buying a veil for one of our brides, Yessi introduced herself and asked us to call her. Long story short we did and she has been with us ever since.

Yessi is one of the kindest hard working young ladies I have ever met. Her values are right in line with Fairy Godmothers. She is warm, sweet and has a smile and laugh that can brighten any room. About eight months ago she moved to the Ventura area and in about two weeks she will be moving further south to San Diego! We are so excited for her. We adore Yessi and we are so happy for her and her family.

From Yessi
I am Salvadorian* I have a true passion for the wedding industry and started working in a bridal boutique at age 15* I have a 2 year old chiweenie named Sammy and shopping is my favorite pastime* I love nature and traveling and someday hope to travel through Europe, South America, and Central America* I love to sing in the car and enjoy every style of music from oldies to country* I love eating at culturally diverse restaurants but my favorite food is Thai and my favorite colors are brown and pink* I am a truly optimistic person and believe that everyone can find their own happy ending.

San Diego Brides Yessi is on her way to your town! Contact us today. (661) 808-7816 (805) 827-8148