It is Fairy Tale Friday.


It is Fairy Godmother Friday….on FG Friday we like to share with you the history of our company and more about our team.

Today’s post is all about Denise.

Denise has been my personal friend for more tha 20 years, we met when we were 10! We worked together at Bank of Stockdale and planned every bank event the bank ever had, Client Events, Christmas Parties, Kids Parties etc. Within just 3 months of opening Fairy Godmother I quickly realized I was going to need help. Like so many things I have pulled Denise into I called her one day and said “I hope you have this date open because I just booked you to coordinate a wedding with me” and Denise being the wonderful friend that she is she said “where and when? Denise is a true professional and has a very keen sense of people. She has amazing follow through and truly cares about each of her couples and their families. Denise has been with Fairy Godmother almost from the very beginning and has been an instrument part of our growth.

Fairy Godmother is more than just me!
We are made up of a team of amazing, talented, compassionate, hardworking, dedicated women that care very much about their couples and care about this company. Their work ethic, values and goals all match the philosophy that Fairy Godmother has

“Bringing That Fairy Tale Feeling To Everyone We come In Contact With”

From Denise…..
I am half Basque by heritage * I love to cook and I am excellent at it * I adore dogs especially Border Collies * I enjoy doing Sudoku Puzzles every day * Most people do not know I collect dolls * I danced in my younger years — tap and jazz * I love clothes, shoes and bling bling * I was in banking for 24 years until I started doing what I have always wanted to do “Event” Coordinating * I am a get it done type of girl * I like to dress up however love to be comfy.

Did Denise coordinate your wedding? Have you worked with Denise? Leave her some Blog comments…she would love it!