It’s Fairy Godmother Friday!

Our Friday posts will be all about our Fairy Godmother team and company. I thought today I would write a bit about our logo.

Naming the company came very quickly. The logo however did not! We had an idea of what we wanted however I never imagined it would be so difficult to design. We started to try to design the logo ourselves and quickly realized that we needed to hire a professional. Deanna Blaise refereed us to Marlene Heise from Heise Marketing Group. Our first fairy came out too much like a pixy dust fairy; her dress was too short etc. We originally were going to use the colors coral and lime green and as our fairy began to take shape so did our colors. We tried several different versions and felt “Cinderella” blue was perfect color. Just when we thought we had her complete our business coach Lisa Westphal did not feel the stars were right and she needed a little flair at the end of her skirt. After numerous updates and changes we did it! Our little fair was ready for the world to see. She took many weeks to create however we adore her and she was worth all of the time and cost. Heise Marketing Group was with us every step of the way!

Never did we imagine she would brand us so quickly. We are very proud to show her off every chance we get!