It’s Wedding Wednesday…let’s have a little Sugar………….

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

From time to time we are going to not just visit our favorite vendors but we are going to spend some time with them doing what they do!

We had the pleasure of visiting Stephanie and her team at Gimme Some Sugar. We had so much fun. Gimme Some Sugar has been in business for more than 10 years.

From their web-site “GSS was created with a motto that food should be experienced, not just tasted. You will experience flavor like never before.” And you will experience the pure joy Stephanie and her team has for their clients and the amazing works of art they make for them!

Here are a few things I learned!
– Everything is made from scratch. I mean everything.
– There a multiple types of flour, All-purpose, Soy, Whole-Wheat, Bread, Pastry, Semolina, Durum, Gluten, Enriched, Whole Grain just to name a few.
– It is very ok to work hard and play hard.
– Everything they make is a work of art.
– I cannot shape fondant, oh my…
– Their cupcakes are to die for….yes I did get to take a few home, to sample of course!

You are invited to their sixth (6th) birthday party of their location. It will be a very fun event with Carnival Booths, Dunk Tank, Cake Walk, Pony Rides and so much more. Bring the kids!
November 10, 2012 1:00-6:00
All proceeds will be donated to Kern Partnership for Children and Families. Save the date!

Stop by to see the girls at Gimme Some Sugar, tell them Fairy Godmother sent you.