Its Wedding Wednesday………..

Beautiful Laura
On Wedding Wednesday’s we will share tips, techniques and tricks in the wedding business.

We are excited to share with you “real live” thoughts from our past Fairy Godmother Brides, their advice on things they would have done differently.

This will be a three-part blog.

I would have spent more time choosing a D.J. I should have asked for references and taken my time to pick out the D.J.
Do not stress over the little things, focus on what is important.
I would have paid more attention to the weather.
I was unhappy with my florist, I did not feel I got what we neither paid for nor was promised. My cake I did not like the way the cake looked.
I wished I would have had the wedding later in the day so I had more time to get ready. I wished I would have had it on a Saturday, I think because I had it on a Sunday a lot of people could not come. I should have seen Jimmy before so we could have had all of our photos out of the way, and this would have given us more time.
Different month it was too hot! The lighting at times was too bright.
I wished I would have had a video of my wedding. I should have made the photographer a list of photos I wanted. Think about taking photos before the wedding so we had more time with the guests!
Take a moment to take it all in! Seating chart was too complicated could have been easier to read. Needed a better way to tell caterer if the guest was having steak or chicken. I wished I would have had a video made! The day went so fast and I know I missed a lot of things.
Been more involved in helping to pick the limo company. Had a smaller wedding.
Time of the day, it was so hot.
I would have chosen a different caterer. I would have arranged to have my hair put up during the reception. I would have had a second wedding dress, white cute and short, and one I could have danced in.
Hired HD, we waited too long and they were booked. Not hired the Officiate. Be sure to have more snacks before the wedding, we did not get enough to eat before the actual wedding. I would have asked to see the toast speech before they were made.