Left Coast By Design – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

– C.S. Lewis

It is crucial to have a very special, and strong, bond with your photographer and that is just what we have with our dear “Friendor” Lindsey owner of Left Coast By Design.


Lindsey has been capturing special moments for many years, but after leaving the East coast for the “left” coast, Lindsey hit the ground running.


Aside from teaching photography at a local high school, Lindsey also opened Left Coast By Design. With over 12 years in the business, Lindsey is a licensed California lifestyle photographer!


In addition to being a full time teacher and business owner, Lindsey is also a full time mother to her mini me, Memphis! Talk about spunk, this kid has got it all! And the best part, he LOVES his mama and makes sure that everyone knows it! This kid!


Photo by Lauryn Marette

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Not to mention her two four legged rescue dogs, Nashville (“Nash”) and Bella!

If only there were a unit of measurement to tell you just how big Lindsey’s heart is. This “hustlin’ mama” goes the distance with everything she does, and she does it well!


On top of all of these wonderful “jobs,” Lindsey also has founded and organized the Frontier High School “Phrontier Photo” organization. This allows for students to collaborate and aid each other as they grow with their talent while doing good in the community. Their motive is to help those in need, using art as a vehicle for change.


You may even see some Fairies posing as models for the Phrontier Photo students! I spy with my little eye…


Photo by Phrontier Photo via Left Coast By Design 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, she maintains some of the best relationships with her alumni! Some of which you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family! Her first alumni was wedding planner and designer, Fairy Godmother Cassandra. Since graduation, Cassandra has become great friends with Lindsey, even used her skill and imagination to create Memphis’ 2nd Lorax themed birthday cake!


Another alumni that you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family is Fairy Godfather TJ! From two years of photo class in high school, to her T.A. senior year, TJ still finds “Miss I” as an inspiration and mentor to all he does.


Outside of the classroom, Lindsey and “Left Coast By Design” have found their way into our Fairy hearts! The Fairy Godmother family is so “fairy” happy to have Lindsey as one of our trusted “friendors!”


Lindsey’s talents far surpass that of just any “normal” photographer, her imagination and passion make the wildest of dreams possible!


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by Left Coast By Design

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we thank you for your continued friendship and opportunity to grow alongside you in this “happy business” that we love oh so much!