Make Your Wedding Unique and Personal

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!  We’re so glad you could join us.  Here’s our question for the day….

Have you ever left a wedding thinking, “Wow, I could really feel the love!”?  Just what is it that makes the difference between some nuptials feeling like staged, sterile events and others feeling like meaningful, heartwarming expressions of love and commitment?

We have two words:  personal touches.

FG colored umbrellas

Guests want to get wrapped up in this couple’s love for each other.  They want to be brought along in their journey, thrilled by their courtship and swept up in their romance.  Sounds enthralling, right?

So how do you as a bride and groom share so much with in one day with, say 100+ friends and family?!  It’s as simple as reminiscing with your finance, listing your memories and passions {sorry, rated G for this occasion!} and then adding them in the details throughout your special day.  Ideas?  Read on…

 FG couple with book

Think about what you love to do together. If you love to read, stack old hardback books on the tables to create mini-stands for your flowers, if you love to travel name each of the tables at your reception a city you’ve been to together.  Have postcards from each place written to each other with memories from that trip. {And, with all of the electronic communication these days who wouldn’t love to see your written word!}

FG postcard table

If the two of you enjoy cooking, then why not create a little pamphlet of your favorite recipes, as a wedding favors. You might even infuse some of the reception menu with a signature dish!  Or you could share a booklet of your favorite restaurants with added notes like ‘This is where Cole proposed’.

If you are wearing something with great meaning (Mom’s broach in your bouquet, grandma’s pearls, husband’s family crest ring) let guests know the significance of it in your ceremony program.  Share a bit of history and tell them how much it means to you.

FG bouquet with locket

During your reception, add sentiment and a surprise by playing your parent’s wedding song.  Nothing makes a crowd melt like seeing older people dance together cheek-to-cheek after decades in love.

FG mom crying

Reserve a small table at the entrance to your hall, restaurant or home. Display frames with photos of your family and friends who are no longer with you as a way to remember them and have them with you on your special day. This is sure to touch the hearts of many of your wedding guests.

Hire a planner! Most brides think that they cost the earth, but we save you time, money and stress as well as working with you to make your wedding day unique and ensure that it’s about what you want rather than what your family think you should have! 




Ultimately your wedding will be as unique as the two of you.   Congratulations!