Matinae Design Studio – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.”                                                                                                    – N.R. Hart

This week’s special “friendor” has left an everlasting “print” on our hearts.

Jenae, owner of Matinae Design Studio, takes all of our “fairy” wild ideas and runs with them! From menus and place cards, to invitations and party favors, Matinae will do it all!


Jenae first launched Matinae Design Studio in June 2009, after years of freelance work, she set forth on her new adventure… A full-time owner position in paper products! Her hardwork and dedication to her craft are reflected in her products, did we mention that they’re always amazing?

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Kelli’s Keepsake Photography



While Jenae is one of our local vendors here in Bakersfield, she is known worldwide! How cool is that??

Jenae has built a solid foundation for Matinae based on her unique and personalized design for each client.

No two products are ever the same when Matinae is in charge!

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While Jenae is doing what she loves, she gives it much credit for reconnecting her to old friends, old classmates, and not to mention the clients who have turned friends and vice versa. Her client-vendor communication is astounding!

Jenae is always able to adhere to an idea with sometimes just a few details.


Boone & Stacie Weddings

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From the bottom of our “Fairy” big hearts, the Fairy Godmother team thanks you Jenae! Thank you for taking all of our wild ideas, with just a hunch, and creating something larger than we could have ever imagined! From thank you tags, to event decor and invitations all the way to oversized maps… Matinae Designs is sure to satisfy our clients!