Meet the Fairy Godmothers


Colleen – Owner / Founder / Wedding & Event Planner

* I love cupcakes, chocolate and caramel candy bars * I adore Disneyland and most especially Cinderella * My cup is always half-full or better yet flowing over * I am a terrible cook and a great baker * I adore my son and thank God for my hubby * I love to shop * I enjoy dressing up * I am a true girly girl * a hopeless romantic * I love making new friends * I believe in old friends and new shoes * I am a total perfectionist * I am the calm during every storm * I believe every girl deserves a fairy tale wedding with a Fairy Godmother by her side, of course!


Denise – Wedding & Event Planner

* I am half Basque by heritage * I love to cook and I am excellent at it * I adore dogs especially Border Collies * I enjoy doing Sudoku Puzzles every day * Most people do not know I collect dolls * I danced in my younger years — tap and jazz * I love clothes, shoes and bling bling * I was in banking for 24 years until I started doing what I have always wanted to do “Event” Coordinating * I am a get it done type of girl * I like to dress up however love to be comfy.


Cassandra – Wedding & Event Planner

* I am a crafty person * I love thrift stores * My favorite TV show of all time is Friends * Favorite Disney movie Sleeping Beauty* I have a million hobbies * I like my cream and sugar with a little coffee* I love to bake and cook especially for others* I like pancakes for dinner * I love vegetables * I get overly excited about holiday seasons * My favorite color is yellow* I’m always on the hunt for a bargain * I love home decorating and event planning anything that makes me brain storm* I am a go-getter * I truly believe everything happens for a reason.


Marrissa – Wedding & Event Planner

* I am a determined person and like to make things happen * I was originally a Fairy Godmother bride! * I would choose eating dessert instead of dinner * I met the man who is now my husband in Junior High * Baseball season is the best season * I love to accessorize * I like to binge watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead * I majored in Fashion and Interior Design * I have a knack for getting to know people and learning what makes them tick * I secretly wish I was a mermaid * The Great Gatsby is my favorite book * I like fuzzy socks * I enjoy morning workouts and strength training * Decorating and home décor are a passion of mine * Breakfast for dinner is amazing * I like to find beauty in the world around me.



Janet – Wedding & Event Planner

* I am in love with my best friend, my husband * My children and grandchildren are my world* I love pearls * My guilty pleasures are Reese’s peanut butter cups * My favorite color is blue * I love to cook and bake in my kitchen * I love taking our trailer to the beach with my husband * Italian food is my favorite * Spent many years in the legal and catering fields, but the wedding industry is her favorite * Lover of riding her bicycle * Enjoys reading, sewing and exercising * 


TJ – Marketing Director

* I am an optimist * My favorite color is camouflage * I have a severe obsession with Disneyland * My family is my everything, especially my nieces and nephews * The only thing I won’t eat is cauliflower * I come from a long line of hunters * Dogs over cats * I find myself in Target more than 3x a week * I used to dance competitively * My hobbies include playing tennis, satisfying my wanderlust, and not doing laundry * Actively on track to achieve my teaching degree * I agree with Walt Disney when he said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”.

Tell us more about your special event and remember – everyone deserves a Fairy Godmother!