Mother’s Wish

Mother’s Wedding Dress

So you are planning your wedding when you come home and find your mother’s wedding gown laid out on the bed with her beaming beside it urging you to put it on. It is that dreaded day when you have to tell your mother that you don’t want her old gown because it is out of style and doesn’t quite flatter you in addition to the fact that you already picked out a wedding gown. You see the smile disappear from her face and she carefully packs her wedding gown back up and walks away with a droop to her shoulder. But you tell yourself that every girl wants a gown of her own right?

There are several ways to prevent this happening your mother being disappointed and you not being satisfied. First, you can take your mother’s gown and have it altered to fit and style it up a bit. Or you can use a certain part of the gown on your own such as the train or the lace or the veil. Or you can use all of your mother’s gown’s material to make a completely new gown. These will all appease your mother and hopefully suit you. Hopefully these suggestions will bridge the difficulties of trying to wear your mother’s gown, while you want your own.

After you have had your wedding, keep this scenario in mind when boxing away your own gown. You know that your girls will want a gown of their own when they get married, so use your gown for something different but still meaningful. The best ways to use the gown are: using the material for a baptismal gown for your child, or if you are Catholic, using the material for a first communion gown. Use your gown in other ways so that you are not the one walking away with a droop to your shoulder.