Mud Pie – 20th Street Cottage – Fairy Godmother Friday

Just when you thought things at the 20th Street Cottage had finally simmered down…

We are doing something new!

The 20th Street Cottage will now be an authorized retailer of the cutest items around… Mud Pie!

For those who are not familiar with Mud Pie, it is a one stop shop for the perfect gift for any occasion!

Specializing in just about every event imaginable, the designers at Mud Pie have some of the best wedding items on the market at amazing prices.

Mud Pie

Now, we our “fairy” great friends will be able to order their items through us at the 20th Street Cottage, and deliver our clients and friends with even MORE than our fairy dust!

 But wait, there is more!

The team over at Mud Pie has more than just accessories… how about clothing? Home décor? Seasonal holiday items? Yeah… They do all of that!

Wedding day décor… An absolute dream for some, nightmare for others… The 20th Street Cottage has you covered! Thanks to Mud Pie, they have a special section just for those who may be in need of a little more help… As in, you could even customize your cake knife set!

It is not required, but tradition has it that brides and grooms will gift their closest friends with the gift of being in their wedding party, but also will give them a personal item that they feel is best fitting to their personality, interests, or hobby! Okay, so sounds super easy, right? Not always, we all have that ONE person, sometimes two, who are difficult to buy for. Worry no more- Mud Pie has you covered with a specific “Wedding Party” shop!

 Okay, so we have gotten our brides and grooms through to their wedding day, phew!

But as a guest, how do you select the most perfect wedding gift?

Alas! We have the solution… Shop with us via Mud Pie at the 20th Street Cottage!

You may have already guessed it, but… Mud Pie has a “Wedding Gift” corner and the possibilities are endless! Personalized gifts are in, and who doesn’t love being able to use something forever that shows their love?!

 Mud Pie Cheese Board Mud Pie Cheese Board

Of course, the Fairy Godmother family has a very special place in their hearts for anything that is fairytale related, so you can only guess why we think that every couple deserves this frame below!

Mud Pie Frame

See any items that you would love to have or receive?! Contact Fairy Godmother at the 20th Street Cottage today to get your order in!