“One Shoe Can Change Your Life” -Cinderella

So you’ve got the dress, the veil, maybe even the jewelry…but do you have your shoes?? You’re going to want to think about this a little bit. 

What’s your shoe style? Glitzy and flashy, cute and fun, sweet and sexy? Your shoes are just another way to show off your personality. Picking a wedding shoe can be difficult (but isn’t the search fun?!). 

Aside from the style, think about the type of shoe you want. When you’re trying on shoe after shoe, think about certain details, for instance, heel height. Some of us like those super high heels…but is that practical on your wedding day? Remember, you’ll be walking down the aisle with 200 people staring at you.

Make sure you’re comfortable and confident walking in the heel height you decide on. Another tip about heel height (I learned this the hard way) : If you’re thinking about wearing a higher heel, let the bridal shop know when they’re taking measurements for your dress! You want to make sure you’re dress is long enough.

No matter what shoe you decide on, make sure they’re comfortable, easy to walk in, easy to dance in, etc. When you’re trying them on, give them a test walk around the shoe store! Take your mom/maid of honor/little brother with you and make sure you can dance in those shoes!