Our Favorite Things – Magical Monday

“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

These are a few of our favorite things!

To kick off December, the Hair boys hosted their annual combo birthday bash, this year’s theme was coined after, you guessed it, a few of their favorite things!

Fairy Godmother has had the upmost pleasure of being the chosen event planners for the Hair family for over 7 years now!

Watching David and Serena’s three boys grow up has been such an indescribable joy, but even more so to watch them grow as their interests grow and shift.

Favorite Things Hair Family

The Hair family photographed by Theresa Wooner Photography.

Favorite Things Hair Boys Birthday

Three of our favorite clients! Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

 David, Corbin and Parker let their fairies in on some of their favorite things and the magic began!

Combining Super Mario, Star Wars and tennis may seem like a challenge, but leave it to the Fairy Godmothers to create a seamlessly magical event. Incorporating the boy’s interests into centerpieces was just the start of the fun, and what better way to wrap it all together than in brown paper packages tied up with string??

Balloon designs by Paradise Balloon Designs scattered around the party area were the perfect added touch on this outdoor event. We are fortunate enough to have such talented “friendors,” like LoraLee, who are able to make our dreams and ideas come to life!

Favorite Things Super Mario by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Tennis Balloons by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Star Wars Balloon Designs by Paradise Balloon Designs

Paradise Balloon Designs. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

Bounce houses, tennis lessons with a Stockdale Country Club tennis professional and vintage video games were just a few of the scheduled events for the sunny December afternoon.

Guests of all calibers were able to join in the tennis fun as the Stockdale Country Club’s tennis pro gave lessons and taught the guests all the cool moves and fun techniques! A fun twist on getting party goers to be active and learn something new!

 What is a birthday part without cake?! Magnificently delicious cakes and goodies made by Gimme Some Sugar illustrated each of the boy’s interests perfectly! Tennis, Super Mario and Chewbacca made fabulously tasty artwork.

It is always the greatest pleasure to be your Fairy Godmother, Serena! Your family is picture perfect and we are so happy to be your chosen event planner year after year. We love that you trust Fairy Godmother to let our creativity run free to create your magical event!

Fairy Godmother Favorite Things Event Producers

The Fairy Godmother team loved getting into character! Backdrop by Custom Creations. Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography