Paradise Balloon Design – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon!”                                                                                                                              – Winnie the Pooh

This week, we are sharing about one of our more “uplifting” Fairy Godmother “friendors.” Keeping spirits high with, and without, a string happens to be her specialty! Lora Lee of Paradise Balloon Designs!


Lora Lee first started her balloon creations in 1984 when she opened Paradise Balloon Designs. With over 20 years experience, she and her team of balloon artists can take any idea, dream or theme and turn it into an inflatable reality! No matter the request, Lora Lee is able to bring ideas to life, no project too small for Paradise Balloon Designs! Elephant themed? Check. Retro 60’s theme? Check. Country Western birthday-baby shower combo? Double check!

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Lora Lee has brought ideas to life ranging from small centerpieces to full “blown” giant archways! She has even mastered the art of event lighting and pool arrangements through the art of balloon creation!

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Since the Paradise team sets up many of their balloon arrangements on site, precision is a must! We can safely say that there has never come a time where Lora Lee and her team have been behind or been unable to work their magic, making them one of our most reliable vendors!

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The Hair Family has used Paradise for all their balloon needs and Lora Lee has exceeded any expectations!

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Lora Lee, the Fairy Godmother family thanks you for your constant encouragement and friendship! Not to mention the countless hours, and balloons, spent making our dreams come true and our clients happy. We also thank you for always taking our ideas and creating something much larger than we could’ve ever thought possible!