Perfect Wedding Planner Proposal – Fairy Godmother Friday

Today’s the day, it’s finally here! 

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday!”

There is nothing greater than sharing joyous news about our fabulous Fairy Godmother family…

With that being said… We are so excited to announce that our very own Fairy Godmother Cassandra said “Yes!” when her beau got down on one knee! 

Plenty of planning and preparation went into this surprise engagement, friends and family were in the know for roughly five months! 

After minor detours in day-of execution, Jeremy, with the help of his secret helpers, had set into motion a plan for the perfect surprise proposal right in downtown Los Angeles at the Cliff’s Edge restaurant. 

It would not have been appropriate for our dear Cassandra if there weren’t a few of her favorite things involved… This includes, you guessed it, confetti cannons!! 

Cassandra wouldn’t have had just any confetti, only the best… And the most eco-friendly… EcoParti

Not only was Cassandra surprised with an entire lifetime of love and happiness, she was also surprised by her closest family and friends! 

Aside from her family and friends making the trek from Bakersfield to Los Angeles for this grand event, our dear friend Allison Claire of Allison Claire Photography was hiding in the nearby stairwell to capture the best shots! 

In case you think we are kidding, she was actually hiding in the stairs and had to move actual objects to remain unseen, but with the perfect view!

We are SO happy for our dearest Cassandra and we welcome her fiance Jeremy to the family of Fairy Godmother!

Congratulations, Cassandra and Jeremy!!