Let’s talk about Pinterest!

Pinterest is an on-line pin board that allows you to share photos with other users under categories.

You can pin about Weddings, Food, Cleaning, Fashion, Exercising, Do it Yourself and Holidays anything you want.

Using Pinterest in planning your event or wedding has become such a trend!

It’s an easy and fun way to gather ideas and share them with your friends and family all in one spot.  The site provides you with the ability to browse through postings of numerous creative ideas and “repin” those ideas to your board.  In addition to adding posts onto your pinboard, you can also take pictures and create a pin yourself — maybe it will go viral. J

Pinterest is great for people who lack a bit on the creative side, as it is easy to get ideas and start gathering the tools you need to become artsy just by browsing the thousands of pins that people post everyday.

Create a board and pin away! Pinterest will help you with décor, food, invitations, makeup, hair, dress and florals to just name a few!

We recently did a follow-up with one of our couples, we asked them what advice do they have to give to another couple.

Their advice –  “Do not go on Pinterest 2 weeks before your wedding!”

So cute!


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