Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Planner – Magical Monday

The wedding industry is just like that of any other, it is overflowing with constant change!

One of these major changes included Fairy Godmother shifting from the title of “Wedding Planner” to “Event Producer!” By definition,

“Event Producers” are in charge of everything starting at conception leading all the way up to the execution!

The Fairy Godmother family is proud to be introduced as “Event Producers,” and

we cannot wait to use our production schedule to make your next event completely magical!

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

Photo by Makenzie Photography.

Before you sit down with a potential wedding planner, it is so very important to have a few questions answered before you get too deep!    You are planning one of the biggest days of your life, you want to be sure that you have everything covered, and that’s why we are here to help!

First things first, does the wedding planner have your date available? If they are busy, booked, or otherwise you want to be sure that you don’t waste any time.

Bhakta Wedding Fairy Godmother Colleen

Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Next up, if something were to happen to your chosen planner and they were unable to make it on your day, what happens?

While you may not already have a venue booked, but if you do you may want to know if they have worked there before. This way they can give you recommendations or express any concerns!

Fairy Godmother Foundation Fairy Godfather TJ

Photo by C & B Photography.

This question comes across often, but is wedding planning their full-time job? What might their other job be if it is only a part-time passion? This helps you better understand the planner and how their time is delegated.

As a planner, what will you do for us and what are we as the couple left responsible to handle?

Fairy Godmother Denise

On the day of the event, when will you arrive and when will you depart?

After booking, what are our means of communication and how many times will we meet, and will we be able to contact you with any questions? How will you stay in contact with us as the client?

Fairy Godmother Cassandra

What is your protocol for difficult vendors and/or guests? Will you take charge of these situations for us?

Who will be signing vendor contracts, you as the planner or us as the couple? Are you making a commission off of the vendors we book?

Fairy Godmother Marissa

Will you keep a running check register of our event to keep our budget on track? Will this constantly be updated as revisions are made to our original plans? Is this something that we will have access to any point?

Fairy Godmother Janet

Fairy Godmother has you covered from your head to your heels… Literally!

Now two big questions that you should refrain from asking aloud are…

Do their weddings all look the same? Is there a specific style that you are seeing with all of their work? There is no problem with this, but if there is a definite favor of style, make sure that it is yours!

The final question that you will have to ask yourself, is will you and your planner work well together? You want to avoid ever having tense meetings, or moments of hostility where you don’t feel that you are the most important person in the room.

Fairy Godmother Team Event Producers by Makenzie Photography

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