Redding Wedding Planner

1Happy Fairy Godmother Friday!

Friday’s we love to share about our company and our team.  Today’s blog post is about Phillarie.  I met Phillarie at a wedding; she was hired by the home owner.   She was bubbly, professional, and hardworking!  All of the things I look for when hiring for our team. I gave her my card and as they say well the rest is history.  Phillarie is a joy to be around she is high on life. Recently she moved back home and told me she was taking Fairy Godmother with her. I am thrilled to see Fairy Godmother grow to Northern Ca. Phillarie has hit the ground running and has already been on the radio, she has joined the bridal association and is doing her first bridal show in January. So excited to see her grow, the brides in Redding are lucky she is there.


Phillarie — Planner / Coordinator

I am named after a small wild flower* My son is my number one* Hearts are my favorite shape* I am energetic and motivated* Rain makes my heart happy* I see sunshine on cloudy days* Laughter is the best medicine* I am addicted to chocolate and peanut butter* I love recycling and being green* I like eating fresh from my dad’s garden* I am always going and doing* I grew up dancing, mostly ballet* Singing is a favorite pastime* I love watching old movies and musicals* Music makes the world go ‘round* Traveling is big on my bucket list* I have always been a busy bee* I enjoy giving to those in need* My mom passed on the gift of planning events* Grandparents have the best stories to listen to* I have little luck, but am very blessed* I like learning new things* I am always trying to increase my Spanish vocab* Finding new hobbies is a passion of mine* A picture is worth a thousand words* You can do anything you set your mind to* There’s no time like the present* * Like the Beatles, I believe that love is all you need….. well, and a Fairy Godmother!