Collaboration of Creative Partners April Luncheon – Fairy Godmother Friday

We love the phrase “Community Over Competition,” which is simply described as “getting to the top by building others up!”

Fairy Godmother was born here in Bakersfield, what we like to call the “biggest small town,” and we first grew simply by word of mouth. There was no advertising, our growth was directly correlated to referrals of past clients, guests, and friends.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Luncheon

Part of this business is education. We attend conferences, and are even invited to special events with the most elite vendors in the business. At one conference in particular, ISSE in Carmel, Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra were rubbing elbows with the one and only Colin Cowie.

At this conference, Colin shared that our vendors are SO much more than just your caterer, or your photographer… They are our friends! We are all in this together and that we should let that show by calling them “friendors.”

If you have been witness to a “Fairy Field Trip” you should know that more than one creative mind with a notepad on the move is just a pinch of the fairy dust that Fairy Godmother offers. The ideas were brewing and viola, the “Collaboration of Creative Partners” luncheon was born.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Luncheon

Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio.

Once a month, the Fairy Godmother family invites a handful of guests to share an intimate lunch and allows for this table of “friendors” to talk and share stories outside of our events and meetings!

At our most recent April luncheon, we learned that Stephanie of Gimme Some Sugar Bakery got her name from her grandma always saying “come here and gimme some sugar!” Marianne of Marianne Lucas Photography used to be a Supervisor in the Kern High School District before taking her leap of faith into full-time photography. Angela and Patricia of Enchanted Bridal Boutique find their greatest happiness in putting their brides in their dream dresses. Christina of Kwik Signs is a super mom and loves organization, Teresa of Jo Ron Co. finds love in working within the community, and Amy of Alpha Omega Valet Services took over her business and employs orphan and foster youth, some of whom come from her full-time job at CASA of Kern County

Wands full of thanks from all of us at Fairy Godmother, we appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to join us, we know how valuable you are to your business!

Collaboration of Creative Partners – Fairy Godmother Friday

As we get ready for our March Collaboration of Creative Partners luncheon, we wanted to share about our previous two!

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Logo

Specialty logo design by Matinae Design Studio.

Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra took a “fairy field trip” one day, and as many of you may know, some of our best ideas come from long car rides!

This “Fairy Field Trip” was actually a very special event! It was an exclusive, invitation-only conference put on by Stacie Francombe. Another invitee was none other than the famous Colin Cowie, Colin is best known for celebrity weddings and events. In one of Colin’s speeches, he said that our vendors are much more than the word leads us to believe, and that they are truly “Creative Partners!”

Just like that the “Collaboration of Creative Partners” luncheons were born.

Wedding Planner Magazine November 2016 Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners

We have even written an article on the “Collaboration of Creative Partners” that was featured in Volume 6/Issue 6 of Wedding Planner Magazine!

Networking is vital in this industry, and this is why we love our “Collaboration of Creative Partners” luncheons! Having so much talent in one space is the absolute best feeling, and we are so lucky to call each and every one of these vendors, “friendors!”

Wedding Planner Magazine November 2016 Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners

The “Collaboration of Creative Partners” luncheons allow for everyone to mingle and interact outside of an event or wedding, it gives us time to get personal and learn more about each other!

Wedding Planner Magazine November 2016 Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners

            When business professionals come together and not only share the same air, but have casual conversations and are able to open up out of their shells also bouncing ideas back and forth, brainstorming, and share past experiences to build new ones. Through sharing ideas and goals, magic is created. Whether it is for a new project, or maybe through that of styled or theme inspired shoots. Collaboration open doors to a whole new world of possibilities for vendors.

January’s luncheon was graciously hosted by The Nines Restaurant inside the Bakersfield Marriot in Downtown Bakersfield.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Boone & Stacie Weddings

Menu by Matinae Design Studio. Photograph by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

In attendance we had Courtney of GhilaDolci Bakery, Joshua, Emily and Molly of Evermoore Films, JC Cota of All Sound Music, Diana of House of Flowers, Boone & Stacie of Boone & Stacie Weddings, and Ismael of The Nines Restaurant!

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Boone & Stacie Weddings

Our January Collaboration of Creative Partners attendees. Photograph by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Our February luncheon was held at the Bakersfield Petroleum Club, one of the most elite premier clubs in Bakersfield.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners J.Michelle Photography

February was sweet, just like our guests! Photograph by J.Michelle Photography

Our friendors Janaye of J.Michelle Photography, Donald Glenn of Donald Glenn Entertainment, Madison and Brittany of the Petroleum Club of Bakersfield, Allie Mae of The Beautiful Life LLC, and Janice of the Flower Bar took the time out of their busy schedules to join us! 

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners J.Michelle Photography

February’s Creative Partner squad! Photograph by J.Michelle Photography.

If you are interested in joining us at one of our Creative Partner luncheons, please contact Colleen directly at! We would be more than excited to invite you!


All Sound Music – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“No friendship is an accident” – C. Henry

We could not agree more!

When we first met JC and his talented team from All Sound Music Entertainment, we knew without a doubt that our fairy family was about to grow, and oh it did!


JC brings more than just the most “unique” DJ service to your event, he brings up-lighting and custom monograms!


The personal approach that ASM brings to any event is phenomenal, something that is truly desired by any client or guest!


Family is everything to JC and his ASM team. JC will be the first one to tell you that family is everything and always would be #1.

13612266_1109169435789130_6350944742676313606_n 13528949_1109169405789133_8202641177536167412_n 13612170_1109169495789124_1635399619492106265_n

One of the more personalized aspects of ASM’s dedication to their clients is that they only work with one client at a time to ensure that each event is executed at the fullest potential.


On behalf of Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company, we want to thank you JC and the All Sound Music family for being there for us!

Community & Leadership – Magical Monday

Fairy Godmother Colleen always wanted to own a business that would give her a storefront and allow for her to give back to her community that helped build her company, and that is just how the fairytale began.


With the founding of Fairy Godmother, Colleen was able to create the Fairy Godmother Foundation. None of this would have been possible without goals and ambition. The funny part is that Colleen never dreamed she would be in the party planning business!



As a child, Fairy Godmother Colleen dreamed of being a veterinarian! She would bring home any stray animal that crossed her path. However, she followed in her father’s footsteps taking the business banking route, but something was still missing…


As Colleen’s mother hosted every event she possibly could at their home, Colleen had expert level training. After planning numerous events, with a little nudge from her fellow peers and friends, she took a leap and founded Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Company.


Recently, Colleen was asked to be a speaker at a local school’s “G.O.A.L.L.’s Week” which translates to “Goals of Accomplished Local Leaders.” Josh King of Independence Elementary organized for five local leaders to come and speak, these speakers accomplished many different goals in the realm of success! A local student who is off to intern with NASA, a local news journalist, the founder of Marley’s Mutts, and Miss California were the other guest speakers.



Colleen got up and spoke to over 90 6th grade students and shared with them her goals in life, and had them share their own! The students’ goals ranged from professional baseball players to successful attorneys! Talk about ambition!



While the students took away a learning experience from Colleen in sharing her achievements and successes, Colleen also learned from the students about how important it is to set goals and to always dream BIG!


As a treat for sharing their goals and dreams, the fairy magic was far from over! Fairy Godmother Colleen had La Rosa ice-cream bars for all the students, what a treat!

IMG_0144 IMG_0437 IMG_0145

The Fairy Godmother crew loves to give back to the community! If you have inquiries about involvement, never hesitate to contact us!


Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Garden Workshop!

This last Tuesday, Fairy Godmother helped put on a wonderful fundraiser supporting the Fairy Godmother Foundation!

With the help of a few of our “friendors” Fairy Godmother hosted a “Fairy Garden Workshop” right at the 20th Street Cottage!


Invitation designed by Matinae Design Studio

The lovely ladies at House of Flowers brought all the goodies over and taught a group of 40 people how to create the most magical Fairy Gardens that you ever did see! They even brought the most perfect gnomes, butterflies, and it would not have been complete without Cinderella fairies!



13239400_10206460567454729_6880324255966818657_n 13266052_10206460566654709_7590210894229144137_n


NV Catering catered the event with gourmet hotdogs, and some were even bacon wrapped! Yum!


Janaye of J.Michelle Photography was able to join the fun and capture some of our fun and silly moments while making her very own Fairy Garden!


Talk about a desert table, Stephanie and her team from Gimme Some Sugar Cakes created the perfect table for the event! Complete with fairy houses, moss and the tastiest of treats! Check them out showing off their very own Fairy Gardens!

13241204_1239393102752373_7535379011644069676_n 13260111_1239393032752380_5515265974475240001_n 13254598_1239393116085705_4046996065183573314_n


Of course, this event would not have been possible without the generous donations of tables, chairs and linens from our “fairy” good friends at Walker-Lewis Rents!


We love the outpour of support that our community has shown for the Fairy Godmother Foundation, we would like to thank our “friendors” and our continued supporters for making all of the magic possible! If you would like to donate to the Fairy Godmother Foundation, please do! Stay up to date with our events by following us on Facebook, or contact Fairy Godmother today!

A special thank you to J.Michelle Photography, Gimme Some Sugar, House of Flowers and NV Catering for the photos!