Easter Brunch – Fairy Godmother Friday

For this “Fairy Godmother Friday” we want to help you get ready for your Easter brunch!

We loved designing our Easter collaboration, with a fabulous team of “friendors” we were able to bring out the best that springtime had to offer!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Floral design by House of Flowers. Rentals by Walker-Lewis Rents. Photographed by Tim Chong.

First things first.

You will have to gather some holiday décor, but don’t fret! You probably have everything you need right in the comfort of your own home.

Starting with the simple things… A spring wreath, some Easter literature and egg ornaments are some of the more simple options that allow you to engulf your guests in this festive experience!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Floral design by House of Flowers. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Photographed by Tim Chong.

Now lets get hoppin’!

Invitations can be for all occasions! Invite your guests with the best paper products, remember less is more and simple is elegant!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Paper products by Matinae Design Studio. Photographed by Tim Chong.

At a proper table setting, napkins are purely a necessity. What if we took that necessity and turned into more… like bunny rabbit décor!

With the proper fold you can turn that boring old napkin into Mr. Cottontail himself, now how fun is that?!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Floral design by House of Flowers. Rentals by Walker-Lewis Rents. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Rentals by Walker-Lewis Rents. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Let’s talk about some of the rabbit food… Florals!

Flowers always steal the show, but what if there was just a little “something” more?

In our Fairy Godmother styled concept shoot, we added a lush basket of mixed greenery complete with tulips and even some cabbage!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Floral design by House of Flowers. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Floral design by House of Flowers. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Yummy bites with a bit of garnish add that much needed flare to bring out the green accents, juxtaposing the light yellow colors with the bright greens.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Catering by Elevation 9. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Catering by Elevation 9. Photographed by Tim Chong.

And what makes brunch taste even better? Yummy treats of course!

Chocolate covered bunnies and pastel ombré cakes make for the perfect dessert!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Sweets by Gimme Some Sugar Bakery. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Sweets by Gimme Some Sugar Bakery. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Sweets by Gimme Some Sugar Bakery. Photographed by Tim Chong.

Of course, if you add a little festive wildlife you may have an even “hoppier” event!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Photographed by Tim Chong.

 While your brunch may be so elegantly exerted, we all know who which attendees will really steal the show!

Fairy Godmother Easter Brunch by Tim Chong

Photographed by Tim Chong.


Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations, You’re Engaged! Now What…?

Now that you’re engaged, the first step before you can do anything else is picking the venue!

Bakersfield Country Club Fairy Godmother Wedding Jessica Frey Photography

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography.

Before you can set an official date, you will first have to tour and check with potential wedding venues.

Next scope out your favorite venues and meet with your top three. You’re date has not been set yet so there is much more flexibility when you find the venue of your dreams. 

Photography by Karen Stewart.

Photography by Marianne Lucas-Polina.

You will need your date set and your venue booked before you can begin booking the rest of your vendors. 

Your Wedding Planner can really help in this area.  They can save you both money and time.  They can tell you exactly which venues will be a good fit for what you are looking for. 

Your reception site will determine the overall mood and atmosphere of your wedding.  Select a site that will fit your individual style, taste and budget.  Many venues book more than a year in advance so book early.

Picking a venue should be a fun experience! 

One major part of picking a venue is to ensure that it satisfies all of your needs, and fits your budget!  Making sure that the venue is easily accessible for your guests, has all the areas and space you desire, and includes all of your necessary amenities are just a few starting points when it comes to venue selection!

Another very important question is regarding payment! 

You want to be sure there is no sticker shock when you choose a venue. Making sure that there is a clear understanding is crucial, and helps alleviate any “surprises” in the wedding planning process.

Tolladay Fairy Godmother Wedding by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Regarding payment, is there a deposit required? Is there a payment plan option? What is the cancellation policy? Finally, when is the last day to make any changes? 

Let Fairy Godmother help you choose the best venue for your magical day, contact us today!! 

Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Tips – Magical Monday

Whether you are planning your first Thanksgiving dinner, or your 50th, Fairy Godmother has some tips to make sure your day is magical!

From start to finish, we want to make sure that you are fully equipped with everything that you need to know!

Fairy Godmother Fall Harvest Entry

In a perfect world, all guests would send back their RSVPs in a timely fashion. But as you know, we live in the real world and sometimes life happens and people forget to complete these things.

 Fairy Godmother Pandol Fall Harvest Tablescape

How to be prepared is simple, always having a little extra is just the start!

Without fail, there will be a guest or two who bring a date, a friend, or some sort of companion who they feel are worthy of your Thanksgiving goodness!

An extra place setting or two, leftover entrees and some extra room at the table are the recipe to survive the surprise guests!

Fairy Godmother Pandol Fall Harvest

Tablescape from the Pandol’s Fall Harvest.

When it comes to your home cooking, please remember not to take any shortcuts as they provide to be dangerous and ultimately more time consuming.

Don’t forget the pie!

Fairy Godmother Fall Harvest Pie Bar

Add to your Thanksgiving ambiance by adding a pie bar for your guests to select from a variety of baked goodies.

Fairy Godmother Pandol Pie Bar

Fall Harvest Desserts

Delish has put together a list of traditional, and not so traditional, food items that are more than acceptable for a Thanksgiving feast!

Is there a specific way to set the table for a Thanksgiving dinner, you ask?

Fairy Godmother Fall Harvest Setting

There are a multitude of ways to “wow” your guests with more than just your phenomenal cooking skills.

How you present your feast is everything!

Just picture it… Pumpkins and candles, everywhere!

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Decor

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Decor

The Fairies are forever thankful, but we asked a few of the Fairy Godmother team what they were thankful for in business and in their personal lives!

Colleen said… 

I am thankful for so many things in this business.  Thankful for every client that says “yes to Fairy Godmother”, that trust us with their very special day, whether it be their wedding, a birthday, company party, or special event.  Thankful for the wonderful team of “friendor’s” I have mad.  But most of all I am thankful for my team.  I cannot begin to express what they mean to me.  We work hard, play hard and laugh a lot.  We are successful because of them.  I adore each of them and love all of their unique strengths they bring to our clients, our team and to each other.

I am thankful in my personal life for a loving husband that supports me in both my Bank life and in my Fairy life, for a son that I am so proud of living on his own far from home and thriving, for all of my family whom I wished lived closer, I love when we are all together. I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful to have found my purpose in life, to coach and mentor others, to believe in them before they believe in themselves.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Janet said…

I am most thankful for my wonderful, loving and supportive family! I am so very thankful for this wonderful life I have been given.
I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fairy Godmother team. I have learned so much this past year and have met some very amazing people in the area of wedding and event planning. The support and encouragement of the team and my mentors have helped me to strive and work to be the best I can be and for that I am so very thankful. From the brides and the clients I have come in contact with, I am thankful for the opportunity to meet each and every one of you!

TJ said…

Wow! Where to start…

I am thankful for my phenomenal support system, without them I would be totally lost in translation. I am thankful for my health, the opportunities I have been provided, and the amazing people I get to call friends.

In business, I am thankful for this wonderful new endeavor I have found myself on. I am thankful to go to a “job” where work and fun are most often the same thing, and my co-workers have turned into family.

There are 171,476 documented words in the English language, and I don’t have enough of them to express my true gratitude to all the things, and people, who have helped shape who I am today.

Fairy Godmother Logo

On behalf of Fairy Godmother, we would love to extend our deepest thanks this holiday and wish you all a “fairy” happy Thanksgiving!

Hathaway Ranch Wedding Ciera & Robin – Magical Monday

Happy “Magical Monday!”

On September 24th, alongside all their family and friends, Ciera and Robin tied the knot atop the beautiful grounds of Hathaway Ranch here in Bakersfield, California.

Ciera & Robin Archer Inspired

Photography by Archer Inspired

Hailey and Jacob of Archer Inspired were there to capture this magical day in all it’s glory!

A little about the couple who photographed this day so wonderfully… Founder and Co-Founder, Hailey and Jacob Williams, are both Bakersfield natives who have recently relocated for Jacob’s work to Morgan Hill, California. Proving their dedication to their clients, they are still servicing Northern and Southern California! As new parents, they still find the time to provide their flawless services to their clients and give their son everything he may need and more!

Archer Inspired

Photography by Archer Inspired

From the cowgirl boots to the perfectly fitted dress, there was no element missed from this dazzling day.    Ciera and her bridesmaids completed their wedding day attire with vibrant bouquets handmade by her grandmother and cowgirl boots that were unique to their own colorful personalities.

Ciera & Robin Cowgirl Boots

Photography by Archer Inspired

Ciera & Robin Wedding Dress

Photography by Archer Inspired

Ciera & Robin Getting Ready

Photography by Archer Inspired

One of the first special moments of the day was Ciera debuting her gorgeous wedding dress to her bridal party. A bride in her wedding dress, with her hair and makeup done, is exactly what every girl dreams of.

Wedding Dress Debut Ciera & Robin

Photography by Archer Inspired

After modeling her dress for her bridal party, Ciera and her father did a first look. We hold Daddy Daughter moments near and dear to our hearts, and this one will bring about all the “feels.” A photo is worth a million words, and we feel that these photos say more than we ever could!

Ciera & Robin First Look

Photography by Archer Inspired

Behind every gorgeous wedding are all the personal touches that make the entire day a magical experience, and Ciera and Robin were sure to have their very own!

Ciera & Robin Personal Touches

Photography by Archer Inspired

Ciera and Robin tied the knot under a handcrafted arch, complete with vintage hemp rope from Robin’s family, overlooking the fruitful, rolling vineyards of Hathaway Ranch.

Just as their hashtag said, “Holm is where the heart is” and we couldn’t agree more!

 Ciera & Robin Ceremony

Photography by Archer Inspired

The love that these two share is completely indescribable. There is something about a genuine, selfless kind of love that could blaze trails and move mountains.

Adding our magical touches to such an amazing day ensures that there will be an everlasting presence of our “fairytale feeling.”

Ciera & Robin

Photography by Archer Inspired

Ciera & Robin

Photography by Archer Inspired

Ciera & Robin

Photography by Archer Inspired

Oh, how sweet it is!

All of these homemade goodies were out for guests sharing the love for Ciera and Robin. We must say that the chocolate covered Oreos were a total hit alongside the homemade rice krispy treats and funfetti cake pops!

Ciera & Robin Sweets

Photography by Archer Inspired

And of course, what wedding would be complete without a little bit of cake?!

Ciera & Robin Cake

Photography by Archer Inspired

 DJ Donald is sure to get the crowd up and moving with the ChaCha slide! We are so thankful to work alongside such amazing vendors who are so passionate and caring about their dedication to their clients.

Ciera & Robin DJ Donald

Photography by Archer Inspired

Fairy Godmother Cassandra was sure to snap a quick selfie with the new Mr. and Mrs. Holm!


On behalf of Fairy Godmother, thank you to all of the wonderful vendors, family and friends who made Ciera and Robin’s day so magical! All of the handwork pulls through to create a seamlessly marvelous and memorable day for all involved!

We are so fortunate to be able to share in the love surrounding Ciera and Robin, another perk of this “happy business!”


Photography by Archer Inspired

Corporations, The Mad-Hatter, and Vintage – Fairy Godmother Friday – Bucket Lists

Fairy Godmother Denise has helped build Fairy Godmother from the ground up!

While she has her dream job of being an amazing event and wedding planner,

she has a few bucket list events that would make it even better!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

Fairy Godmother Denise does not only plan weddings, she also does corporate events!  Her dream on this end of the business is to be the first person that businesses call for all of their event planning needs.  Who wouldn’t want to be on speed dial for something fun like that?!  There’s no event too big or too small for Fairy Godmother, especially with Fairy Godmother Denise at your side!


“We’re all mad here!” and Denise agrees!  Another of Denise’s ultimate events would be that of a Mad Hatter themed event. Denise would want this event fully thought out and planned with vibrant colors, mix-matched teacups topped with a multitude of vivacious florals!                                           Denise can make Wonderland a reality!


Photo Source

Imagine a cocktail party set on a weekend evening, women in long dresses with elbow length gloves, all the men in their finest suits, and an active imagination to take you back eight decades or so.     This would be another of Denise’s bucket list events!  Planning the most formal of cocktail parties imaginable would be utter bliss to this Fairy Godmother!                                                                         Just like something straight out of a movie…


Photo Source

Let Denise use her Fairy Godmother magic to make your bucket list event dreams come true,  contact us today! (661) 808-7816


Lego Birthday Party

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515  Happy “Magical Monday”, great to see you again! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and made many memories with your family and friends. This party was definitely one for the memory books.

We are honored to have planned and designed the Hair Brothers birthday party for the 5th year in a row! Their three boys Parker, David and Corbin all have a love of Legos but we definitely wanted incorporate their personal interests too like dinosaurs, the color green and trains.

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

Guests we’re greeted at the door with their very own Lego Man for the kids to take photos with. Also know as our very own TJ Bryson behind the mask. Shh..

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/fairy-godmothers

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

Throughout the party they were entertained with a sweets table, bounce houses, jousting, knights gear and more.


View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

Kids and their parents got to enjoy a themed buffet, kid friendly jello jigglers as well as adult versions at the bar.

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

Primary colors were used in the decor palette all through out the party to create a cohesive, festive feel.

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/hair-lego-birthday-12515

Serena and David Hair it was a pleasure to your Fairy Godmothers! We can’t wait to see what next year brings.

View More: http://laurynmarette.pass.us/fairy-godmothers


Thank you to our amazing creative partners that made this all possible we loved working with each and everyone of you.

Planning and Styling: Fairy Godmother

Photography: Lauryn Marette 

Rentals: Walker Lewis 

Caterer: Borda Petite 

Bakery: Gimme Some Sugar

Cookies: The Cookie Monger 

Florist: Uniquely Chic

Balloons: Paradise Balloon Design

Stationary: Matinae Design Studio

Bounce Houses: Amazing Bounce