Welcoming Explorer Travel & Tours! – Fairy Godmother Friday

The “Happiest Place in Bakersfield” has grown, again!

We are so excited to share that Leland and Pamela of Explorer Travel and Tours have joined us as our final tenants of the 20th Street Cottage community room, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Designs!

The purpose of a community room is to allow professionals the comfort of an office, without paying the office price.

These rooms are shared space that is there when they need them without trying to have a conversation over blenders, the normalities of a coffee shop, or other little nuances that may arise in public space. 

Explorer Travel & Tours 20th Street Cottage

Leland and his gorgeous wife Pamela branched out of their daily lives to create something different. Leland being a professional firefighter and Pamela, a college professor, started Explorer Travel and Tours

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Leland and Pamela have one mission. It is simple and absolutely selfless… “This business allows us to help those who help others. We love to support church, mission, educational, and various charitable organizations with travel needs worldwide.”

 20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Together, they began giving couples, and large groups, the trip of a lifetime through travel planning!

Their company, Explorer Travel & Tours, offers the best travel experience from start to finish that any company could! 

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

Leland hasn’t always been one of Bakersfield’s premier travel agents. In fact, Leland is one of Bakersfield’s lead fire engineers! 

In addition to being successful, and generous, business owners, Leland and Pamela are incredibly active with their family! Taking trips and sharing experiences with their loved ones is a top priority.

20th Street Cottage Leland Davis

 On behalf of everyone at the 20th Street Cottage, we are proud to share our happy place with Explorer Travel and Tours!

Welcoming Magdalena Cruz – Fairy Godmother Friday

It is with only the greatest pleasure that we welcome Magdalena Cruz to the 20th Street Cottage!

Before Magdalena was a photographer, she was a mother! Magdalena has three children… Jasmine, Adrian & Cristian and a three month old granddaughter, Camila!

Magdalena's son and his date posing as her models.

Magdalena’s son and his date posing as her models.

Magdalena with her oldest son.

Magdalena with her oldest son.

Magdalena's daughter photographed here pregnant with her now 3 month old granddaughter, Camila.

Magdalena’s daughter photographed here pregnant with her now 3 month old granddaughter, Camila.

Grandchildren are always so very special, but Camila brought something more unique to her family.

Camila was born with a rare heart disease which not only brought the immediate family closer, but also created a more tight-knit quilt of friends and extended family!

Magdalena Cruz with the famous photographer, Sue Bryce

Magdalena with famous photographer, Sue Bryce.

Magdalena found her passion for photography on complete accident.

When returning to school in 1999, her professors pushed for her to try different paths and guided her through dark room photography and then onto graphic arts where she excelled. In 2001 Magdalena put her passion to work opening her first studio.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena being a California native left a photographer’s footprint on Porterville and Visalia before settling in Bakersfield just a few years ago.

Magdalena says that she is so blessed to have worked with so many different individuals, families, and organizations throughout her career. She credits many of her friendships to these connections, and is so happy to be in profession where friendships continue to blossom.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

She credits the “family feeling” of her business to the fact that many of her clients return as they begin families, and hit special milestones in their lives. Her strong belief in preserving the “family legacy” is where she feels that full-service photography studios are most important.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

For Magdalena, it is her belief that photographs are to “live” amongst us, and that a photograph should find it’s way past the computer or phone. This is why she not only captures these timeless images, but also produces the images into products for her clients.

“The journey has just begun!” and we are so excited that we will get to share our cozy little cottage with such talent!

We would also love to wish Magdalena a “fairy”


 on Saturday, November 5th! 

Kern County Museum Outdoor Wedding – Magical Monday

It’s another “Magical Monday” here in Fairy Land!

We are so thrilled to be sharing Carlos and Daniella’s magical day!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

Carlos was looking “Fino Fresh” thanks to Jerry at Fino’s Menswear. Dapper and distinguished are two ways that we think everyone should look on their wedding day, and we think that Carlos illustrated these perfectly!


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Daniella was sporting her elegant and oh so beautiful dress,  the classic white lace really made her flower crown and bouquet “POP!” Lindsey of Left Coast Design Studio, and second shooter Lauryn, were sure to capture all the perfect moments and angles.

As you can see, Daniella’s flawlessness was absolutely picture perfect!


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Florals by Bakersfield Flower Bar


Photo by Left Coast By Design

Florals by Bakersfield Flower Bar

Surrounded by family and friends, Carlos and Daniella said “I do” at St. Francis church.

The love that these two share is so unbelievably strong and evident to the naked eye, together they are a true fairytale couple.


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

We just adore the little ones, aren’t these girls the cutest little flower girls that you ever did see?!

Little white dresses and flower halos topped off the princess look for these cuties.


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Reception followed the ceremony right here in Bakersfield at the historic Kern County Museum. Guests arrived to celebrate the love of Carlos and Daniella beneath the grand oaks trees and luscious grounds that the museum has to offer.

Carlos & Daniella

Photo by Left Coast By Design

Complete with candles, crystals and a rich color pallet, this wedding reception was absolutely flawless. Chivary chairs and decadent florals set the perfect scene for this wonderful day.

No wedding is complete without food! There were many different stations hosted by Non Stop Sound, including but not limited to, a mashed potato station, handmade taco station and a salad bar!

Carlos & Daniella Decor

Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

One fun surprise that Carlos and Daniella had for their guests was a caricature artist!

How cool is that?! Chris did a phenomenal job, thank you CB Caricatures!

Carlos & Daniella Caricature Drawing

Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Honoring traditions, Carlos and Daniella had their very own Dia de los Muertos table.

We love personal touches, it not only shows the personalities of our newly weds, but also their true values.

Carlos & Daniella Dia de los Muertos

Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Someone many years ago once said, “Let them eat cake!” We definitely agree with these four sweet words, and are happy to be surrounded by talent! De Coeur Bakery crafted some of the best looking cakes, and yummy too!

Carlos & Daniella Cake Table

Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Carlos & Daniella Sweets

Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

Atop the historic bell tower, the new Mr. and Mrs. Fuentes were able to take some of their first photographs as husband and wife!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

Roses, succulents and leafy greens arranged so perfectly by Bakersfield Flower Bar.


Photo by Lauryn Marette Photography

We are so happy to have been able to be your Fairy Godmother, your wedding day was a dream come true!

The Westchester Downtown – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Good friends are like the stars. We don’t always see them, but we know that they are there.”

We are fortunate enough to have a newer venue here in Downtown Bakersfield, The Westchester Hall!

Also known to many as “The W.”


Photo Source

With this new and elegant venue came a new friend, Becca! Becca quickly fit right in with the Fairy crew, her spunky and sassy personality was the perfect fit and it feels like we have known her forever and ever!


Becca is the Director of Events at The Westchester Hall. Utilizing her background and skill from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising paired with The W’s immaculate inventory, Becca is able to help put on a fabulous event.


To set the stage on how dedicated Becca is, let us tell you a brief story… Fairy Godmother Colleen and Becca went down south to Los Angeles for a convention, in route home there was a horrible storm that ended up stranding the two! After many hours, Becca’s little car conquered holes, hills, and curbs to get them to the last available hotel room in the area! The two weathered the storm, becoming even closer of friends!


Always dressed to the “T” with a smile on her face, Becca is always eager to hear what wild idea the Fairy Godmother team has for her! Manzanita trees with hanging crystals? Got it! Photo Booth props? She has those, too! Becca loves weddings, she says “Seeing two people in love, surrounded by people they love” is her favorite part!


Just to set the stage as to what kind of person Becca is, with a broken ankle in a boot and all… And on crutches… She still came out to support the Fairy Godmother family in a high heel! This girl has serious dedication!


Becca, on behalf of the Fairy Godmother team, we would love to thank you for your

continued support and love for all magic we do!