Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what…?!

Now that you’re big day is shaping up, it’s time to add in all the details.

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding day will be what you get to look back on, your photos!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Left Coast By Design.

This is one job that we HIGHLY recommend you entrust to a professional.

Memories are forever, we want you to make sure that your day lives on just how you remember it. From the portraits to the details, a professional photographer is sure to capture every element and detail of your wedding day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Makenzie Photography.

First things first, never just choose a photographer because your mother’s brother’s cousin’s friend owns a really nice camera and takes a really great selfie. Look into their portfolio, do you like their style? Are there photographs similar to what you are interested in? Does their style fit your personality? These are just some of the beginning questions that will pave the way towards your decision.

One of the best things you can do is to consult your planner. Anyone who is anyone will have a reputation in the wedding industry. Your planning, or event producer, will help you make the best decision!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Gwen Corona Photography.

 What are the things that you notice most about photos? Does your potential photographers satisfy your eagle eye?

One of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself is “Are our personalities compatible?” Aside from your wedding coordinator, your wedding photographer will be the one vendor that is with you for a major chunk of your day. You want to be sure that your needs, desires, and all those little things that go “unsaid” are met or exceeded.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by J.Michelle Photography.

Another rule of thumb is to compare the packages that your potential vendors may offer. What is the “basic” or “entry” level package of one photographer, may be a middle grade for another. It is important to let the vendor share about what they offer, but it is very important to make note of any questions that may remain unanswered.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a photographer who understands you, has your interests at heart, and is willing to do what it takes to make it all come together. Compatibility is a must!

Lastly, be sure that you have a contract signed by both parties involved! A contract will bind your photographer to what is expected of them, this includes the hours they will be with you, the equipment they will be supplying, and the rights that you have as the client. All of these things are vital to your day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Shelli Renee.

Let Fairy Godmother help you find the perfect photographer for you, contact us today!

Remember, a photo says 1,000 words!



J. Michelle Photography – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant.”
– Socrates

One of our newest “friendors” who has become one of our best friends is Janaye of J.Michelle Photography!


Business partners, and life partners… Janaye and Matthew spend their time outside of capturing magical moments raising their two boys! We all know how hard it is running your own business, add being a full time parent to the mix and you have the recipe of handwork and dedication!

J.Michelle Photography

J. Michelle Photography

J.Michelle Photography has been around for about 7 years. As our time with Janaye has grown, our friendship has been anything but boring! We have known Janaye for a few years now, and we so happy that we have!

Rain or shine, freezing or sweltering… We can count on J. Michelle!

J. Michelle Photography

J. Michelle Photography

J. Michelle Photography is more than just a friendor to us, she has truly transformed into our Fairy Godmother family.

She is a proud sponsor of many of our Fairy Godmother Foundation events, and that’s just the start!


J. Michelle Photography

As a Southern California husband and wife team, J. Michelle Photography is known world wide!

With a strong love for photography, she fuels that love towards her passion and showcases the love between their subjects- whether it be a wedding or event.


J. Michelle Photography

The wedding and event planning industry is a world that is entirely detail driven, every little thing counts!

Baby Shower/50th Birthday

J. Michelle Photography

For a photographer to notice this, and be sure to capture those little “things” that make each event so special is a wonderful thing to have. We are so lucky that Janaye always makes sure that the shots show off some of our best work! “Teamwork makes the dream work” when you see all the vendors hard work come together.

BCHS President's Dinner

J. Michelle Photography

Janaye and Matthew are able to photograph the love between newly weds just as well as they are to catch the personality of a client.

Jack and Carolyn Pandol

J. Michelle Photography

And let’s not forget capturing the personality of a fellow “friendor.” We are so thankful for all the moments we get to look back on! Here, Fairy Godmothers Reagan and Colleen got a quick “snap” with Lora Lee of Paradise Balloon Designs!


J. Michelle Photography

We are so happy that Janaye puts up with all our crazy antics! We have had the greatest delight of having Janaye photograph not only our Foundation events, but also our styled photoshoots!

All the handwork and design that goes into a photoshoot is done only as well as the photographer can capture… And J.Michelle nailed it! This collaboration of creative partners was very dear to us, and we think it came out impeccable!


J. Michelle Photography

The Fairy Godmother squad loves Janaye and Matthew from the bottom of our “fairy” big hearts! Their dedication to their craft and attention to detail allows for them to be one of the best in the business and we are so lucky to have them as a “friendor!”

International Fruit Genetics Fairy Godmother Team

J. Michelle Photography

Apricot Lane Bakersfield – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“It’s all about good friends and good shopping!”

This week, we are taking a turn off the beaten path and sharing about one of our very dear “friendors” who doubles as a Fairy Godmother bride!

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Photo by Makenzie Photography

Tami, owner of Apricot Lane Bakersfield, got her first taste of the Fairy Godmother company when she held her store’s 4 year anniversary event! The Fairy Godmother team stepped in to design and coordinate the event. Guests were greeted with bubbly champagne and shopping discounts in a festive atmosphere.


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Photo by Makenzie Photography


Bringing that “Fairytale Feeling” to all that we do, this anniversary party was no exception! Desserts and decor, what would be better?!


Photo by Evermoore Films


Photo by Evermoore Films

The friendship that began as a client’s open house for her store, turned co-team styled photoshoots that doubled as Apricot Lane marketing and wedding industry inspiration (as you may have seen on Bakersfield billboards), has blossomed into quite the partnership!


Photo by Evermoore Films

14292402_1164182163621190_5614880194842732703_n 14322557_1164181446954595_7963711376466960061_n

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Photo by Makenzie Photography

 When Eli, Tami’s now husband, popped the question- Tami knew just who to call!

Fairy Godmother Colleen loaded up her bags and fluttered her fairy wings all the way down to the San Diego harbor, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse to be exact! The lighthouse was home to so much history and fun things to see, inside and out!


47a6d734b3127cce9854acb5476000000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acb4c65100000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acb6c65300000030102aytgthu3bn9

Here is where past Fairy Godmother Yessi re-joined the team and assisted Colleen in spreading her magic for Eli and Tami.


This beautiful arch set the scene for our Fairy Godmother couple as they said their vows to each other.


Rehearsal for the big day was an absolute success! Both of Tami’s parents walked her down the aisle to the man of her dreams!



Fairy Godmother Colleen with Eli’s mother, having your parents and your Fairy Godmother together… What a treat!


Overlooking the San Diego harbor, Eli and Tami’s closest loved ones gathered to watch the two tie the knot! The love that filled the bay that day was overwhelming, with their families at their sides it is easy to say that it was one of the most perfect days!

47a6d734b3127cce9854acb9476c00000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbac65f00000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acab477e00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbd476800000030112aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acbcc65900000030102aytgthu3bn9

The reception overlooked the San Diego harbor, dinner with a view does not get much better than watching the sun set over the water!

47a6d734b3127cce9854acc1471400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854accac62f00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d734b3127cce9854acc9471c00000030102aytgthu3bn9

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their favorite newly wed couple with gorgeous views of the harbor’s boats!



Tami had the most gorgeous bouquet, full of greenery and natural tones.


What wedding would be complete without a sweets table? Tami and Eli wanted to be sure that their guests satisfied their sweet tooth!



Whether it be an anniversary or a destination wedding, you can count on your Fairy Godmother being there! The Fairy Godmother team is so thankful to have been a part of Tami and Eli’s big day, and are forever thankful of the fabulous friendship that is ever-growing!



GhilaDoci Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“You’re the friend everyone wishes they had!”

This week, we are sharing the love we have for our dear “friendor” Courtney of GhilaDoci Bakery!


GhilaDoci Bakery was a dream come true for Courtney after getting her degree in business economics, and after attending Le Cordon Bleu in Southern California. Growing up in an Italian family meant that cooking and baking were in Courtney’s blood! She helped her Mom and Nonna create yummy treats like biscotti and pies, which aided in her great love for food!


Courtney first caught the eye of Fairy Godmother Colleen in 2013 at a wedding she was coordinating. The Fairies have a keene eye for detail, so you know that we thought she was THAT good!



As life goes, time went on and the friendship grew from deep within the frosted sides of a delicious wedding cake. Fairy Godmother Colleen and Courtney became such great friends that Colleen even had the honor of being Courtney’s very own Fairy Godmother!


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

We are so honored to have been Courtney’s wedding planner and oh how fun it was! A gorgeous bride is worth flaunting, so here we are! Courtney and Jack are a splendid Fairy Godmother couple that we hold dear to our hearts, and it only gets better that she is one of our preferred Fairy Godmother “friendors!”


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

On the professional side, Courtney has won the hearts of our Fairy Godmother team. Fairy Godmother Reagan says “Courtney is so sweet and thoughtful of others! She will be doing my wedding cake in March and has answered my 70+ emails with patience! She is a very talented lovely lady.”

Fairy Godmother Marissa has only good things to say about Courtney! “I can truly say that she is always so sincere and professional. She is a busy lady, but oh so talented!”


Our love for GhilaDoci Bakery runs deep, these are just some of the delicious creations that have found their way into Fairy Land.

Fairy Godmother Cassandra ordered a custom creation that leaned a bit more towards the wild side… Who would have thought that deer and oil would come together for such a yummy treat!


Elegance at it’s finest, this 50th anniversary cake had a tale all it’s own! After all, they do say “less is more!” While maintaining a simple theme with a pop of color, this cake was just as delectable as it was beautiful!


It is such an honor to have a “friendor” that prepares all of their treats from scratch! Courtney takes great pride in her reputation that was built on her handmade treats created from the finest of ingredients. On behalf of Fairy Godmother, we thank you for your delicious confections and forever friendship!

Left Coast By Design – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

– C.S. Lewis

It is crucial to have a very special, and strong, bond with your photographer and that is just what we have with our dear “Friendor” Lindsey owner of Left Coast By Design.


Lindsey has been capturing special moments for many years, but after leaving the East coast for the “left” coast, Lindsey hit the ground running.


Aside from teaching photography at a local high school, Lindsey also opened Left Coast By Design. With over 12 years in the business, Lindsey is a licensed California lifestyle photographer!


In addition to being a full time teacher and business owner, Lindsey is also a full time mother to her mini me, Memphis! Talk about spunk, this kid has got it all! And the best part, he LOVES his mama and makes sure that everyone knows it! This kid!


Photo by Lauryn Marette

10613088_1573534946215660_2913375255262373423_n 10492462_1603926069843214_4752288772673865499_n

Not to mention her two four legged rescue dogs, Nashville (“Nash”) and Bella!

If only there were a unit of measurement to tell you just how big Lindsey’s heart is. This “hustlin’ mama” goes the distance with everything she does, and she does it well!


On top of all of these wonderful “jobs,” Lindsey also has founded and organized the Frontier High School “Phrontier Photo” organization. This allows for students to collaborate and aid each other as they grow with their talent while doing good in the community. Their motive is to help those in need, using art as a vehicle for change.


You may even see some Fairies posing as models for the Phrontier Photo students! I spy with my little eye…


Photo by Phrontier Photo via Left Coast By Design 

But the fun doesn’t stop there, she maintains some of the best relationships with her alumni! Some of which you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family! Her first alumni was wedding planner and designer, Fairy Godmother Cassandra. Since graduation, Cassandra has become great friends with Lindsey, even used her skill and imagination to create Memphis’ 2nd Lorax themed birthday cake!


Another alumni that you may recognize from the Fairy Godmother family is Fairy Godfather TJ! From two years of photo class in high school, to her T.A. senior year, TJ still finds “Miss I” as an inspiration and mentor to all he does.


Outside of the classroom, Lindsey and “Left Coast By Design” have found their way into our Fairy hearts! The Fairy Godmother family is so “fairy” happy to have Lindsey as one of our trusted “friendors!”


Lindsey’s talents far surpass that of just any “normal” photographer, her imagination and passion make the wildest of dreams possible!


Photo by Left Coast By Design


Photo by Left Coast By Design

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we thank you for your continued friendship and opportunity to grow alongside you in this “happy business” that we love oh so much!

Enchanted Bridal – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.” -Euripides

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday” and we cannot wait to share all about our dear friends at Enchanted Bridal Boutique!



Sisters Angela and Patricia opened Enchanted Bridal Boutique after Patricia’s engaged daughter went through the ultimate hunt to find the perfect dress. The two came together trying to figure out what they should do that would keep other people from having to search near and far for that one perfect dress. Once the idea was planted, a dream was born!


Photo by J.Michelle Photography

In 2014, Enchanted Bridal Boutique became a reality for the sisters, complete with a storefront located right here in central Bakersfield!            As the business has grown, so has the staff. Patricia and Angela have built an entire “enchanted” team! The Enchanted Bridal family thrives on the fact that there is a dress out there for every bride. You can count on Enchanted to help point out even the finest of details!




Photo by Valdophye Photography

 Not only are Angela and Patricia some of our very best “friendors,” but they are also active within the Fairy Godmother Foundation. Our most recent Fairy Godmother Foundation bride, Rachel, was gifted her dress from the Enchanted Bridal sisters! This dress just so happened to be a David Tutera original, who Rachel got to not only meet, but to enjoy dinner with when he was in Bakersfield for the Kern County Bridal Association‘s bridal show! When Rachel walked into Enchanted Bridal, she had no idea that she would not be paying for her dress- Patricia and Angela caught her completely by surprise, and we got this special moment on camera!


 IMG_2930 IMG_2929


You can often spot one of the Fairy Godmother’s inside Enchanted Bridal Boutique, joining their brides and bridal parties as they search for THAT dress! Sometimes they even accidentally match! Getting to watch brides try on all of the dresses that make them feel like princesses is just one of the many perks to being a Fairy Godmother.


While being a bridal boutique, we can still count on the Enchanted team to go along with some of our wild ideas and styled photoshoot themes. Most recently, the Enchanted Bridal team was the source of this Cinderella’s wedding gown… A gorgeous fit for such a perfect shoot!



Photo by J.Michelle Photography

And also dressed our model in our recently published “Free Spirited Kind of Love” Bohemian photoshoot!


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography


Photo by Alison Claire Photography

From the bottom of our “Fairy” big hearts here at Fairy Godmother, we thank you, Enchanted Bridal, for all of your continued support and friendship in this “Happy Business!”

The Cookie Monger – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul!”

It’s “Fairy Godmother Friday” and we are sharing about one of our “sweetest” friendors!

Our dear friend Stacey, owner of The Cookie Monger has been a blessing to Fairy Land!

Fairy Godmother and The Cookie Monger participated in the “Dessert Designer” table contest on July 30th at the first ever Sugar Fest!


Fairy Godmother collaborated with The Cookie Monger for the recent Sugar Fest! Stacey crafted some fabulous Alice in Wonderland wafer card soldiers, the Queen of Heart’s crown, and the Cheshire Cat’s mouth… Complete with fading lights! Their collaboration awarded them in the top three of the contestants!


From our styled shoots, client requests and even for our own personal orders… We just love Stacey! These are the perfect cookie to satisfy your “sweet tooth!”

47a6d624b3127cce9854a9f182c700000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6d624b3127cce9854a9fe03f800000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Fairy Godmother Marissa used The Cookie Monger for her husband’s birthday… How fun are these personalized cookies?!


We appreciate Stacey’s constant support and willingness to join in on our creative endeavors!

Stacey was an active partner in our Cinderella inspired styled photoshoot. Her amazing skill and attention to detail proved to add a sugary twist on a royal fairytale.

__J_Michelle_Photography_21of1734_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1735_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1728_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1736_low __J_Michelle_Photography_21of1802_low

As featured on SanDiegoWedding photos by J. Michelle Photography

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we thank you Stacey “The Cookie Monger” for all you do, continue to do, and have done for us!

The Westchester Downtown – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Good friends are like the stars. We don’t always see them, but we know that they are there.”

We are fortunate enough to have a newer venue here in Downtown Bakersfield, The Westchester Hall!

Also known to many as “The W.”


Photo Source

With this new and elegant venue came a new friend, Becca! Becca quickly fit right in with the Fairy crew, her spunky and sassy personality was the perfect fit and it feels like we have known her forever and ever!


Becca is the Director of Events at The Westchester Hall. Utilizing her background and skill from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising paired with The W’s immaculate inventory, Becca is able to help put on a fabulous event.


To set the stage on how dedicated Becca is, let us tell you a brief story… Fairy Godmother Colleen and Becca went down south to Los Angeles for a convention, in route home there was a horrible storm that ended up stranding the two! After many hours, Becca’s little car conquered holes, hills, and curbs to get them to the last available hotel room in the area! The two weathered the storm, becoming even closer of friends!


Always dressed to the “T” with a smile on her face, Becca is always eager to hear what wild idea the Fairy Godmother team has for her! Manzanita trees with hanging crystals? Got it! Photo Booth props? She has those, too! Becca loves weddings, she says “Seeing two people in love, surrounded by people they love” is her favorite part!


Just to set the stage as to what kind of person Becca is, with a broken ankle in a boot and all… And on crutches… She still came out to support the Fairy Godmother family in a high heel! This girl has serious dedication!


Becca, on behalf of the Fairy Godmother team, we would love to thank you for your

continued support and love for all magic we do!

Freestyle Event Services – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Fairy Godmother we not only have the best friends, we have the BEST of friends!


When Colleen began Fairy Godmother, her “friend circle” steadily grew with mentors. Mark with Freestyle Event Services has been with us from the ground up and one of the very first mentors for Fairy Godmother! Whenever we need him, he’s there. Even when the fairy magic creates some pretty wild ideas, not to mention rain… And do we mean some serious rain!


While being a successful businessman, Mark is a wonderful dad to his two daughters. Teaching them the importance of hard work and determination, while being the best role model possible. While he is a phenomenal dad and businessman, he has provided as a constant cheerleader to the Fairy Godmother company. He has consistently pushed us to do better, even at our best! Watching Freestyle and Fairy Godmother grow and share their magic, with great thanks to his constant encouragement!


Photo by InMotion.Pro

While being a dad and businessman is important, we also know that a little fun is always a good thing… And man oh man, have we found one of the most fun guys around! Picture a friendship that was created off the idea of confetti cannons… Yep, you guessed it, that’s exactly how we became “friendors!”


Colleen recalls just how she met Mark back in November of 2008. When she began planning the Women’s Business conference to be held in April of 2009, she knew right off the bat that confetti cannons were a necessity, obviously. A friend from Rabobank Arena, Sam Williams, suggested a DJ company who she felt could help, from the first time Colleen met Mark it was instant friendship.


Photo by J. Andrews Photography

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother team thank you for your constant friendship and guidance in this “happy business!” Mark, let this blog provide as one way to say “thank you” for always making time for us, being a great mentor and coach, and above all else, thank you for being a “forever friend” to all of us Fairies!

Gimme Some Sugar Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Happiness is having too many best friends!”

When Stephanie became a Fairy Godmother “friendor” we knew that there was magic to be made… Or should we say, baked?


Stephanie has always had a deep passion for baking and “sweet treats,” but how she came up with the name wasn’t something she had always dreamed of… It was even better! Growing up, Stephanie’s grandmother always told her to “give her some sugar” when referring to young Stephanie laying a smooch on her grandma’s cheek…

So, when Stephanie grew up and it was time for her to give her business a name, it was easy! “Gimme Some Sugar” was no doubt the new business’ front!

new silhouette logo1

Every encounter we have with Stephanie is nothing short of magical! She is such a great mother to her daughter, Harper! Together with her wife Terri, Stef works tirelessly not only as a baker, but as a mother giving her daughter the best life possible!




Colleen wanted to share about her relationship with Stef!

“I met Stephanie at a BNI meeting about 6 years ago, I loved her at “hello!” She was baking out of her Mom’s home at the time, and would bring in these wonderful trays of chocolate covered pretzels and bunches of other goodies. We would buy a bunch of them to deliver to our clients.

I knew she had something special. I was so happy when she moved into her shop, it is such a darling and happy place.”


“Stephanie was one of the first people I went to when I was thinking about starting Fairy Godmother, she pushed me to do it, she believed in me before I believed in myself. She has been my mentor and friend ever since. She is funny, kind, loves life, is super expressive, and is always always willing to help where ever she can. 

She has been a bakery of choice for two years in a row for our Fairy Godmother Foundation weddings. She continues to wow me with each of her masterpiece cakes. Love and adore her!”


Photo by Ashley de Pencier of Stephanie and her sisters!

 All of us here at Fairy Godmother  are so happy that Stephanie decided to give us some “sugar!”