Collaboration of Creative Partners April Luncheon – Fairy Godmother Friday

We love the phrase “Community Over Competition,” which is simply described as “getting to the top by building others up!”

Fairy Godmother was born here in Bakersfield, what we like to call the “biggest small town,” and we first grew simply by word of mouth. There was no advertising, our growth was directly correlated to referrals of past clients, guests, and friends.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Luncheon

Part of this business is education. We attend conferences, and are even invited to special events with the most elite vendors in the business. At one conference in particular, ISSE in Carmel, Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra were rubbing elbows with the one and only Colin Cowie.

At this conference, Colin shared that our vendors are SO much more than just your caterer, or your photographer… They are our friends! We are all in this together and that we should let that show by calling them “friendors.”

If you have been witness to a “Fairy Field Trip” you should know that more than one creative mind with a notepad on the move is just a pinch of the fairy dust that Fairy Godmother offers. The ideas were brewing and viola, the “Collaboration of Creative Partners” luncheon was born.

Fairy Godmother Collaboration of Creative Partners Luncheon

Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio.

Once a month, the Fairy Godmother family invites a handful of guests to share an intimate lunch and allows for this table of “friendors” to talk and share stories outside of our events and meetings!

At our most recent April luncheon, we learned that Stephanie of Gimme Some Sugar Bakery got her name from her grandma always saying “come here and gimme some sugar!” Marianne of Marianne Lucas Photography used to be a Supervisor in the Kern High School District before taking her leap of faith into full-time photography. Angela and Patricia of Enchanted Bridal Boutique find their greatest happiness in putting their brides in their dream dresses. Christina of Kwik Signs is a super mom and loves organization, Teresa of Jo Ron Co. finds love in working within the community, and Amy of Alpha Omega Valet Services took over her business and employs orphan and foster youth, some of whom come from her full-time job at CASA of Kern County

Wands full of thanks from all of us at Fairy Godmother, we appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to join us, we know how valuable you are to your business!

Gimme Some Sugar Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Happiness is having too many best friends!”

When Stephanie became a Fairy Godmother “friendor” we knew that there was magic to be made… Or should we say, baked?


Stephanie has always had a deep passion for baking and “sweet treats,” but how she came up with the name wasn’t something she had always dreamed of… It was even better! Growing up, Stephanie’s grandmother always told her to “give her some sugar” when referring to young Stephanie laying a smooch on her grandma’s cheek…

So, when Stephanie grew up and it was time for her to give her business a name, it was easy! “Gimme Some Sugar” was no doubt the new business’ front!

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Every encounter we have with Stephanie is nothing short of magical! She is such a great mother to her daughter, Harper! Together with her wife Terri, Stef works tirelessly not only as a baker, but as a mother giving her daughter the best life possible!




Colleen wanted to share about her relationship with Stef!

“I met Stephanie at a BNI meeting about 6 years ago, I loved her at “hello!” She was baking out of her Mom’s home at the time, and would bring in these wonderful trays of chocolate covered pretzels and bunches of other goodies. We would buy a bunch of them to deliver to our clients.

I knew she had something special. I was so happy when she moved into her shop, it is such a darling and happy place.”


“Stephanie was one of the first people I went to when I was thinking about starting Fairy Godmother, she pushed me to do it, she believed in me before I believed in myself. She has been my mentor and friend ever since. She is funny, kind, loves life, is super expressive, and is always always willing to help where ever she can. 

She has been a bakery of choice for two years in a row for our Fairy Godmother Foundation weddings. She continues to wow me with each of her masterpiece cakes. Love and adore her!”


Photo by Ashley de Pencier of Stephanie and her sisters!

 All of us here at Fairy Godmother  are so happy that Stephanie decided to give us some “sugar!”