Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Wow, we are less than 6 months from your magical day!

As we continue our “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…?” series, it’s time to finalize your guest list!

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If you recall the beginning of our series, we provided you with some insight on how to put together your guest list… So now, we will revisit that subject and ensure that you get all those invites out so you can start getting those RSVPs in! 

First things first, how to know who to invite.

Major points to consider when considering your guest count- your venue capacity, and your budget. 

If you and your fiancé are supporting your wedding day investment on your own, you have the power to set your number!

Traditionally, according to our friends over at The Knot, if you’re accepting help from family there is a division rule. If both sets of parents are assisting financially, they are both entitled to a quarter of the guest list, meaning that you and your fiancé get half and then the other half is split between the two families. 

However, in recent times, couples are finding it easiest to just split the guest list evenly three ways. 

While compiling your list, start high and then shave it down. This way, if someone wasn’t on the original, ask yourself why you didn’t think of them. A rule of thumb from The Knot is that if you have not spoken to them in at least three years, don’t invite them!

If you are looking to trim down your guest count, consider not adding the “plus one” option, and maybe even asking for adults only. 

It’s your wedding, invite the ones who you want to share the best day of your life with!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

It’s “Magical Monday” here in Fairy Land and that means we get to share more tips on your wedding planning process!

We are still roughly about 10-months away from your magical wedding day, but there’s no time for rest just yet!

With just less than a year to go it is time to nail down your guest list!

Even better, it’s time to nail down your guest list and their address!

 First things first, you should have your budget pretty much set in stone. This will help you with the groundwork of creating your guest list, by having an idea of how many guests you will be able to hold at your venue, how many guests you will be able to accommodate within your budget, and to still have some wiggle-room in your day… You have totally got this handled!

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Photographed by Racquel Leal Photography.

Before you grab that notepad to start writing, have a sit down with any and all parties who are contributing to the cost of your big day. If you’re paying for your own wedding, you can do whatever you would like! If parents, family, and friends are providing aid you need to be sure there is a clear understanding of who will be coming.

It is often expected that parents invite their close circle of friends, who may or may not be on your guest list already. We don’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt, and we don’t want any surprise guests! Talk it out, it’s a win-win!

Create your dream list. See where that will put you in terms of guest count and how it will impact your budget. Now taking what you have discovered, you can either smash your list or keep it just like it is and viola, you’re all set!

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Invitations by Matinae Design Studio. Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Now, if you need some help cutting down the list… Take these tips into consideration… If they aren’t relatives and you haven’t spoken to them since that one time at the grocery store, don’t worry about inviting them. A little wishy-washy on having younger civilians at your event? Don’t invite them! Only see them at the grocery store? Don’t do it. Haven’t seen them since you were five when they lived by your Nana’s? Don’t even go there.

As conscious adults we like to overthink situations, always seeing the alternative, but part of wedding planning is making big decisions.

Another tactic that can be used is when you send out your response cards, have the names already printed so that one invitation doesn’t lead to ten guests. Avoid those last minute straggler invitations, and don’t let your cousin’s boyfriend’s mother crash in on your event because she was invited via text message two hours before the wedding.

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Program fans by Matinae Design Studio. Photographed by Rob Greer Photography.

If you can handle keeping your guest list organized and strategic, you have this wedding planning thing down! If you’d like a little more help with your planning, contact Fairy Godmother and let us handle it for you!


Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week Away From Your Big Day, Now What?

While you are now one week away from your big day, and just about everything is set- what else is there to do? You must update your caterer on your finalized guest count! At this point most, if not all, of your RSVP’s should be in and ready for your special day.


Florals: Make It Happen Events Desserts: De Coeur Bake Shop

Updating your wedding day vendors on your count is vital to how smoothly your wedding will run. No host ever wants to run out of food for their guests, along with anything else- cups, paper products, seating, etc.


Food: The Vintage Press

Fairy Godmother makes sure that your day will run even better than you have ever imagined!


Bar provided by Elements Lounge

This is because there is constant communication with the bride and groom. With this constant communication, Fairy Godmother is then able to relay any changes or updates directly to the vendors, making something that could turn so chaotic, simple and painless.

Wedding Wednesday- Guest list Guidelines

While figuring out who to invite to your wedding seems like a fairly simple task, there’s much more to it than just sending out a mass Facebook invite. A simple system has been created to make this once tedious task, manageable. Anything But Complicated is how we view the A,B,C’s of guest lists!

“A” – This is the top tier of your guest list. These are your “people” who you are in constant contact with and who you know will be there with you to celebrate your special day. Keep in mind, roughly, twenty percent of your invitees will decline the invitation, especially if they reside out of town.


Photo by Cloak Photography

“B” – These invitees are the center tier of your list. Your “B” list invitees are people who are in your circle of friends, who most likely will come to your event, but there’s that slim chance that they won’t. These are the guests who you want to make sure you would recognize in a photograph!


Photo by Shelli Renee Portraits

“C” – All honorees have those special groups of people who they feel obligated to invite, you know the boyfriend of the cousin that you’ve only met twice? But don’t forget, it’s YOUR big day. Key things to remember are that a “plus one” is not required for all guests, and the best question to ask yourself is, “will you know them in five years?” Whether you have a small, intimate gathering or a giant crowd, just remember the love that surrounds you is all the same.


Photo by Van Weddings