Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

It’s “Magical Monday” here in Fairy Land and that means we get to share more tips on your wedding planning process!

We are still roughly about 10-months away from your magical wedding day, but there’s no time for rest just yet!

With just less than a year to go it is time to nail down your guest list!

Even better, it’s time to nail down your guest list and their address!

 First things first, you should have your budget pretty much set in stone. This will help you with the groundwork of creating your guest list, by having an idea of how many guests you will be able to hold at your venue, how many guests you will be able to accommodate within your budget, and to still have some wiggle-room in your day… You have totally got this handled!

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Photographed by Racquel Leal Photography.

Before you grab that notepad to start writing, have a sit down with any and all parties who are contributing to the cost of your big day. If you’re paying for your own wedding, you can do whatever you would like! If parents, family, and friends are providing aid you need to be sure there is a clear understanding of who will be coming.

It is often expected that parents invite their close circle of friends, who may or may not be on your guest list already. We don’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt, and we don’t want any surprise guests! Talk it out, it’s a win-win!

Create your dream list. See where that will put you in terms of guest count and how it will impact your budget. Now taking what you have discovered, you can either smash your list or keep it just like it is and viola, you’re all set!

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Invitations by Matinae Design Studio. Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Now, if you need some help cutting down the list… Take these tips into consideration… If they aren’t relatives and you haven’t spoken to them since that one time at the grocery store, don’t worry about inviting them. A little wishy-washy on having younger civilians at your event? Don’t invite them! Only see them at the grocery store? Don’t do it. Haven’t seen them since you were five when they lived by your Nana’s? Don’t even go there.

As conscious adults we like to overthink situations, always seeing the alternative, but part of wedding planning is making big decisions.

Another tactic that can be used is when you send out your response cards, have the names already printed so that one invitation doesn’t lead to ten guests. Avoid those last minute straggler invitations, and don’t let your cousin’s boyfriend’s mother crash in on your event because she was invited via text message two hours before the wedding.

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Program fans by Matinae Design Studio. Photographed by Rob Greer Photography.

If you can handle keeping your guest list organized and strategic, you have this wedding planning thing down! If you’d like a little more help with your planning, contact Fairy Godmother and let us handle it for you!


Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” and the Fairy Godmother team is so excited that our friends at The Black Tux have reached out to us to share some useful knowledge on what guests should wear to your wedding!


Photo Credit Left Coast By Design

With your event being just one week away, you will most likely find yourself bombarded with questions from guests on what they should wear, we have the answers!


The Black Tux

Whether it be a formal affair or a more casual event, the outfit choices are endless! There are a few “do’s and don’t’s” of wedding attire.


Photo credit Ashley De Pencier Photography

The biggest “no-no” in wedding attire expectations are to never, ever wear white! On a wedding day, the bride is the only one who will, most likely, be wearing white. Assuming the bride and groom did not make any special requests for you to wear white.


Photo credit Boone & Stacie Weddings

Above we have an example of casual, but not too casual. This is the perfect dress code for most outdoor weddings, keeping your guests comfortable in whatever weather you may experience!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

If your wedding is going to be a bit more formal, suggest to your guests that they dress semiformal, also known as “dressy casual.”

This allows for anything from tucked-in button downs to full suit and tie ensemble.


Photo credit Cloak Photography

While there are those few guests who may need a little more help, The Black Tux has the solution for you! They have mastered the finest of services, tuxedo rental!


Photo Source The Black Tux

This is how it works: First you select an outfit (created by yourself or through our stylist-approved curated looks) and submit your measurements. This suit is delivered one week before the event and if something does not fit, The Black Tux will replace the item absolutely free of charge if you let them know within 48 hours of receipt of the shipment. How to return, you ask? You place the return label on the box and send it back to them, at no charge to you!


Photo credit James & Jess

Now that you can help with all of your guests’ dress-code related questions,

it’s time to get to your big day!

The seven day countdown is on, but for any further questions, contact Fairy Godmother today!