20th Street Cottage Interior Design – Fairy Godmother Friday

Exciting things have been happening at the 20th Street Cottage, here in Downtown Bakersfield!

After having the 20th Street Cottage Community Room redesigned by the one and only Jamie Urner of Jamie Urner Interior Designs, we realized that a much needed project had landed upon our fairy wings… The cottage needed a complete facelift!! 

Jamie Urner is no stranger to the Fairy Godmother family, after Fairy Godmother Colleen produced her sister’s wedding. 

When it came time to do some revamping at the cottage, we knew just who to call. 

Once the redesign of the Community Room had concluded, we had an itch we just couldn’t scratch… We quickly had Jamie dive into design options for the hallway and kitchen.  

Cinderella’s glass slipper and fairy blue accents added subtle hints to the kitchen, and you know that we are all about the details!

We were completely thrilled with the outcome!  

We wanted a feel that combined our love of our namesake Cinderella, the class of brides before us like Jackie O., Lucille Ball and Grace Kelly, and then added finishing touches from the modern era. Jamie took all of this and created her own magic at the 20th Street Cottage!

When it came time to redesign our office, we let Jamie take the reigns. Taking productivity and elegance to create a functional workspace that would double as an elegant setting when the Fairies aren’t hard at work.   

Jamie absolutely nailed it! Adding in light touches of our beloved “fairy blue” bringing our brand to life in our office, mirrored shelving to showcase our great works, and a new table giving us the chance to gather around the table… literally!

A complete facelift wouldn’t be complete without every room… All that we had left was the loo! 

Jamie added some fur, vintage mirrors and new lighting to bring the room to its full potential!

Come visit us at the Fairy Godmother office, contact us today for your no obligation consultation!