Darr Wedding Reception – Fairy Godmother Friday

Hello, wedding season! 

To kick start our favorite time of year, we got to celebrate with planning Lauren and Matt’s wedding reception!

While being Bakersfield natives, Lauren and Matt relocated to the East coast post-high school to pursue their education and careers. They had an intimate wedding with close friends and family in Florida but still wanted to host an event for them to celebrate with friends and family in their hometown.  

Fairy Godmother Couple Lauren & Matt Darr

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

This is where the Fairy magic comes in!

 Since attending high school with two members of the Fairy Godmother family, we were over the moon ecstatic to plan this event!

While our Fairy Godmother couple did most of their planning from afar, every visit felt like we had just seen them. There was an instant connection, and we are thrilled that Lauren let us take the reigns to make her vision a reality. 

The reception would take place at Temblor Brewing Company, a modern blank slate that would give Fairy Godmother Cassandra a canvas she had big plans for. Including, but not limited to, the hashtag applique that was in the entry way for guests to see as they arrived.  

Temblor Brewing Company Fairy Godmother

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Trek Imaging Fairy Godmother Applique

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

 First off, with a little help from our friends at Walker-Lewis Rents, we were able to have Paradise Balloons lighten up the air space with bright colored balloons! This allowed for the “ooh-ahh” reaction when guests first arrived!

Paradise Balloon Design Walker Lewis Rents

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

The tables were complete with polka dot table runners, tissue pom-poms, assorted glassware complete with a variety of colored fairy lights! All the proper items for such a bright and happy event!

Fairy Godmother Design

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Design

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Design

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

A custom-made photo backdrop was one of the more popular spots for guests as they were able to mingle and reminisce amidst the vibrant pinwheels and colored accents on the foil background. 

Fairy Godmother Custom Photo Backdrop

Photograph by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Custom Photo Backdrop

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

No Fairy Godmother event is complete without treats and sweets! A “create your own pub mix” station, a sweets table with macarons, cake pops, brownies by GhilaDolci Bakery and mini donuts! 

Darr Reception Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Darr Reception Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Darr Reception Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Darr Reception Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Darr Reception Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Photography by J.Michelle Photography

Aside from the live band, guests were entertained by CB Caricatures!

 There is very little that could be more entertaining than having a cartoon version of yourself drawn in just minutes!  

Darr Reception CB Caricatures

Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

 Let Fairy Godmother plan your bright event! Contact us today for a consultation with your very own Fairy Godmother! 

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Yay! You’re engaged!

At this point in the series of “Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what?” we are about 12 months away from your chosen date.

While you may have already chosen your venue, there may be other facilities desired. Many couples will hold their ceremony at one location, and their reception at another.

It is vital to this process that all of your dates align perfectly, these are the little details that can create waves on your wedding day. Confirming dates and having a physical contract will save you time, and a potential headache, in the event that something does go awry.  

It is incredibly common for couples to get married at their home church and then having their reception at a hall, or venue of the couple’s choice.

There is far more that goes into venue selection that the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” of appearance and amenities.

Key factors that contribute to venue selection are guest count, style, ambiance, budget, spacial requirements, location, and what is or is not included are just a few.

Having a ballpark idea of your potential guest count is crucial to venue selection because you cannot have 200 guests at an intimate lodge with a maximum capacity of 50. Some things just will not work.

Budget is vital because, well, you more often than not, get what you pay for. If you are looking at hosting a frugal reception only with 50 guests, you might not choose the venue with a $20,000.00 rental fee.

Space is one of the most important parts of venue shopping! While it does revert back to guest count, you may also want to think of any extra spaces that you may want, or need. If you plan to have a sweets station, a drink station, maybe even a mimosa bar, you will need to ensure that you have adequate spaces available.

Finally, another major piece of booking the most perfect venue is to make sure there is a clear understanding by all parties involved of everything that is included, and what is not included. Are you allowed to bring in your own caterer? Does the venue have a preferred vendors list? Will there be a site coordinator included, and will they work well with your planner?

These are all questions that usually come up in walk-through visits and information tabs, but in the event that they do not, you now have the “Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what?” blog series to make sure you have everything covered! For what the blog does not cover, contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical event!

Traditional Indian Bakersfield Wedding – Magical Monday

Happy “Magical Monday!” This week, we are highlighting part 2 of Anik and Hema’s wedding day!

Last week, we shared the details of Anik and Hema’s traditional ceremony, this week we will share about their beautiful day!

13707569_1118048518234555_8929662326506339366_n 13754139_1118048451567895_2216024087093391540_n

All of the female guests in attendance of Anik and Hema’s wedding were given an orchid corsage as they entered the wedding reception at Stockdale Country Club. How cute is this idea?!


The tables were elegantly decorated with custom elevated florals from Make It Happen Events, and each setting was set perfectly with gold chargers which were perfectly accented with purple napkins and gold holders. No floral arrangement is complete without hanging crystals and beautiful candles!



Hema’s mother was also a major part of the planning process! It was a given that she would be giving a speech for the newly weds!

13716132_1118047974901276_2703764649699611947_n 13692648_1118047958234611_1127918559641403010_n 13692553_1118047941567946_2101563545494602823_n

The room was filled with love and florals! With accents all around the room, no space was left untouched. Doorways and chandeliers were even thought of!



The centerpieces were full of luscious flowers and foliage, creating a fabulous masterpiece completing the “tablescape.”




And what kind of place setting would it be if there wasn’t a Matinae Design original?! These thank you notes were the personal touch from Anik and Hema that showed their deepest and most sincere gratitude to their guests.



Do we think of everything, you ask? The answer is “YES!” Roses and crystals hanging from the chandelier? Got it!



Sweet Surrender brought in the tasty treats! A little bit of everything created the ultimate sweets table!


Anik and Hema were such a wonderful couple to work with! Elegance and class is the best way to describe their big day, and we are so fortunate to have shared in it!


The Fairy Godmother team was ready for action!


Hema and her Fairy Godmother, Colleen!


There’s no event too big! Contact Fairy Godmother today for all of your wedding day, or event, needs!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Engaged, Two Weeks From Your Big Day, Now What?

We know that you have already chosen your DJ or band for your big day, but what will they play??


DJ John from AllSound Music

If you’re more of a rock ‘n roll kind of couple, you probably won’t be too thrilled with your DJ if he only plays country. To some, this would be considered their ultimate nightmare, even!


DJ Jeff Woods

Now that you are just two weeks away from your big day, you want to be sure that you contact your DJ with a list of your preferred song titles, artists you enjoy, or at the very least, a genre to help keep things rolling smoothly for you!


Fairy Godmother Cassandra with AllSound Music

While your DJ may be okay with it, you don’t want to bombard your DJ every time a song pops into your head that you have to have on your playlist. Instead, maybe keep a list and update them once a week or so. This would also be an ideal time to make sure your DJ has your “Do Not Play” list, along with the clear communication of how requests will be handled, if you choose to do so.


DJ Mike with Freestyle Entertainment

Need help in finding the best fit DJ for your next event? Contact Fairy Godmother today and let us use our magic!