Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations! You’re engaged, now what…?!

Now that you’re big day is shaping up, it’s time to add in all the details.

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding day will be what you get to look back on, your photos!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Left Coast By Design.

This is one job that we HIGHLY recommend you entrust to a professional.

Memories are forever, we want you to make sure that your day lives on just how you remember it. From the portraits to the details, a professional photographer is sure to capture every element and detail of your wedding day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Makenzie Photography.

First things first, never just choose a photographer because your mother’s brother’s cousin’s friend owns a really nice camera and takes a really great selfie. Look into their portfolio, do you like their style? Are there photographs similar to what you are interested in? Does their style fit your personality? These are just some of the beginning questions that will pave the way towards your decision.

One of the best things you can do is to consult your planner. Anyone who is anyone will have a reputation in the wedding industry. Your planning, or event producer, will help you make the best decision!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Gwen Corona Photography.

 What are the things that you notice most about photos? Does your potential photographers satisfy your eagle eye?

One of the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT questions to ask yourself is “Are our personalities compatible?” Aside from your wedding coordinator, your wedding photographer will be the one vendor that is with you for a major chunk of your day. You want to be sure that your needs, desires, and all those little things that go “unsaid” are met or exceeded.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by J.Michelle Photography.

Another rule of thumb is to compare the packages that your potential vendors may offer. What is the “basic” or “entry” level package of one photographer, may be a middle grade for another. It is important to let the vendor share about what they offer, but it is very important to make note of any questions that may remain unanswered.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a photographer who understands you, has your interests at heart, and is willing to do what it takes to make it all come together. Compatibility is a must!

Lastly, be sure that you have a contract signed by both parties involved! A contract will bind your photographer to what is expected of them, this includes the hours they will be with you, the equipment they will be supplying, and the rights that you have as the client. All of these things are vital to your day.

Fairy Godmother Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Shelli Renee.

Let Fairy Godmother help you find the perfect photographer for you, contact us today!

Remember, a photo says 1,000 words!



Welcoming Marianne Lucas-Polina – Fairy Godmother Friday

The “Happiest Place in Bakersfield” is steadily growing from the inside out!

We would love to welcome Marianne Lucas-Polina and her great talent of photography to our community room!

20th Street Cottage

If you haven’t heard of a community room, let us tell you why they are SO awesome!

The purpose of a community room is to allow professionals the comfort of an office, without paying the office price. These rooms are shared space that is there when they need them without trying to have a conversation over blenders, the normalities of a coffee shop, or other little nuances that may arise in public spaces.

The 20th Street Cottage Community Room is a warm, well-decorated space that gives Marianne and her clients a quiet, personalized area to spread out and talk business!

20th Street Cottage Community Room, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Design.

The community room at the 20th Street Cottage, designed by Jamie Urner Interior Design.

Marianne and Victor are a husband and wife team that are providing not only photography but also cinema! When you get to share what you love, with who you love, it can only be assumed that there is going to be an abundant amount of passion and pride in their work.

Marianne & Victor by Makenzie Photography

Marianne & Victor by Makenzie Photography

Aside from being fabulous photogs and cinematographers, Marianne and Victor are parents to four beautiful girls!

They enjoy spending their spare time camping, going to the movies, shopping online and playing basketball!

Marianne & Victor Family by Makenzie Photography

Marianne & Victor with their girls. Photo by Makenzie Photography.

We are so happy to share our special place with Marianne and Victor, be sure to come and knock on our red door if you’re in the neighborhood to meet her!

Welcoming Magdalena Cruz – Fairy Godmother Friday

It is with only the greatest pleasure that we welcome Magdalena Cruz to the 20th Street Cottage!

Before Magdalena was a photographer, she was a mother! Magdalena has three children… Jasmine, Adrian & Cristian and a three month old granddaughter, Camila!

Magdalena's son and his date posing as her models.

Magdalena’s son and his date posing as her models.

Magdalena with her oldest son.

Magdalena with her oldest son.

Magdalena's daughter photographed here pregnant with her now 3 month old granddaughter, Camila.

Magdalena’s daughter photographed here pregnant with her now 3 month old granddaughter, Camila.

Grandchildren are always so very special, but Camila brought something more unique to her family.

Camila was born with a rare heart disease which not only brought the immediate family closer, but also created a more tight-knit quilt of friends and extended family!

Magdalena Cruz with the famous photographer, Sue Bryce

Magdalena with famous photographer, Sue Bryce.

Magdalena found her passion for photography on complete accident.

When returning to school in 1999, her professors pushed for her to try different paths and guided her through dark room photography and then onto graphic arts where she excelled. In 2001 Magdalena put her passion to work opening her first studio.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena being a California native left a photographer’s footprint on Porterville and Visalia before settling in Bakersfield just a few years ago.

Magdalena says that she is so blessed to have worked with so many different individuals, families, and organizations throughout her career. She credits many of her friendships to these connections, and is so happy to be in profession where friendships continue to blossom.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

She credits the “family feeling” of her business to the fact that many of her clients return as they begin families, and hit special milestones in their lives. Her strong belief in preserving the “family legacy” is where she feels that full-service photography studios are most important.

Magdalena Cruz Photography

Magdalena Cruz Photography

For Magdalena, it is her belief that photographs are to “live” amongst us, and that a photograph should find it’s way past the computer or phone. This is why she not only captures these timeless images, but also produces the images into products for her clients.

“The journey has just begun!” and we are so excited that we will get to share our cozy little cottage with such talent!

We would also love to wish Magdalena a “fairy”


 on Saturday, November 5th! 

Matinae Design Studio – Fairy Godmother Friendor

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.”                                                                                                    – N.R. Hart

This week’s special “friendor” has left an everlasting “print” on our hearts.

Jenae, owner of Matinae Design Studio, takes all of our “fairy” wild ideas and runs with them! From menus and place cards, to invitations and party favors, Matinae will do it all!


Jenae first launched Matinae Design Studio in June 2009, after years of freelance work, she set forth on her new adventure… A full-time owner position in paper products! Her hardwork and dedication to her craft are reflected in her products, did we mention that they’re always amazing?

47a6dc02b3127cce985480b87ac800000030112aytgthu3bn9 13567075_1212832985417974_4254172986309774300_n


Kelli’s Keepsake Photography



While Jenae is one of our local vendors here in Bakersfield, she is known worldwide! How cool is that??

Jenae has built a solid foundation for Matinae based on her unique and personalized design for each client.

No two products are ever the same when Matinae is in charge!

47a5cf25b3127cce98548f00bafd00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6da05b3127cce98549d3bd93d00000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a5cf25b3127cce98548feaba1700000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d739b3127cce9854ad1c39a400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a6d735b3127cce9854aceb5f8a00000030112aytgthu3bn9

While Jenae is doing what she loves, she gives it much credit for reconnecting her to old friends, old classmates, and not to mention the clients who have turned friends and vice versa. Her client-vendor communication is astounding!

Jenae is always able to adhere to an idea with sometimes just a few details.


Boone & Stacie Weddings

13731513_1227273250640614_4990812984694136753_n 47a6dc27b3127cce98548d1850b400000030102aytgthu3bn9 47a3ce26b3127cce98548b6d0aca00000030102aytgthu3bn9

From the bottom of our “Fairy” big hearts, the Fairy Godmother team thanks you Jenae! Thank you for taking all of our wild ideas, with just a hunch, and creating something larger than we could have ever imagined! From thank you tags, to event decor and invitations all the way to oversized maps… Matinae Designs is sure to satisfy our clients!

Tassels & Tastemakers – Magical Monday

The wedding industry is an entire world full of people who all share one passion, creating magical events!

In 2013, a fabulous team of professionals at Be Inspired Public Relations decided that it was the vendors turn to attend a party! The Be Inspired PR team throws two parties a year for their fellow wedding vendors to mingle and enjoy a night off from their daily hustle.



Photo Source

The Fairy Godmother team is in full support of furthering our education in this “happy business,” so we  definitely had to attend! The wedding and events industry is all about learning experiences, friendships and personal growth. In order to accomplish any of these, you have to blend your creativity with your intelligence and let the magic happen before you!


Photo Source

Leaving Bakersfield with their fairy dust flying behind them, Fairy Godmothers Reagan and Cassandra attended the Spring Tassels & Tastemakers 2016 event in March at the Hudson Loft in Downtown Los Angeles. Their goal was to gain more knowledge on the current party trends!


Photo Source

Before heading on over to the Hudson Loft, these Fairy Godmothers had to take a view from the top at the Biltmore Hotel!


These Fairy Godmothers are no strangers to elegance, they are both fancy and flawless!

Check out Fairy Godmother Cassandra posing with this candlelit piano!


Fairy Godmother Reagan taking a mini break, looking absolutely dashing!


Treats of the night included mini tacos, macaroons and even s’mores! All the sweets were stamped or related to the “Jewel” theme of the evening, the macaroons even had a jewel stamp on the top!




Aside from the delicious hors d’oeuvres that were supplied, the decor surrounding the loft was to die for! The interior was overflowing with chic florals  and fashionable chandeliers. There was no space left untouched, every nook and every cranny was filled with decor.

unnamed1 unnamed

As you can see, we love learning and growing! We would love to plan your next event, contact us today for a no obligation consultation with your very own Fairy Godmother!

Gimme Some Sugar Bakery – Fairy Godmother Friendors

“Happiness is having too many best friends!”

When Stephanie became a Fairy Godmother “friendor” we knew that there was magic to be made… Or should we say, baked?


Stephanie has always had a deep passion for baking and “sweet treats,” but how she came up with the name wasn’t something she had always dreamed of… It was even better! Growing up, Stephanie’s grandmother always told her to “give her some sugar” when referring to young Stephanie laying a smooch on her grandma’s cheek…

So, when Stephanie grew up and it was time for her to give her business a name, it was easy! “Gimme Some Sugar” was no doubt the new business’ front!

new silhouette logo1

Every encounter we have with Stephanie is nothing short of magical! She is such a great mother to her daughter, Harper! Together with her wife Terri, Stef works tirelessly not only as a baker, but as a mother giving her daughter the best life possible!




Colleen wanted to share about her relationship with Stef!

“I met Stephanie at a BNI meeting about 6 years ago, I loved her at “hello!” She was baking out of her Mom’s home at the time, and would bring in these wonderful trays of chocolate covered pretzels and bunches of other goodies. We would buy a bunch of them to deliver to our clients.

I knew she had something special. I was so happy when she moved into her shop, it is such a darling and happy place.”


“Stephanie was one of the first people I went to when I was thinking about starting Fairy Godmother, she pushed me to do it, she believed in me before I believed in myself. She has been my mentor and friend ever since. She is funny, kind, loves life, is super expressive, and is always always willing to help where ever she can. 

She has been a bakery of choice for two years in a row for our Fairy Godmother Foundation weddings. She continues to wow me with each of her masterpiece cakes. Love and adore her!”


Photo by Ashley de Pencier of Stephanie and her sisters!

 All of us here at Fairy Godmother  are so happy that Stephanie decided to give us some “sugar!”

Boone & Stacie Weddings Fairy Godmother Friday – Fairy Friendors

“There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.”

– Katharine Butler Hathaway

This week we are honoring our “friendors” Daniel and Stacie Frenzel, who were also the recipients of the 2015 Fairy Godmother Vendor of the Year award!



Daniel (Boone) and Stacie are a husband and wife team with a story! They were both born and raised in Southern California, Orange County to be exact, and relocated to Bakersfield in 2006 just a year after they got married!


The couple was called to Bakersfield, originally, for Boone’s job where he was an administrative manager for Desert Block Company. Boone had a special hobby though, photography. Just a few years after their relocation, Boone was hired to shoot his first wedding in July of 2010. That was all it took for him to change career paths and to follow his passion!



Legend has it that “behind every great man, is a great woman” and we think it just may be true! After his first wedding Stacie was at every wedding thereafter, so it just made sense for Boone to teach her the ropes! Stacie praises her husband saying she had an “amazing” teacher!


Daniel and Stacie have been “Boone & Stacie” full time since 2011. Together, the two take photographs that are identical in style! This just goes to show how great skill can be taught, their work is even considered “cohesive” which makes it even better!


Fairy Godmother loves supporting our “friendors,” especially when they have helped us build such an amazing business! Fairy Godmother Colleen says working with Boone and Stacie is always a treat, they are kind fun professional and their work is beautiful. Fairy Godmother Marissa says that Boone and Stacie really get to know their clients and treat them like family, they are sure to learn everyone’s name and build an everlasting friendship with the bride and groom. A memory Fairy Godmother Cassandra has is when Boone and Stacie were photographing a couple and Daniel taught the groom how to dip his bride by dipping Stacie! Daniel told the groom that he would soon learn, especially after being married for a few years!



We appreciate all of the good, solid leads that Stacie and Daniel send our way. Especially when the communication continues even past the event so that so we can ensure our clients are taken care of from both sides.

View More:


We are in the wedding business and we are so thrilled to share that Daniel and Stacie will soon be sharing 11 years of marriage! Daniel and Stacie say that their dedication to each other is what makes them professional in the business. The value they share for their marriage allows for them to photograph the memories of their clients in the best way, knowing just how special a wedding is!




Daniel and Stacie travel all over the map to capture precious moments, but here at home they raise their two children and their fur baby!


Again, thank you Daniel and Stacie for your forever friendship to Fairy Godmother and the team!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Engaged, One Month From Your Big Day, Now What?

In the early stages of planning, you locked in your vendors. You went through the color palettes, you went to tastings from potential caterers, and now it’s your time to give your hair and make-up vendors a go!


Make-up credit to The Makeup Monster

Photo credit to Left Coast By Design

Why is it important to have a test run for these vanity items, you ask? Simply because you want to be absolutely sure without having to do and re-do anything on your wedding day, that you will look just as you have always dreamed of with no surprises!


Make-up credit to L’lash Dolls Make-Up

Your make-up trial is important because you want to make sure that your skin tone matches with what your artist has supplied. Some brides may select one tone when they initially book, but after some tanning it may not be the best fit anymore. You are able to see and choose your choices of things like eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and eyeshadow colors.


Make-up credit to Alivia Daniels

Photo credit to Austin Thomas

How your hair is styled will vastly depend on the style of your dress. If your dress has sleeves, or a high neckline, you may choose to have your hair in some sort of “up-do” whereas with a strapless dress, you may choose to have your hair down, curled or have some sort of braid accent.


Hair styling credit to Alivia Daniels

While your hair style will be a major factor to you, it is also crucial to include your veil in your decision. If you are using a simple and elegant hairpiece or a veil as long as your dress’ train, you want to be sure that it is properly secured.


Make-up credit to Alivia Daniels

Photo credit to Shelli Renee Portraits

Fairy Godmother LOVES helping bride’s find their absolutely perfect vendors for their big day, contact us today!