Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Yay! You’re engaged, now what?! 

At this point in our series, we are about 8-10 months away from one of the best days of your life! 

In the midst of selecting your wedding day vendors, there are some other details to pick out. 

One of the first selections will be what your wedding party will wear.

Dresses and tuxedos… The options are endless! 

Fairy Godmother Wedding Attire

Photograph by Left Coast By Design.

There are a few things to remember when selecting your wedding party’s attire! One is that your wedding party is the face of your wedding, they will be in majority of your photos, and most of all- you don’t want to be the couple that made their wedding party wear something atrocious! 

When it comes to your bridesmaids, you want to make sure that their gowns won’t upstage your bride while remaining cohesive with the style. Whether you personally select each person’s attire or give them free reign, you have to have some sort of direction regarding wardrobe, after all it is your wedding day!

Groomsmen are a bit more simple, with a lot less wiggle room as far as accessories and wardrobe choices are concerned. A solid color tux, or suit, accented with a color relative to the wedding decor makes it easy and still looks great!

If you’re more of a relaxed, carefree couple you may consider deciding on a color scheme and let your wedding party decide on their own outfits. 

It is important to keep in mind your party’s body types, budgets, and personalities in mind. We all know that there is nothing worse than being stuck in something that you feel extremely uncomfortable in.  

 Let Fairy Godmother help plan your big day, not only plan, but to share our advice on proper wedding party wardrobe for your magical day! Contact us to schedule your consultation!

Magical Monday- Private Residence Wedding in Bakersfield California

Jeana and James’ wedding was one full of family and loving touches.
Fairy Godmother Colleen had the pleasure of being their Fairy Godmother. When asked Colleen would describe Jeana as being “super smart, strong, darling, great laugh and fun” and James as “kind, down to earth and what I remember most is they truly love each other.”

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Jeana chose her wedding colors because it reminded her of the beach and something tropical, all things warm and pretty.

Check out the pearls on those shoes!! Fairies are always fans of pearls.

193_GL1A2407 200__MG_2108

Beautiful flowers by Uniquely Chic.

406_GL1A2914 408_GL1A2919 409__MG_2553
Their wedding was held on James’ grandparents property.  The family spent many months putting work into the property, work of love and pride.  It turned out so beautiful!

383_GL1A2834 410_GL1A2922 419_GL1A2943

Beautiful cake by the amazing GhilaDolci Bakery.


Turquoise uplights coloring washing the trees adds the perfect amount of glow in the background.  Up-lighting by Freestyle Entertainment.

Don’t be afraid to choose wedding colors that make you happy!  The combinations are endless.

Congrats Jeana and James!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your magical day.

Photography: Ashley de Pencier

Lighting: Freestyle Event Services

Flowers: Uniquely Chic

Cake: GhilaDolci Bakery

Wedding Wednesday- You’re Engaged, 3 Months From Your Big Day, Now What?

You’ve picked the dress, you’ve chosen your venue and just about everything is set- one thing is missing, the tuxedos!


Looking for ways to brighten up your groomsmen and steer away from the traditional black and white? The answer is simple, add some color! Accent colors can easily be added to give your wedding party that “flair” that you want.



Photo credit Ashley dePencier Photography

Another choice to be made is vest or no vest? Cumber bun? Bow tie or long tie? Jacket or no jacket?

It’s all about your preference and wedding style! Personal touches make your day, yours.

Showing some personal background or letting your groomsmen pick a few of

their own touches make it even better.


Photo credit Shelli Renee PhotographyVeatchWedding-424

Photo credit Left Coast Design Studio

What’s an acceptable dress code for your wedding party? Cowboy hats and Wranglers? Navy uniforms? Suspenders without a jacket?

How about all of the above!

These are the personal touches we long for!


And don’t forget the shoes! Converse, Vans and boots… Oh my!

Just as Cinderella said “One shoe can change your life!”