Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

It’s “Magical Monday” here in Fairy Land and that means we get to share more tips on your wedding planning process!

We are still roughly about 10-months away from your magical wedding day, but there’s no time for rest just yet!

With just less than a year to go it is time to nail down your guest list!

Even better, it’s time to nail down your guest list and their address!

 First things first, you should have your budget pretty much set in stone. This will help you with the groundwork of creating your guest list, by having an idea of how many guests you will be able to hold at your venue, how many guests you will be able to accommodate within your budget, and to still have some wiggle-room in your day… You have totally got this handled!

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Photographed by Racquel Leal Photography.

Before you grab that notepad to start writing, have a sit down with any and all parties who are contributing to the cost of your big day. If you’re paying for your own wedding, you can do whatever you would like! If parents, family, and friends are providing aid you need to be sure there is a clear understanding of who will be coming.

It is often expected that parents invite their close circle of friends, who may or may not be on your guest list already. We don’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt, and we don’t want any surprise guests! Talk it out, it’s a win-win!

Create your dream list. See where that will put you in terms of guest count and how it will impact your budget. Now taking what you have discovered, you can either smash your list or keep it just like it is and viola, you’re all set!

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Invitations by Matinae Design Studio. Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Now, if you need some help cutting down the list… Take these tips into consideration… If they aren’t relatives and you haven’t spoken to them since that one time at the grocery store, don’t worry about inviting them. A little wishy-washy on having younger civilians at your event? Don’t invite them! Only see them at the grocery store? Don’t do it. Haven’t seen them since you were five when they lived by your Nana’s? Don’t even go there.

As conscious adults we like to overthink situations, always seeing the alternative, but part of wedding planning is making big decisions.

Another tactic that can be used is when you send out your response cards, have the names already printed so that one invitation doesn’t lead to ten guests. Avoid those last minute straggler invitations, and don’t let your cousin’s boyfriend’s mother crash in on your event because she was invited via text message two hours before the wedding.

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Program fans by Matinae Design Studio. Photographed by Rob Greer Photography.

If you can handle keeping your guest list organized and strategic, you have this wedding planning thing down! If you’d like a little more help with your planning, contact Fairy Godmother and let us handle it for you!


Wedding Wednesday – It’s Your Big Day, Now What?

It’s your big day, and you are about to experience one of the best days of your life!

One thing that you will be doing on your wedding day is being treated like royalty! One of the many luxuries will be to have your hair and make-up done. The time leading up to your ceremony will be all about pampering you, with your photographer capturing every moment!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

By this time you have already had run through sessions with your hair and make-up artists, so you know exactly what to expect! When you are getting your hair and make-up done, you want to be sure that you wear a coverup of some sort, whether it be a specialty robe or a button-down shirt!

47a6dd31b3127cce9854999086f700000030102AYtGThu3bN9 47a6dd31b3127cce9854999107c600000030112AYtGThu3bN9 47a6dd31b3127cce9854999d07ca00000030102AYtGThu3bN9

Make-up and hair done by Alivia Daniels

Another major thing that is often forgotten is to be sure that if your stylist will not be staying with you the duration of your day, that you get a touch-up kit! A few other tips include waterproof mascara, durable lipstick for all those “kissable” moments, and of course, keep it simple but pretty.


Photo credit Lauryn Marette Photography


Photo credit Lauryn Marette Photography


Wedding Wednesday – You’re Now One Day From Your Big Day, Now What?

We are just one day away from your wedding day, YAY!

We hope the last few days have been relaxing for you and that this guide has helped keep you on track. Soon you will be married and everything will be absolutely perfect!


Photo credit InMotion Pro

With just a day left before your big day, you should take an available moment to confirm your transportation arrangements! Whether it be from your getting ready location, to ceremony, to reception… We want to be sure that you don’t get left behind!


Photo credit Valodphye Photography

Hopefully, by this point you have established a solid relationship with your transportation company, maybe even driver.


With this, it makes it easy to know what is expected on their end, and also how they will expect you to be. For instance, maybe you’re habitually late, this might be a good thing for them to be aware of in advance. With Fairy Godmother, we know that you won’t be, but just in case.


Other things to consider for your transportation needs will be what is included, be sure to have a firm understanding of what is included so that you are not caught off guard by losing an hour of time, or maybe that bottle of bubbly you thought was included.


Finally, be sure to know who will be riding with you. Just because the limo says it can hold ten people, doesn’t mean it should when you consider big dresses and tight tuxedos.


If you are looking for someone to handle your wedding day transportation needs, Fairy Godmother has many well-established relationships with the finest transportation vendors! Contact us today!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Now One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

Your wedding is just a week away, wow! Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s just what the wedding planning process should be! Now that most all your details are set and everything is a go, you only have a few minor things left! Wedding rehearsal being one of them.


Wedding rehearsals are actually a North American tradition where a “run through” of the wedding is performed making sure that everyone knows their jobs and expectations so there aren’t any hiccups when it comes to the actual day. The rehearsals are usually one or two days prior to the actual wedding. Wedding coordinators will run your rehearsal and guide you through everything you need to know and just how to do it!


Rehearsal is a vital part of the big day! This is when your entire wedding party will get a real idea of how your big day is actually going to go. The guests of your rehearsal are usually close family and those who come together to form your wedding party, and of course their guests.


If any of your wedding party will be wearing new shoes or shoes that may be difficult for them to walk in, be sure that they bring these so they can get some practice time in!

Rehearsals aren’t just for practicing though, they are also great for everyone getting to meet each other and become acquainted prior to your wedding day.


While rehearsals are recommended for multiple reasons, they are by no means necessary. One perk to having a wedding rehearsal is that they sometimes eliminate any “day of” jitters that may cause you to panic last minute. You want to walk down the aisle knowing exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, not to mention that you want to be able to live in the moment without any sort of wedding day anxiety. All eyes are on you, this is your day!


A fun fact about weddings is that the bride traditionally stands on the groom’s left because back in the day in Anglo Saxon England, the men had to protect their beloved wife and so they would stand to their left in order for them to have full range function of their right (sword) arm!


Fairy Godmother would love to help you through your rehearsal,

contact us today for more information!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re Engaged, One Month From Your Big Day, Now What?

In the early stages of planning, you locked in your vendors. You went through the color palettes, you went to tastings from potential caterers, and now it’s your time to give your hair and make-up vendors a go!


Make-up credit to The Makeup Monster

Photo credit to Left Coast By Design

Why is it important to have a test run for these vanity items, you ask? Simply because you want to be absolutely sure without having to do and re-do anything on your wedding day, that you will look just as you have always dreamed of with no surprises!


Make-up credit to L’lash Dolls Make-Up

Your make-up trial is important because you want to make sure that your skin tone matches with what your artist has supplied. Some brides may select one tone when they initially book, but after some tanning it may not be the best fit anymore. You are able to see and choose your choices of things like eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and eyeshadow colors.


Make-up credit to Alivia Daniels

Photo credit to Austin Thomas

How your hair is styled will vastly depend on the style of your dress. If your dress has sleeves, or a high neckline, you may choose to have your hair in some sort of “up-do” whereas with a strapless dress, you may choose to have your hair down, curled or have some sort of braid accent.


Hair styling credit to Alivia Daniels

While your hair style will be a major factor to you, it is also crucial to include your veil in your decision. If you are using a simple and elegant hairpiece or a veil as long as your dress’ train, you want to be sure that it is properly secured.


Make-up credit to Alivia Daniels

Photo credit to Shelli Renee Portraits

Fairy Godmother LOVES helping bride’s find their absolutely perfect vendors for their big day, contact us today!

Wedding Wednesday- You’re Engaged, 3 Months From Your Big Day, Now What?

You’ve picked the dress, you’ve chosen your venue and just about everything is set- one thing is missing, the tuxedos!


Looking for ways to brighten up your groomsmen and steer away from the traditional black and white? The answer is simple, add some color! Accent colors can easily be added to give your wedding party that “flair” that you want.



Photo credit Ashley dePencier Photography

Another choice to be made is vest or no vest? Cumber bun? Bow tie or long tie? Jacket or no jacket?

It’s all about your preference and wedding style! Personal touches make your day, yours.

Showing some personal background or letting your groomsmen pick a few of

their own touches make it even better.


Photo credit Shelli Renee PhotographyVeatchWedding-424

Photo credit Left Coast Design Studio

What’s an acceptable dress code for your wedding party? Cowboy hats and Wranglers? Navy uniforms? Suspenders without a jacket?

How about all of the above!

These are the personal touches we long for!


And don’t forget the shoes! Converse, Vans and boots… Oh my!

Just as Cinderella said “One shoe can change your life!”