20th Street Cottage Community Room – Fairy Godmother Friday

Do you ever find yourself trying to work from home, or a local coffee shop, and never finding the focus you need? 

We did, too! 

This issue is what got the wheels turning at our “happy place,” the 20th Street Cottage!

The struggle of meeting clients with loud coffee machines or constant “people watching” moments led us to revitalize the living room of the 20th Street Cottage, with the help of Jamie Urner of Jamie Urner Interior Design Studio, transformed the room into a “Community Room!”

The 20th Street Cottage Community Room is a rentable, sharable space that allows for creatives to meet with clients and vendors without the day to day distractions that the world throws into public settings. 

20th Street Cottage Jamie Urner Redesign

20th Street Cottage Redesign by Jamie Urner Design! Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

These types of rooms are shared space that is there when they are needed, all without trying to have a conversation over blenders, the normality of a coffee shop, or other little nuances that may arise in public space. 

The community room at the 20th Street Cottage is a well-designed space that brings a professional edge to any entrepreneur who may not need their own full-blown office space. The purpose of a community room is to allow professionals the comfort of an office, without paying the office price.

The community room currently has an opening for you, come share space with us at the “happiest place in Bakersfield!”

To reserve your spot in the fabulously designed space, contact Colleen via e-mail at Colleen@FairyGodmotherEvents.net

FTD Centerpiece Ideas – Wedding Wednesday

Here at Fairy Godmother, we believe that every wedding needs to be just as beautiful and unique as the couple. 

With that being said, we find it so fun for the couples to share their ideas and dreams behind their magical day plans! 

Our friends over at FTD reached out to us to help promote and share some centerpiece ideas that we think are absolutely stunning.

FTD Table Numbers

FTD has thought of just about everything with their table number inspiration– sailboats, books, and even greenery all mark the spot where guests will be able to sit and mingle, creating memories of your wedding day!

FTD Table Numbers

Wedding planning can be a little crazy sometimes, that’s why here at Fairy Godmother we enjoy taking the stress out of this joyous time! Planning and designing for our clients, sharing the ideas that we think would be suit their event theme and style- and we are so in love with these ideas from FTD that we just have to share them with you! 

FTD Table Numbers

Whether you have a big wedding, or a small intimate gathering of your closest friends and family- table numbers really are beneficial!

From assigned seating on a seating chart to dismissal for dinner- a small addition to your centerpiece can save your guests a handful of headaches. 

FTD Table Numbers

While it is important to stay on track with your budget and stay in line with your décor, you can find simple ways to add these numbers. Whether it’s a small number placed in your floral arrangements or an elaborate custom shape- your wedding is all about YOU!

Find the absolute BEST way that appeases your soul and run with it! 

The Gardens at Monji – Magical Monday

This “Magical Monday” we wanted to highlight a new up and coming venue with more than 20 years of history!

The Gardens at Monji by Monji Landscape Company is a new spin on what used to be their real life showroom.

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

This venue is an actual outdoor oasis, with water accents and splashes of character everywhere you turn. All while still being able to paint the scene for whatever theme or direction your event may hold! 

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

One of the best things about all of the pools, fountains and other water accents is the trickling sound of the water splashing- calming and serene, ahhThe Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

Our very own Fairy Godmother Colleen got to tour the grounds with the owner, Dan Monji himself!

Dan as warm and inviting, and you can see the care he has for the space as his passion towards his craft shows in his work. 

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

Dan shared on the history of the venue, and just how important it was to share the beauty with more than just clients looking into landscape design- but for those looking to make everlasting memories in a place as tropical as The Gardens by Monji, right here in northwest Bakersfield.

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

The Gardens has every amenity couples could ever dream of! Separate dressing rooms, a full service kitchen, and the best part? Seating for over 200 guests! Worried about your event in cooler weather? Worry no more, The Gardens not only has the ability for indoor and covered patio seating, they also have a fire pit perfect for those chilly Bakersfield evenings! 

The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother The Gardens at Monji Fairy Godmother

While these photos are only a glimpse into the splendor that The Gardens has to offer, we would love to attend a showing with you to envision your magical event… Contact us today!

Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse – Fairy Godmother Friday

Over the summer, Fairy Godmother Colleen and Fairy Godmother Cassandra packed up their fairy totes and headed for Santa Barbara!

Searching for the perfect spot is half the battle when it comes to planning, and we knew that this event was going to be more than a wedding- that it was going to be a frozen moment that everyone would remember!

Fairy Godmother Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

When our Fairy Godmother couple came to us, they knew that they wanted to get married at the courthouse, but they had no idea where to host their reception. This is when Fairy Godmother Colleen whipped out her wand and spread her fairy dust! She spent an entire day perusing Santa Barbara for the absolute perfect fit- it had to be exceptional!

While we have kept this wedding a secret, we would be remiss if we didn’t share a little about this magical day! 

So let us take you on a little peek!

Fairy Godmother Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

While it was absolutely gorgeous weather, this was a trip to celebrate the marriage between Levi & Lorelei at the beautiful Santa Barbara courthouse! The ceremony was everything we could’ve ever dreamed of! Levi and Lorelei were starting the rest of their lives, they stood where so many have made their everlasting promises! 

Fairy Godmother Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

It’s always a fun adventure when we get to travel for our clients, but even more so when we get to take a little bit of Bakersfield with us. We were fortunate enough to have not one, not two, but three local vendors make the trek with our team and over six Bakersfield vendors involved! Creative partners, unite! 

The hunt was over- El Paseo Mexican Restaurant was the chosen reception location.

Fairy Godmother Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

This reception venue was perfect for our couple. It was everything they were in building form- light, airy, and welcoming!  

Like we said, we can’t share every detail of this beautiful day just yet- but we couldn’t keep everything a secret forever! Stay tuned for the rest of Levi & Lorelei’s wedding day! 

Fairy Godmother Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

If you are thinking of planning a destination event, be sure to pack Fairy Godmother with you!

Contact us today!

Rustic Wedding at the Metro Gallery – Magical Monday

Your wedding is one of the best days of the rest of your life, and we think that Belen and Sebastian would completely agree!

We have been so excited throughout our entire planning process with this special couple, that it would be wrong of us not to share just a few sneak peeks into their magical day! 

Belen got ready with her bridesmaids at the historic Padre Hotel here in Bakersfield, we are so lucky to have been by her side all day- especially as she got into her dress!

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen prepping Belen’s wedding dress for photographs!

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Style and comfort? We say “YES!”

It’s always fun as the girls, and guys, are getting ready to help everyone get ready! 

The fairy dust goes beyond the bride and groom, but to everyone involved in your magical day!

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen making sure every bridesmaid was perfectly in tact before making their way down the aisle!

While Belen got ready with her squad, and her Fairy Godmother, our fabulous team of assistants! 

We put a great amount of faith, trust, and of course fairy dust in our team. They are able to put together our event so that we can spend every moment possible with our couple. 

These girls knocked it out of the park for Belen and Sebastian!

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Forever thankful for our talented Fairy Godmother assistants!

Of course, our setup team wouldn’t be complete without the help of Carlos from Make It Happen Events! 

His talent always surprises us, you can look for yourself, check out these centerpieces! 

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Centerpiece by Make It Happen Events.

As guests arrived at the beautiful Metro Gallery, and let us just say the wide open spaces with the beautiful street view of downtown paired with the most perfect weather, set the stage for Belen and Sebastian to say “I do!”

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding

Custom wood sign by Custom Creations.

Assigned seating for dinner was done simply with this custom seating plan, we think our couple made it perfect for their guests to find their proper place and allowed them to mingle with their round tables!

Belen & Sebastian Rodriguez Fairy Godmother Metro Gallery Wedding 

Okay, we are saving the best for last and cannot wait to share the actual photos from this magical wedding day! We get a total sense of euphoria from our weddings that carries on through the week, we hope that you enjoy scrolling through them just as much as we love sharing them with you!

For your next magical event, contact Fairy Godmother today!

What To Expect From Your Event Planner – Fairy Godmother Friday

In a world where you can be anything you want to be, why would you ever be stressed out?!

Event planning can be stressful, we understand, but it doesn’t have to be!

Many reasons that people shy away from the thought of hiring an event planner, or as we here at Fairy Godmother call them “Event Producers,” is the initial cost.

Potential clients see dollar signs and run, but what they don’t understand are the perks and advantages to using a planner- we would have to say that we believe our worth shows in our work!

What are some things that you can expect from your event producer?

First things first, you want commitment. That’s the whole point of this entire day, right? You want an event producer who is willing to sit down and promise to make your day just as you’ve imagined, to the fullest extent of their power. There needs to be a mutual understanding of your expectations and vision, and your planner can either be with you, or maybe they aren’t the best fit.

One of the perks of hiring Fairy Godmother is that our team has SEVEN Fairies who are all working together to make sure your day is a true dream come true!

Secondly, depending on the packages you choose with your event producer- there is vendor coordination! Typically, the client has never had a reason to hire a florist, a caterer or a DJ- this is where your planner comes in! Your planner should be there by your side, not only planning you day, but also working with their fellow creative partners to find the best fit for your event!

The absolute last thing that you want to be doing on the day of your event is trying to wrangle 15 wedding industry professionals making sure that all your ducks are in a row (and your little puppy, too!)… Leave that to the planner. 

Event producers can also help you with those “unique” aspects of your day, whether it be making sure the officiant is dressed in his themed wedding garb or that the street bike is in place for a quick getaway for your couple- it’s a thing and here at Fairy Godmother we are proud to say that we have done it!

While an event planner, or event producer, has many tasks- each planner is different. From your initial consultation all the way to your wedding day, it is important that you cover your bases from the very beginning. While we love surprises, it is vital to have a clear line of communication and understanding between parties.  

If you are thinking of hiring an event producer, contact us at Fairy Godmother and let us make your event day wishes come true! 

Zola – Wedding Wednesday

For a very special feature, we are dedicating this “Wedding Wednesday” to a new way of getting what you want…

The modern day registry, Zola!

Zola has changed the ancient game of registry, from the moment that ring slips on your finger up until you share your first spaces as newly weds…

Zola has you covered, all in one place!

Zola Fairy Godmother Feature

But wait, there’s more!

Zola not only has your registry available for your engagement, wedding, and any event in between… They also have a place for your check list, guest list, wedding website and and a few helpful planning tools.

Nailed it! Zola’s motto is “Anything for Love,” and they do just that!

You can add anything from anywhere onto your Zola registry, you can even go as far as to add experiences like spin class or some more indulgent items like a wine club subscription… Yes, you can actually add all of these things onto your wedding registry. HOW COOL!

Zola Fairy Godmother Feature

As a guest, our friends over at Zola have found a user friendly way to ensure that you are able to find the correct registry and have a painless experience in selecting the perfect gift! As a newly wed, or soon-to-be, you get a notification with each item purchased and can decide when it ships!

But really, we know what you’re thinking… It can’t get any better than that?! No wrapping, no worrying about forgetting your gift on the table, and no stress wondering if the couple ever received it! Zola has you covered, start to finish!

The fun continues!

Have you ever misplaced your wedding invitation? They are sent so far in advance and life happens, Zola understands!

With their creation of the Zola wedding website for each couple and their registry, couples can add ALL of the information that someone may ask. Location, time, and attire? Zola has it handled.

The future is now.

Engaged couples, create your Zola registry today! For planning help, contact Fairy Godmother today!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

It’s “Magical Monday” here in Fairy Land and that means we get to share more tips on your wedding planning process!

We are still roughly about 10-months away from your magical wedding day, but there’s no time for rest just yet!

With just less than a year to go it is time to nail down your guest list!

Even better, it’s time to nail down your guest list and their address!

 First things first, you should have your budget pretty much set in stone. This will help you with the groundwork of creating your guest list, by having an idea of how many guests you will be able to hold at your venue, how many guests you will be able to accommodate within your budget, and to still have some wiggle-room in your day… You have totally got this handled!

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Photographed by Racquel Leal Photography.

Before you grab that notepad to start writing, have a sit down with any and all parties who are contributing to the cost of your big day. If you’re paying for your own wedding, you can do whatever you would like! If parents, family, and friends are providing aid you need to be sure there is a clear understanding of who will be coming.

It is often expected that parents invite their close circle of friends, who may or may not be on your guest list already. We don’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt, and we don’t want any surprise guests! Talk it out, it’s a win-win!

Create your dream list. See where that will put you in terms of guest count and how it will impact your budget. Now taking what you have discovered, you can either smash your list or keep it just like it is and viola, you’re all set!

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Invitations by Matinae Design Studio. Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Now, if you need some help cutting down the list… Take these tips into consideration… If they aren’t relatives and you haven’t spoken to them since that one time at the grocery store, don’t worry about inviting them. A little wishy-washy on having younger civilians at your event? Don’t invite them! Only see them at the grocery store? Don’t do it. Haven’t seen them since you were five when they lived by your Nana’s? Don’t even go there.

As conscious adults we like to overthink situations, always seeing the alternative, but part of wedding planning is making big decisions.

Another tactic that can be used is when you send out your response cards, have the names already printed so that one invitation doesn’t lead to ten guests. Avoid those last minute straggler invitations, and don’t let your cousin’s boyfriend’s mother crash in on your event because she was invited via text message two hours before the wedding.

Fairy Godmother guestbook left coast by design photograph

Program fans by Matinae Design Studio. Photographed by Rob Greer Photography.

If you can handle keeping your guest list organized and strategic, you have this wedding planning thing down! If you’d like a little more help with your planning, contact Fairy Godmother and let us handle it for you!


Eco Friendly Wedding Planning – Magical Monday

When people start to think wedding planning, they start thinking color schemes and budgets…

But very rarely do couples think about the impact their wedding may have on the environment.

We are here to help you eliminate the footprint that your magical day leaves behind while still remaining the best day, ever!

Think of your day. Where can you cut pollutants?? With the help of lists from The Knot and Bridal Guide your day is sure to be as eco-friendly as you are!

Getting married outdoors eliminates the need for electricity. By not using electricity, we are helping limited damages to the soil, water supply, and lowering emissions! Planning for this type of event can be tricky depending on weather, but nothing can beat natural lighting. Who would have thought that having a gorgeous outdoor wedding would help the environment?!

Using organic candles may also be used to illuminate a space naturally.

“Think green!” If you are using confetti at your event, think of confetti that is biodegradable. We have little friends that may get a hold of these pieces, such as birds and other small animals. Sparklers have become the new trend and have little to no impact as long as they are all disposed of properly.

A green, and budget friendly, twist on your event is simple. Household items are free! Plates, drawers, and gently loved vases may be used to create a unique and functional dessert table.

Fairy Godmother Sweets Table

Paper products are always a hit as they are the first interaction about your wedding that you’ll have with your guests via your wedding invitation. First impressions are so very important, and you don’t have to compromise to be conscientious of the environment.

Whether you are doing your own invitations, or having a professional tackle the task, you have options such as recycled paper, plantable invitations (yes, you can grow your invite!), or by using a wedding website in lieu of a formal printed invitation.

Fairy Godmother Foundation 2016 House of Flowers Bouquet

Florals by House of Flowers, Photo by C&B Photography.

Food and flowers are most often the focal point of so many events, why make your day any different? Having your florist and caterer work with only the most organic products will make your day even more environmentally friendly.

Now, take a deep breath and know that a “green” wedding is possible!

 Let Fairy Godmother help make your day eco-friendly, contact us today!

Wedding Planner Wedding Planning – Wedding Wednesday

This is week two of our series on our very own Fairy Godmother Reagan’s wedding planning process!


Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography

When Reagan and her fiancé Max chose their venue, they wanted to be certain that there would be delicious menu items, and oh did she make sure!


Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography

Reagan and Max have chosen the gorgeous Stockdale Country Club as their venue!

The Stockdale Country Club is a Bakersfield staple located in Olde Stockdale. With so much heritage and history, Stockdale has earned an elegant and classy rapport. After numerous owners, business failures, and building fires the Stockdale Country Club opened for business on February 18, 1923.


Photo Source

Before tasting appetizers, there is one important part of the tasting routine that Reagan and Max got to enjoy… Wine tasting! Talk about having the glass half full… Whites, reds and champagne… Oh my!


While Stockdale Country Club is set back on luscious grounds, complete with an 18-hole golf course, they have spared no skill with their culinary creations! These are just the appetizers that Reagan and Max got to choose from!


Keep up with Reagan and Max as they plan their magical day in our “Wedding Wednesday” series!