The Black Tux Groom’s Guide – Wedding Wednesday

Okay, grooms. You did it, you popped “THAT” question! Now it’s time to get to work.

Our friends at The Black Tux have put together a guide for wedding planning, just for grooms!

This guide includes all the “do’s” and “don’ts” of groom’s wedding etiquette.

Well, we say “etiquette,” The Black Tux refers to the levels of the guide as “party foundations!”

It is 2017, it’s time for the gentleman to do more than pick their favorite cake flavor…

Leaving all the work to mothers and brides-to-be is just uncalled for!

Let’s dive in!

As we begin, we know that the groom will be an active part in two pieces of wedding planning… #1. The proposal and #2. The vows.

Lets beef it up a bit and add in a few more helpful ways for the groom to save his future spouse from a true headache!

Have a valid opinion! Let your voice be heard and share your ideas in your appointments, being indecisive doesn’t help your partner make a choice any easier.

Suggest hiring a wedding planner to help keep your plans running smoothly, Fairy Godmother would LOVE to help plan your day!

Next up, bridal party!

How to choose your mates doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of wedding planning, we promise.

Brothers, soon-to-be brothers, closest friends, and ultimately it boils down to who could you trust with your final pre-wedding fiesta, or better yet, the rings!

Your magical day has finally arrived! All of your planning has come to an end, and you are going to finally be able to enjoy your big day.

There will be a lot to do on your big day, but with the help of your planner it will go without a hitch!

Contact Fairy Godmother today to start planning your magical day, and let the co-planning begin!


Wedding Wednesday – It’s Your Big Day, Now What?!

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” here in fairyland! As we are finishing up our “It’s Your Big Day, Now What?” series, we just wanted to say that we are so happy to have been able to share our wedding day advice with you!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

From the very beginning of the planning process, to getting you down the aisle as newly weds, we are so pleased to use our fairy magic to make your big day a magical one.


Photo by Valdophye Photography

The Fairy Godmother team has a few takeaway reminders as you are gearing up to say “I do.”


Be sure to get plenty of rest, you want to be sure that you will wake up invigorated and ready to get married! You may also want to run by your groomsmen, and bridesmaids (yes, girls have fun too!) about their expected behavior as the day transpires.


Photo by Left Coast By Design

Be careful not to get too worked up over some little bumps in the road, your day will be perfect and you have planned too long and hard not to enjoy your big day! Be sure to stay hydrated and eating, we want to be sure that you are healthy all day long.


Photo by Ashely de Pencier Photography

As you walk down the aisle, be sure to take your time. Soak in everyone around you, not to mention your soon-to-be waiting for you at the end of the aisle!


Photo by Left Coast By Design

As you move into your reception, be sure that during speeches you and your loved one give thanks to all your guests, and especially those who helped make your day possible!


Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

Most of all, remember what is important. Remember to smile and that you are surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones, and let’s not forget- you’re married!!!


Are you looking for your very own Fairy Godmother? Contact us today to get a no obligation consultation!

Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Day From Your Big Day, Now What?

It’s “Wedding Wednesday” here in Fairyland, and with your wedding being just a day away, there are just a few minor details to be sure you have in order… the fashion details!


Photo credit Left Coast By Design

From head to toe, we want to be sure that you have every detail ready to go for your big day. This eliminates any day of scrambling wondering where you left your shoes, or forgetting the rings at the jewelers.


Photo credit InMotion Pro


Photo credit Left Coast By Design



Photo credit Left Coast By Design

From your rings to your shoes, to bracelets and accessories in between, down to your toes! Having your details in order prior to your big day is essential for many things, one of which is peace of mind. The others are for photos! Most often, the photographer will shoot their detail photos as the bride gets ready, these shots are the shoes, the accessories and of course, the rings! Making it imperative to the timeline and run of the day that all items are accounted for.




Photo credit Left Coast By Design

If you need your very own Fairy Godmother to help with all of your wedding details, contact us today! 

Invitations Wedding Wednesday – You’re One Week From Your Big Day, Now What?

Can you believe how time flies?! After all the months of planning and preparing, the time has come, you are already only one week away from your wedding day! What is important this week? All the printed paper products!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

One of the most important details that are most often forgotten are your paper products! We cannot even imagine a wedding without invitations or personalized thank you cards, and we wouldn’t want to! The Fairies would love to show off some products from past events!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

These items range from your table numbers, menus, and other miscellaneous items. From the beginning with “save the dates” to the end of the event with signature drinks!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

While a week out from your big day, all of your paper products should be given to your Fairy Godmother team to ensure that everything is just as it needs to be and that they end up in the right place!


Paper Product by Matinae Design Studio

Our friends over at Fresh by FTD have come up with some great designs to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids! With their selection of printable items and related ideas, you can find the perfect way to create your wedding party!


Product & Design from “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”


Contact Fairy Godmother for more information on how to make sure that your printed products are just as amazing as your wedding day!