Wedding MBA 2017 – Fairy Godmother Friday

This past Sunday the Fairy Godmother squad loaded up and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2017 Wedding MBA

Our dear friend Allison of Allison Claire Photography joined in on our crazy road trip learning adventure! 

Did we mention that we packed matching shirts for each day of the conference? 

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Upon arriving and checking into our hotel, we knew that one thing was certain… We needed to stop and get some Fairy Fuel- STAT!

It was almost as if the van had autopilot to the nearest Starbucks…

After wrapping up dinner and making a few stops into the shops on the strip the Fairies made their way back to rest their wings before kicking off their Monday at the conference. 

Just as we got back into our hotel room we received a call about the horrific events that would soon be recognized as the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States, just a short distance away from where we had been eating dinner and shopping minutes before. Immediately, the Las Vegas strip and all hotels, including ours, was put on lockdown as they would stay until the next morning as they searched for rhyme or reason to the tragedy.

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

With heavy hearts, the conference went on Monday paying close attention to the events of the evening prior. 

Wedding MBA kicked off with speakers like Brian Leahy of Brian Leahy Photography, Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events, and the founders of The Wedding PLanners Institute of Coordination Tracey Manailescu and Danielle Andrews!

Talk about amazing, these are just a few of the many fabulous speakers who took the time to share about their business, what has made them successful, and how they have conquered any obstacles that they may have faced. 

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Tuesday, bright and early, we headed over to the convention center for day 2 of the conference! Speakers included Vanessa Joy of Vanessa Joy Photography and in closing, Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire sharing marketing tips!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

We even got to listen to George Zimmer, the founder of Generation Tux and former CEO/Founder of Men’s Warehouse!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

The Gen Tux gang!

While the vibe wasn’t the same as years prior, the masses of vendors in attendance came together showing their love and support for the victims, families and Las Vegas first responders.

In fact, the second night of the conference usually concludes with two afterparties, one hosted by Wedding Wire and the other by The Knot

Before the party, the Fairies and our honorary Fairy, Allison, made our way over to Bardot Brasserie for dinner! 

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

This year, to benefit the GoFundMe account created for the victims and their families, Wedding Wire and The Knot came together to throw one party at JEWEL nightclub inside the Aria Hotel and Casino.

The only thing the two competitors asked was for a $10 donation per attendee, that they would match.

With over 1,500 guests in attendance, the two companies ended up donating over $15,000! 

 Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Talk about a sense of togetherness and community!

Closing this three-day conference we had one of our favorites, Alan Katz, our dear friend David Tutera and Meghan Brown!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

The Fairy Squad with David Tutera!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Our sweet friend Meghan Brown!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

The Fairies hanging out at in The Knot lounge!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

Having some fun at the Wedding Wire photobooth!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

We discovered this Fairy Godmother in her natural element!

As wedding season is in full swing, we are thrilled to be able to take our knowledge straight to our clients and help their wedding and event dreams come true. 

And of course, thank you to all of those who checked on us during the time of tragedy- we are so fortunate to have such a great group of people who love and care about us! 

Why Hire Fairy Godmother? – Fairy Godmother Friday

We have all heard the horror stories of wedding day tragedies, but how could it have all been avoided?

What keeps people from hiring a planner? Is it the cost? Their confidence in doing the tasks themselves? 

These are all very common reasons, but not the best to keep you from the peace of mind you rightfully deserve!

Your wedding day isn’t just a bunch of dollar signs behind a party, it’s an investment towards your future as newlyweds. 

Make your wedding day the best day of your life, not the most stressful. 

Let us give you a few good reasons on why hiring Fairy Godmother is an absolute necessity!

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

One advantage that Fairy Godmother has in the wedding industry, is that we are a team of event producers! 

No two planners are ever the same, and no two personalities are either.

We find the best fit for you, you know, just like Prince Charming did with Cinderella’s slipper.

Every bride should feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day, but what about the groom? Chopped liver?

Not with Fairy Godmother! Each wedding has a Fairy Godmother for each soon-to-be!

Nobody gets left out with the F.G. Squad around!

Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie Weddings Bakersfield Country Club Event Producer

Fairy Godmother Colleen making sure the groomsmen are looking their very best!

Each Fairy Godmother is fluttering around tending to your every need and desire on your magical day. 

What is one of the best advantages to having your own Fairy Godmother squad on your wedding day?

To be honest, we have done one or two before, you get to relax knowing that every detail – especially the ones you haven’t thought of yet – have been carefully handled with just a pinch of fairy dust. 

Fairy Godmother Cassandra holding umbrella for bride during wedding procession

Rain or shine, Fairy Godmothers never rest! Photo by Boone and Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother Janet Setting Decor Pandol Christmas Open House

Fairy Godmother Janet getting the patio ready for guest arrival! Photo by J.Michelle Photography

 Here at Fairy Godmother, we take great pride in ourselves on many aspects of this “happy business,” but one of the most valued is our dedication to our client.

We take time through the planning process to not only be your wedding planner but to also be your friend!

Fairy Godmother Marissa

Fairy Godmother Marissa with bride Natalie!

Fairy Godmother Colleen Kamal & Julissa Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen with her gorgeous bride, Julissa at the stunning Seven Oaks Country Club. Photographed by Boone and Stacie Weddings

We are here for you every step of the way, sending you down the aisle is just the beginning of our lifelong friendship! 

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry.

All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing us to not only be experienced entrepreneurs but to be trusted expert professionals!

Fairy Godmother Sonny Ganguly Wedding Wire World 2017

Some of the Fairy Godmother squad with Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire!

While your Fairy Godmother is tending to you and your needs from hair and makeup to putting you in your dress, or tux, our amazing team is out checking on your vendors, ensuring decor is exactly as you imagined, and that everything is absolutely perfect! 

Fairy Godmother organization

Our own Fairy Godmother Angel, Pammy! The “Mary Poppins” of Fairy Godmother. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

 Attention to detail, expertise, and peace of mind are all common client testimonials as to why they chose Fairy Godmother.

We are happy to say, and credit, the substantial growth of Fairy Godmother is majorly due to word of mouth referrals from our past clients and their families. 

We thank everyone who has helped support Fairy Godmother in the past 7 years! From weddings, showers, mixers and every event in between- we can’t wait to see what the next 7 years will bring us! 

Fairy Godmother couple Brett & Whitney Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Fairy Godmother Couple Lauren & Matt Darr

Matt and Lauren celebrating their nuptials! Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra with the oh so talented Stacie and Chef Nate!

Fairy Godmother Hair Boys Circus Themed Birthday Party

One of our most favorite families, the Hairs, who have trusted Fairy Godmother with their boys’ birthdays every year!

The beginning of a timeless friendship with the Hathaway family, doing their first Superbowl party!

Carolyn Pandol's 55th Birthday

Mrs. Carolyn Pandol surrounded by so many loved ones celebrating her birthday, 60’s style!

Wedding Wire World 2017 – Fairy Godmother Friday

Wedding Wire World 2017 Fairy GodmotherWhat is one of the best perks of this “happy business” you ask?

The never-ending learning!

The Fairy Godmother squad was fortunate enough to pack up and head south to Anaheim, California for the Wedding Wire World 2017 conference!

Wedding Wire World 2017

Talk about fun!

No Fairy Field Trip is complete without some shopping and a little bit of ice cream!

You can best believe that some of your favorite Fairies indulge into their sweetest treats when they get the chance.

Fairy Godmother Squad Baskin Robbins

Your favorite, “not so basic,” wedding and event planners were ready to learn, fairy dust was locked and loaded!

 Fairy Godmother Squad Wedding Wire World

And what would a Fairy Field Trip be without a few shenanigans post check in?!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

The very first thing that our opening speaker Alan Berg shared with us was a quote by Jim Collins, “Good is the enemy of great.”

Alan Berg was one of many great speakers that Wedding Wire brought to us, his career is focused in building others. A phenomenal motivational speaker, author, and business builder!

Did we mention that this conference started on Wedding Wire’s 10 year anniversary?!

How cool is that?! 

Wedding Wire World 2017 Anniversary

We had our “fan girl” moment when we got to see the one, the only, the legendary… Mindy Weiss!

She was so warm, fashionable, and funny!

She made herself relatable to each and every guest in the audience, we felt like she was talking right to us!

Oh wait, she did!

Wedding Wire World 2017 Mindy Weiss Wedding Wire World 2017 Mindy Weiss Wedding Wire World 2017 Mindy Weiss

Wedding Wire was the first company in the wedding industry to offer online wedding reviews. This is where we first learned about the power of a review! Talk about “WOW!”

After day two of conferences, Wedding Wire hosted a fabulous evening event for all the attendees to network and mingle.

Aside from absolutely stunning centerpieces, Wedding Wire hosted hors d’oeuvres and an assortment of custom grilled cheese sandwiches!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017 Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sonny Ganguly the CMO of Wedding Wire!

Fairy Godmother Sonny Ganguly Wedding Wire World 2017

And if you know any of the Fairies, you will know that there is always a little time to work some magic…

Brides, e-mails, and a little touch up… Your Fairies have got your back!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

We got to see the best DJ’s, dancers, and socialites in the business get down on the dancefloor… And it was SO FUN!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

Your FG squad with DJ Jason Jani!

Another speaker was none other than Candace Nelson. Does the name ring a bell? No? How about Sprinkles? Still nothing? What about the vending machine cupcake company? Yup, that’s her!

 So, after hearing Candace’s inspirational story the Fairy Godmother team took flight and found the nearest Sprinkles!

And yes mom, we made sure that we had dinner first!

Sprinkles Candace Nelson Wedding Wire World 2017 Sprinkles Candace Nelson Wedding Wire World 2017 Sprinkles Candace Nelson Wedding Wire World 2017

Before we could leave, we had to take one little Fairy Field Trip to one of our favorite candy shops, Sugarfina!

Leaving a little Fairy Dust in Anaheim just wasn’t enough, we went on to sprinkle some in Beverly Hills, too!

Fairy Godmother Sugarfina Fairy Field Trip Wedding Wire

Fairy Godmother Sugarfina Fairy Field Trip Wedding Wire

Fairy Godmother Sugarfina Fairy Field Trip Wedding Wire

Here at Fairy Godmother, we believe in only serving “top shelf service!”

No surprise that’s where we found all the best goodies!

Fairy Godmother Sugarfina Fairy Field Trip Wedding Wire

Remember, not all superheroes wear capes… Contact Fairy Godmother today!

Fairy Godmother Wedding Wire World 2017

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

On behalf of the Fairy Godmother family, we want to congratulate your recent engagement!

We hope that you have found our “Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What?” series to be helpful, and we hope to follow your wedding planning process!

One of the most important parts of your magical day is getting married!

One of the most important components of your big day is having an officiant.

Officiant French Wedding Fairy Godmother Shelli Renee Weddings

Photography by Shelli Renee.

Your officiant can be a multitude of people, whether it be someone close to the family or an individual of faith.

One of the very first things to consider when hiring a wedding officiant is that you want to feel comfortable with them. This is the person who is going to tie you with your spouse for eternity!

Feeling comfortable is just the start, you want to make sure this person has no judgment on your union, and more importantly you want someone who knows a little about you to make your ceremony as personable as possible. After all, it is YOUR wedding day!

Huge Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Austin Thomas Photo.

If you want to hold your wedding outside of your church of choice, but still want to have a religious officiant… Good news, you can! If this is something that you are interested in, be sure to check and see if the person you are interested in is interested and what their limits may be.

Perez Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography.

Are you more of an “offbeat” couple? Meaning that maybe the clergyperson just isn’t for you, and that’s completely fine! There are alternative options available! Maybe you need more of a Luke Skywalker kind of couple? Or maybe Gandalf is more your speed? These are just a few ideas, you have options!

Thome Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by Left Coast By Design.

Moore Officiant Fairy Godmother Wedding

Photography by CJ Hopper Photography.

Aside from the style of your ceremony, you want to be sure that you and your officiant have a very clear understanding of what is expected from both parties. You want to be sure that your officiant is everything that you want. Things to consider are the way they come off to others, and the language that they will be using. Will religion be played into it? Will there be any special ceremony additions? Unity candles, mixing of sand, etc.

Finally, be sure to have some sort of written agreement with your officiant. During your wedding planning, the last thing you want is to have any issues with agreements, so solidifyeverything you do with a contract! Don’t let wedding planning become stressful!

Fairy Godmother Timeline by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Photography by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

This is the buildup to the happiest day in your life, let the planning continue! Contact Fairy Godmother today!


Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

We are so thrilled to congratulate you on your recent engagement! 

Your planning process has just begun and we want to help you through it.

Did you know that the average investment on a wedding in the United States is $35,329.00?!

Budget planning is one of fundamental planning necessities to this process, after all, it sets the blueprint for your magical day! 

The first step in coming up with your budget is organizing who will be contributing to the investment!

Traditionally, the bride’s family will pay for most, if not all, of the event. In modern times couples and the couple’s family all come together to contribute. 

Another major part of budget planning is your guest count! 

Being practical with your invites is essential. Most people with an intimate wedding of fifty people most often will not have the same budget as a wedding of two-hundred people. This is 100% okay, but it needs to be known right from the start so there are no little surprises as you begin this super fun journey!

According to the wedding experts at The Knot, here is the breakdown of a traditional wedding budget…

“48 to 50 percent of total budget to reception; 8 to 10 percent for flowers; 8 to 10 percent for attire; 8 to 10 percent for entertainment/music; 10 to 12 percent for photo/video; 2 to 3 percent for invites; 2 to 3 percent for gifts; and 8 percent for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator…”

After you have factored your venue into your budget, you can begin budget planning for your big day! Be sure to include the things that precede the big day, such as your announcements and any events that may go with it, maybe rehearsal and rehearsal dinners. Couples even go as far as to throw a brunch or BBQ the day after the event to thank everyone for their help, attendance, and friendship!

Another rule of thumb that is good to remember, is to be sure that there is a little wiggle room in your investment. You want to be sure that those unexpected, or “hidden,” charges are covered and won’t throw a wrench in your event!

If you need help planning your magical day, please contact us today and let us help you track your budget and assist you in maximizing your dollar!


2016 Wedding MBA – Magical Monday

To kick off wedding season, the Fairy Godmother team packed up their bags and made their way to

Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2016 Wedding MBA!

Fairy Godmother Wedding MBA

The Wedding MBA is a three day conference carefully crafted for professionals in the wedding industry. The MBA has everything from professional photographers, to well known bloggers to the best florists in the business… All have something to share about their time in the business.

Bakersfield Vendors Wedding MBA Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie

This was Fairy Godmother’s 3rd year in attendance at Wedding MBA. We are firm believers in power in numbers! The first year only two planners attended, the second year there were four, and this year six of the Fairy Godmother team went.

Fairy Godmother Traveling

As you already know, the wedding industry is a forever changing, forever learning kind of business. With no two events ever being the same, there is always a yearning for knowledge. When professionals from all the world get together in one building, the possibilities are endless! We believe that it is a truly wonderful thing when the focus is on collaboration and there is no room for competition.

Carlo's Bakery Wedding MBA

Spaghetti cake crafted by Carlo’s Bakery, Las Vegas

At Fairy Godmother, we call wedding planning the “happy business!” There is something so magical about taking the dreams and pieces of an engaged couple to create a magical wedding day as they shift to newly weds. With a growth in knowledge, we are able to provide an even more immaculate service to our clients, and what is better than that?!

Wedding MBA Dumb & Dumber

Fairy Godmother Denise & Fairy Godmother Janet

Wedding planners have dreams, too! Fairy Godfather TJ got to fulfill a dream and stop in at The Black Tux booth! We would also like to announce that Fairy Godmother is an official preferred vendor of The Black Desk, the premier concierge service of The Black Tux.

Fairy Godfather TJ The Black Tux

We had the great pleasure of listening to so many great speakers, BB Webb and Linnyette Richardson-Hall just to name a few. These speakers gave us insight to new and upcoming trends, assurance of what we have been doing, and then some new tips and tricks for what we should try to implement.

BB Webb Wedding MBA

Wedding MBA

Conference Wedding MBA Speaker

Linnyette Richardson-Hall

Fairy Godmother Team Wedding MBA

Wedding Wire had awesome booths with lovely giveaways, items ranging from tickets to Wedding Wire World all the way to sweatshirts and keychains. Fairy Godmother Cassandra gave her best spin on the Wedding Wire slot machine!

Fairy Godmother Cassandra Wedding Wire

The Knot and Wedding Wire were sponsors for the conference, and they even threw their own after parties for all the attendees. The Knot’s event was “The Greatest Event On Earth” held at Chateau atop the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

Fairy Godmother Squad Las Vegas

Fairy Godmother Colleen The Knot Wedding MBA

The ladies at Enchanted Bridal Boutique were sure keep us in style with all of our custom shirts! The Fairy Godmother squad had matching shirts for each day, and talk about a hit! We had creative partners, strangers, and admirers point out our shirts each day… Such a fun way to show our team spirit!

Wedding MBA

The Fairy Godmother team is proud to share that we are officially 2016 Wedding MBA graduates! We cannot wait until next year!