Why Hire Fairy Godmother? – Fairy Godmother Friday

We have all heard the horror stories of wedding day tragedies, but how could it have all been avoided?

What keeps people from hiring a planner? Is it the cost? Their confidence in doing the tasks themselves? 

These are all very common reasons, but not the best to keep you from the peace of mind you rightfully deserve!

Your wedding day isn’t just a bunch of dollar signs behind a party, it’s an investment towards your future as newlyweds. 

Make your wedding day the best day of your life, not the most stressful. 

Let us give you a few good reasons on why hiring Fairy Godmother is an absolute necessity!

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

One advantage that Fairy Godmother has in the wedding industry, is that we are a team of event producers! 

No two planners are ever the same, and no two personalities are either.

We find the best fit for you, you know, just like Prince Charming did with Cinderella’s slipper.

Every bride should feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day, but what about the groom? Chopped liver?

Not with Fairy Godmother! Each wedding has a Fairy Godmother for each soon-to-be!

Nobody gets left out with the F.G. Squad around!

Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie Weddings Bakersfield Country Club Event Producer

Fairy Godmother Colleen making sure the groomsmen are looking their very best!

Each Fairy Godmother is fluttering around tending to your every need and desire on your magical day. 

What is one of the best advantages to having your own Fairy Godmother squad on your wedding day?

To be honest, we have done one or two before, you get to relax knowing that every detail – especially the ones you haven’t thought of yet – have been carefully handled with just a pinch of fairy dust. 

Fairy Godmother Cassandra holding umbrella for bride during wedding procession

Rain or shine, Fairy Godmothers never rest! Photo by Boone and Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother Janet Setting Decor Pandol Christmas Open House

Fairy Godmother Janet getting the patio ready for guest arrival! Photo by J.Michelle Photography

 Here at Fairy Godmother, we take great pride in ourselves on many aspects of this “happy business,” but one of the most valued is our dedication to our client.

We take time through the planning process to not only be your wedding planner but to also be your friend!

Fairy Godmother Marissa

Fairy Godmother Marissa with bride Natalie!

Fairy Godmother Colleen Kamal & Julissa Wedding

Fairy Godmother Colleen with her gorgeous bride, Julissa at the stunning Seven Oaks Country Club. Photographed by Boone and Stacie Weddings

We are here for you every step of the way, sending you down the aisle is just the beginning of our lifelong friendship! 

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry.

All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing us to not only be experienced entrepreneurs but to be trusted expert professionals!

Fairy Godmother Sonny Ganguly Wedding Wire World 2017

Some of the Fairy Godmother squad with Sonny Ganguly of Wedding Wire!

While your Fairy Godmother is tending to you and your needs from hair and makeup to putting you in your dress, or tux, our amazing team is out checking on your vendors, ensuring decor is exactly as you imagined, and that everything is absolutely perfect! 

Fairy Godmother organization

Our own Fairy Godmother Angel, Pammy! The “Mary Poppins” of Fairy Godmother. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

 Attention to detail, expertise, and peace of mind are all common client testimonials as to why they chose Fairy Godmother.

We are happy to say, and credit, the substantial growth of Fairy Godmother is majorly due to word of mouth referrals from our past clients and their families. 

We thank everyone who has helped support Fairy Godmother in the past 7 years! From weddings, showers, mixers and every event in between- we can’t wait to see what the next 7 years will bring us! 

Fairy Godmother couple Brett & Whitney Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Bouquet by Cherry Blossom Bouquets. Photography by Jonah & Lindsay Long.

Fairy Godmother Couple Lauren & Matt Darr

Matt and Lauren celebrating their nuptials! Photography by J.Michelle Photography.

Fairy Godmother Colleen with Alex & Susie Vlahos

Fairy Godmother Colleen posing with Fairy Godmother couple Alex & Susie Vlahos! Photo by Left Coast By Design.

Fairy Godmothers Colleen and Cassandra with the oh so talented Stacie and Chef Nate!

Fairy Godmother Hair Boys Circus Themed Birthday Party

One of our most favorite families, the Hairs, who have trusted Fairy Godmother with their boys’ birthdays every year!

The beginning of a timeless friendship with the Hathaway family, doing their first Superbowl party!

Carolyn Pandol's 55th Birthday

Mrs. Carolyn Pandol surrounded by so many loved ones celebrating her birthday, 60’s style!

Congratulations! You’re Engaged, Now What…? – Magical Monday

Congratulations on your recent engagement! 

In this series, we are about 12 months out from your magical day!

Now that you have a wedding style in your mind, and you have your wedding budget set… It’s now time to hire Fairy Godmother! 

Fairy Godmother A Wedding and Event Planning Company

Many people are skeptical of their need for an event producer, so there are a lot of questions that arise before booking. Think of an event producer as an insurance policy, you don’t know why you have it until you need it. 

Fairy Godmother Esther & Ivan C&B Pictures

Photo by C & B Pictures, now Bella Allure Studio.

Wedding planning is a big deal with lots of moving parts! Here at Fairy Godmother, we want to alleviate any stress factors and let you enjoy your day to day life leading up to your magical event, let our fairy dust handle the rest! 

There is power in knowledge! If your venue offers a site coordinator, be sure to know exactly what they will and will not do for you. Remember, usually, a site coordinator’s first matter of importance is the venue. 

Fairy Godmother Agee JEH Ranch

The Fairies are with you every step of the way, even during photos! Snapped by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

One of the best parts of having a Fairy Godmother by your side, from start to finish, is that we have done this a time or two before…

We understand that things happen, and we have found only the best ways to prevent them from happening and to fix them if they happen!

Another quality of excellence that the Fairies of Fairy Godmother pride themselves on is their total dedication to the client. We aren’t just there to ensure your day runs as it should, but to also be by your side throughout the entire event. 

Richie & Sydnee Fairy Godmother Boone & Stacie Weddings

Fairy Godmother Cassandra with her stunning bride Sydnee! Photograph by Boone & Stacie Weddings.

Our attention to our clients is not our only pride and joy, but also for our dedication to the industry. All of us at Fairy Godmother are constantly learning and educating ourselves, allowing for us to not only be experienced professionals, but to be trusted and expert professionals!

Freestyle Entertainment Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Colleen with the one and only Mike of Freestyle Entertainment! Captured by Valdophye Photography.

While we believe that every couple deserves their very own Fairy Godmother, we think there is power in numbers! Every event, wedding or corporate party, has at least two Fairy Godmothers in attendance to aid for whenever and wherever the need arises.

Fairy Godmother Event Producers

Fairy Godmother Event Producers. Photo by Makenzie Photography.

We are so excited to share in your engagement excitement, so be sure to contact Fairy Godmother today for your consultation, and let the fairy magic begin!