The Devil is in the details

“The Devil is in the details”, which means that although it is relatively easy to come up with a grand overall vision or plan for something, it is much more difficult to make the plan work in practice when all its little detailed problems start to show up.

Some new piece of writing, or some new building, may look very fine at a quick glance, but an uninspired one will appear disappointing on a closer look at its details. An inspired creation, which continues to inspire no matter how closely one inspects it, needs as much attention to its details as to its overall plan. The old proverb says that these details are the “devil of a job” to get right, but Flaubert and van der Rohe and Le Corbusier meant that getting them right was the supremely creative and worthwhile part of the job – the very part of it that made them feel they were really using their God-given talents.

Here at Fairy Godmother we like to say “Fairy Godmother is in the details”.   We take pain staking actions to make sure all of our weddings and event details are executed flawlessly.  We work hard to dot every I and cross every T so that our clients can… well…. as they say “be a guest at their own event”.  Book Fairy Godmother and you won’t have to worry about a single detail because……..

“Fairy Godmother is in the details”.