The Gathering Table – Fairy Godmother Friday

What happens when you put a team full of creatives in a room, you ask?

The answer is simple, magical things!

The Gathering Table

The team at Fairy Godmother has been working with some of the best in the business on something pretty neat that we would like to share with you!

In the recent years, we have found that industry professionals never really have that much time to socialize with one another at events, and we believe that networking is the center of creating a community!

“com·mu·ni·ty- a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

The Gathering Table

Artwork: BnB Calligraphy. Chalkboard Rental: 20th Street Cottage

“It goes along with our heart behind starting The Gathering Table and working to build a strong community among creatives in our own city. We want to support and encourage each other, and we hope this year’s dinner will be a starting place where new friendships can be made.”

What better way to lift, inspire, and shape a community than through gathering?!

An idea was born, “The Gathering Table” was created by creatives for creatives!

“The Gathering Table” is an event that will not only allow for industry professionals to network and mingle, but also a time for collaborations to be born.

The only way for businesses and creatives to continue growing is by stepping outside of our comfort zones, what better way to do that than with the support and backing of others who were once just beginners?

Speakers of the evening will share their stories, experiences, and expertise on topics that we all can relate to. 

One of these speakers will be photographer Patrick Ang!

The Gathering Table - Patrick Ang

The motivation behind “The Gathering Table” is to boost confidence in those just beginning, and to increase morale in those who have been in business for years!

Mission Statement:
The Gathering Table:
Connecting, elevating and supporting the community through the intentional encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration of local creatives.

The Gathering Table

Rentals: Walker-Lewis Rents Florals: House of Flowers. Design: Fairy Godmother Co. Venue: Bakersfield Country Club

Join us for the FIRST annual Gathering Table event! There are a limited number of tickets, so be sure to get yours soon! 

Tickets may be purchased here!