The History of the Bouquet and Garter Toss

The History of the Bouquet and Garter Toss, by Phillarie Rodriguez

Happy Wedding Wednesday to all!

Today we are sharing about the meaning behind the bridal bouquet and garter toss.

When I was about 7 years, the first wedding I ever remember attending, I was the lucky lady to catch the bouquet tossed by my cousin’s bride.  Afterwards, this fun filled ritual became my favorite part of the wedding reception.

Centuries ago, before tossing the bouquet or garter was a tradition, a bouquet was made of aromatic bunches of garlic, fruit blossoms, herbs, and grains.  These items both represented prosperity and were used as a belief to drive away evil spirits.  Throughout the years, the herbs and grains were replaced by flowers.  This symbolized happiness, fertility, and everlasting love.

During those years of the bouquet transformation, guests would rip a piece of the bride’s dress for keepsake and good fortune in love.  Often times, tearing the dress to shreds by the end of the wedding celebration.  In efforts to prevent this, brides began coming up with different and creative ways to share parts of their joy with their loved ones.  Thus, the bouquet and garter toss began. It is said that the inheritors of the bouquet and garter are lucky and will be the next to wed.

A simple and beautiful custom, the bouquet toss celebrates the good fortune of the happy couple. Today, there are many different ways to share your bouquet and garter.  Most commonly practiced, is having an alternative arrangement made specifically designed for this custom.  Some brides give theirs away to a special guest or newly engaged friend.  This is to keep from placing unwanted attention to all of the single guests.  While others, dedicate theirs to a loved one who has passed.  Some couples choose to honor the pair who have been married for the longest, and reward them with the bouquet in that way.  However you decide to present your bouquet, it will be a cherished memento of your special day that your guests will treasure forever.