Tiger Fight at the Padre Hotel – Magical Monday

With a little bit of fairy dust, just about anything is possible! 

Oh how we wish with the raise of our wand that we could eliminate all the diseases, so we have found an alternate method…

Fairy Godmother is proud to be a sponsor of the Tiger Fight Foundation ever since it’s debut in 2014!

Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor

The Fairy Godmother squad is happy to step in wherever needed, but we were thrilled to be an active part of the check-in process for this year’s Tiger Fight Casino Night held at the Padre Hotel in downtown Bakersfield!

The Tiger Fight Foundation‘s goal is to make an apparent footprint on our society as a “philanthropic organization.” The non-profit organization holds fundraisers to benefit Kern County families who are going through any sort of pediatric blood cancer treatments, most commonly Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Our fabulous team was there to guide guests and make sure that their first impression of the night was just as magical as everything we had hoped!

Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor

 Bakersfield is a special town. It is a town that built the Fairy Godmother company from the ground up solely on word of mouth referrals, it is a town that has an unmeasurable amount of spirit and pride, and it is a town filled with generous citizens who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. 

Combine all of these reasons why Bakersfield is so special, and you will create the Tiger Fight Foundation. 

Tiger Fight goes far beyond their casino night at the Padre, local businesses have found ways to donate all year long!

Tiger Fight Fairy Godmother Sponsor

One example is that of Dewar’s Ice Cream Shop. If you’ve ever been to Bakersfield, you have more than likely heard of Dewar’s Ice Cream Shop, but have you heard of the Dewar’s chew? Even better, how about the Dewar’s Tiger chew?

All of the proceeds from this specially crafted chew benefit Tiger Fight!

Have you earned your stripes?

Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor

Guests enjoyed taking a breather outside on the Padre rooftop!

If there is anything we love more than our little Fairy, it’s seeing our little Fairy helping others!

Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor

When they say “It takes a village…” they aren’t just talking about raising children! 

Putting on these spectacular events takes time, effort and most of all, support! 

We are so proud to be from a town where companies and individuals alike, come together to support such a great cause. 

Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor Tiger Fight Logo Fairy Godmother Sponsor

Stay in the loop with the Tiger Fight Foundation, and join us next year as we continue towards eliminating these horrible diseases!