Traditional Twist – Fairy Godmother Friday

Each wedding, or event, is unique in its very own way. Just how unique is up to the creative genius of the couple!

A wedding is not only a special day to honor the couple as newlyweds, but to honor their likes, interests and hobbies! In order to make them a little more personal, with modern touches, we have some advice to share.

Cinderella Love Story Fairy Godmother Co.

Royal scroll wedding invitation for a traditional twist. Photo by J.Michelle Photography invitation by Matinae Design Studio.

“Let them eat cake!”

We love sweets, and we sure hope that you do too!

There is no outline for what your wedding cake has to look like. If you aren’t into cake, you can even do something different! This is YOUR big day, serve what YOU like!

If you are looking to put your own unique touch on your delectable delight, we want to share some inspiration from past events that satisfied our creative mind and our sweet tooth!

Maria & Ryan Fairy Godmother Wedding

A spooky and divine Halloween themed wedding cake!

Lauren & Ryan Fairy Godmother Wedding

Lauren & Ryan’s yummy donut cake. Photo by Boone & Stacie Weddings

Now that you have seen how much creative freedom you have with your cake, how you cut the cake is up to you! The groom is to place his hand over the bride’s, and cutting through the cake to the bottom layer symbolizes their commitment to unity.

Tradition has it that the larger the knife, the stronger the marriage will be. We have a Fairy Godmother couple that made sure they confirmed a strong marriage by using a large sword to cut their cake, how awesome!

 Not sure how to keep guests entertained during the downtime of your big day? Don’t you worry, we have an idea for that, too! It is best to take as many photos with your wedding photographer before ceremony as possible to cut down on time between ceremony and reception, but we know that life happens!

One Fairy Godmother couple had a ferris wheel at their wedding, a fantastic idea that guests are still talking about!

The party does have to end when the music stops!

Many couples want to honor tradition, and we appreciate that. We also like challenging the expected! Opposed to saying “goodnight” to your bride and groom, how about a more festive way to bid them farewell as husband and wife??

Fairy Godmother couple Teri and Blake had a multi-colored glowstick exit. Allowing for guests to get up and have a fun time waving and being silly with their glowsticks before they went home.

Here at Fairy Godmother, we LOVE when our couples add their own personal flare to their wedding plans. Please let the Fairy Godmother family of “Event Producers” help you plan your big day and maximize your creative genius for your very own traditional twists, contact us today!